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Title: Surrounded by Your Embrace

Summary: Bella is the biological daughter of Marcus of the Volturi and his mate Didyme. She is sent on a Voltrui Mission for her father and Uncle's and comes face to face with the Cullen's. What will she find there? J/B A/James R/Em E/OC C/E and others.

Chapter 1:

Bella POV:

I stood outside the Alaska mansion waiting on Jane to clear the premises and deem it clear for my entrance. I heard her tell the Cullen's we were there for official Volturi business. I scoffed, yeah it took this type of entourage to give Carlisle a book. I knew that there were eight vampires to the Cullen family, and that there were two men who were not mated but it seemed there was one missing for the time being.

I sighed and walked up the steps on the porch, then I lowered my cloak off of my head and smiled at my old friend, "Hello Carlisle, other Cullen's. It's good to see you."

Carlisle looked really surprised and unsure if he could step forward to hug me or run because he was afraid of me. "Isabella, it's been centuries."

"Don't I know it." I chuckled at him. "I am here on official Volturi business." I handed him the book I was holding when one of the Cullen's decided to have an outburst.

"And who are you to the Volturi and how do you know Carlisle?" the blonde known as Rosalie asked. Standing in what I would say looked like a huddle with her siblings.

"Well young Rosalie, as Carlisle told you, my name is Isabella or Bella if I like you, and I have known your father for many many years before you were even born." I smiled toward him and if he could he would blush.

Then her mate, Emmett, who was known for his crass behavior said, "Is that a round about way of saying you guys used to fuck?"

My eyes went wide and I heard Jane's growl, "Do you know who you are speaking with Cullen?"

I touched her shoulder gently, "Jane, dear, they actually don't. I would assume Carlisle has kept me a secret from his family just as he was asked." The Cullen's were very confused, their faces showed every emotion. "My name is Isabella Volturi, I am the biological daughter of Marcus and Didyme."

I let them take that in, I knew they probably had a million questions to ask but I wanted to formally know these people, I had studied them but I wanted to know these people personally more than theoretically. "Now Carlisle, I think it's time you introduce me to your family. I would assume this woman is your mate Esme, correct?"

The woman nodded and moved to hug me, but chose instead to stick out her hand instead, "It's very nice to meet you Isabella."

Carlisle then led me over to his children, "These are my children Isabella, I think you might like them."

"Oh Carlisle do you forget what I do when I am at home, I know all about you guys." I chuckled, "I know that Edward was your first companion and he can read minds," I saw the boy nod his head in conformation, "then I know you found Esme, and then you found the beautiful Rosalie Hale, you really are more beautiful in person then anyone has ever said."

"Well aren't you the charmer." She huffed and her sister elbowed her, "I mean thank you for the compliment Isabella."

"Really guys, it's Bella," I paused, "And this must be your mate Emmett, is it true you carried him with open wounds all the way back home for Carlisle to change him?" She nodded and gave me a smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you both."

"Alice Cullen, you are a legend I must say." Now this girl did actually hug me, "I have heard your story from friends of mine and really I think it is one of the greats."

"Oh Bella, please say you are going to stay a while, we could be great friends." She gushed and jumped along side her mate.

"Ali, calm dear remember, we can't overwhelm new people with your energy." He gave her a kiss on the head and turned to me, "Isabella, it's nice to meet you, but I guess you know who I am."

"Ah yes James I do know you. I admire your strength in your love for Alice here." He gave me a smile and a little bow of his head.

"Now Carlisle I was under the assumption you had another in your family." I looked around the room.

"Oh Bella Jazz will be here soon, he's out hunting." Alice gushed, "Come on we'll set you up a room and we can paint our nails and…" she continued until James stopped her again.

"Ali, maybe Isabella would like to explain what she is doing here before you move her in. Present baby, stay out of your visions." He cooed in her ear. These two were so romantic.

"Come sit down Bella, there is no reason to stand in the doorway." Esme ushered me in. Jane stayed put by the door watching for a sign of something wrong.

"Thank you Esme." I sat down on the couch and the others sat around the living room. Edward took up the place next to me and gave me a crooked smile.

"Isabella, why is your father sending you with this book on vampire hybrids?" Carlisle asked.

