Early Days

Written for the comment prompt : Shelter, Zach/Shaun, moving in together

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Early Days

Shaun had thought there would be more to it but in the end it's all easier than he imagined. He guesses that they're lucky they get to stay at his mom and Larry's place to start with, there's still a few days before he needs to move into his new apartment and that's all the time he needs to make sure everything is going to be fine.

Everything changed in those few minutes and as Jeanne and Alan drive away and he finds himself standing with Zach and Cody, he realizes it wasn't how he expected it to go, somehow he thought Jeanne would destroy it all. He wouldn't have been surprised to see her leave having worked her insinuations and guilt trip magic on Zach enough that he would give up everything for Cody.

Shaun wonders if it's only in his imagination that Zach got the strength to go for all that he wanted because he'd got Shaun at his back and on his side.

Jeanne drives away and they go into the house to start to pack. It doesn't take long . . . in fact it's almost frightening how short a time it takes. Shaun's sure it takes him longer to pack to go on holiday and they've just packed their whole life into a couple of leftover bags and a few boxes. Everything Zach wants to take fits into the car with them now. There's nothing to come back for. Chapter closed.

The few days at the beach house gives Shaun enough time to sort out those odd things for the apartment that he doesn't want any of them to be without when they finally get into their own place. He arranges for a single bed to be added to the list of things to be delivered and tacks a few toys and DVDs that he thinks Cody will like onto the order.

It's funny how even though they've got used to the beach house and its overt symbolic wealth, it seems to be a whole different thing when they move into what is now 'their place'.

Zach's anxiety is back, the worry that he and Cody are a burden, that no matter how much he contributes, he just isn't going to be good enough. Shaun wishes it could be different, easier, but that doesn't mean to say he's going to give up.

Zach's worth a little hard work on his part. If all it takes is love and reassurance, he's pretty sure he's got a bottomless supply and all of it with Zach's name on.

He didn't know before, hadn't realized but this is what he wanted. His own family in his own place and there's no way he's giving up and letting go anytime soon.