Looking up into the night time,

The cosmos in its flow,

Like a diamond mime,

This captivating show,

Do you see that star there?

It's winking down at you,

Behind that cloud where,

Its shine is breaking through,

And if you'll turn around now,

And just above the trees,

You'll see a tiny pin prick,

Look hard, its glow is weak,

Do you know how long it's taken?

For their light to meet down here,

To find that they're forsaken,

On an eve that's less than clear,

From one end to the other,

Of the world on which we stand,

They reach for one another,

With a beauty that has spanned,

The breadth of time and space,

Beyond our comprehension,

The magic in this place,

Long past it's conception,

To find us in a moment,

Beneath the spinning sky,

An offer of atonement,

Fallen angels meant to fly,

In your eyes i see them dancing,

And they've waited for so long,

On the surface second glancing,

I've found I know the song.