"I have no clue, you'd think since I've been a full vampire for half a century now it would have been finished eons ago, but he demanded that I be the one to bring it to you." I sighed, "He said that I couldn't stay in that castle all the time and the only time I did leave was for missions. I guess this is his way of setting up a play date." I sulked.

"Oh Princess, are you throwing a hissy fit again." Jane joked and the Cullen's stared at her. She stopped laughing and regained her rigid posture.

"What did you mean you have only been a full vampire for half a century?" Edward asked.

I was about to answer when the door burst open and stood a glorified God. I knew the stories of Major Jasper Whitlock's good looks had traveled far, but they did him no justice. He was gorgeous with his blonde curls falling into his face and his chest was heaving in and out. I looked him over once more and almost groaned in ecstasy at his laid back cowboy look, full out with cowboy boots and flannel shirt.

"I smelled new scents, is everyone okay?" He demanded. When he looked at me I was locked in place, I couldn't move and I wasn't sure I wanted to. I felt like he was a part of me I couldn't let go and I didn't know I had either. It was confusing and all consuming. All I really wanted to do was walk up and wrap my arms around that man and inhale his beautiful scent. He smelled of cinnamon and apples and I reflexively licked my lips.

He was staring at me with an awed expression too and I heard a whispered, "Mates" come from Carlisle. Both our heads whipped towards him and asked, "What?"

"I said you guys are mates. Can't you feel it?" He answered with a sly smile.

"Who are you?" Jasper finally asked.

"Isabella." I answered.

"Isabella," he said as if he was tasting my name on his lips, "And what are you doing with Jane here?"

"I am part of the Volturi." I said bowing my head. I knew other vampires didn't take that well and always assumed that we were going to do something to hurt them.

"How much of a part?" he asked with his jaw clenched.

"I am the biological daughter of Marcus and Didyme." I told him as I had told the rest of his family.

"Biological?" his face contorted in confusion.

"Yes, if you would all like I will tell you the whole story now." I looked at the room but found myself looking to Jasper for permission mostly.

"I think I'd like that sugar." He grabbed my hand and lead me back to my seat on the couch but kicked Edward out of his spot next to me. Edward grumbled something under his breath and Jasper gave him a death glare.

I cleared my throat and started my stories, "Well as you know Carlisle was born in the 1600's, well so was I. In the late 1640's my father met my mother as a human and they fell in love instantly. They married and of course consummated their relationship and I became a product of that. My mother carried me and had to drink blood to survive and then when it came time for me to be born, I was born like every other human, only it had taken too much energy out of her and my father had to change her on the spot. I aged just like a normal child would and if you want to know anything else about being a hybrid it's in those books. When I reached the age of 18 though, I stopped aging and just stayed the same. I wasn't completely immortal because I still slept and ate human food. Anyway, I'm sure you all know the story of my mother's death? She was killed by werewolves in Romania in the early 1700's." I looked at the room and they all nodded their heads sadly at me.

"Well after that, my father didn't want my existence known about and I was hidden away in the castle, just like a fairy tale princesses. When I met Carlisle, I thought he was going to be the prince who came to take me away, but alas he was just a great friend." I heard and felt the growl come from Jasper's chest and was surprised at the action. "Any way, um, Carlisle spent some time with us as you all know and we compiled a lot of the information about my life into a book for future references, it would be odd if I was the only hybrid in existence." I chuckled and then continued, "I became somewhat of a historian for our kind and whenever someone would enter the castle I would listen in from secret passages in the walls. I loved to hear the stories of our kind and started to write them all down. I finally talked my father into allowing me out in the early 1900's."

I stopped and waiting for a reaction from Jasper, but he sat stoic and still. "There was a giant problem in the South her in America," again no reaction, "So, I asked my father to turn me into a full fledged vampire and I trained to become the head of the guard. In 1954, I came to America and terminated the Southern Wars and anyone who was part of them." I finished, "And since then, it has only been me and my books in the castle and the occasional stray newborn or something."

The Cullen's all sat in silence. No one uttered a word for thirty three long minutes until Jasper said, "You know who I am."

"I do know who you are Major Whitlock and I am pleased to make your formal acquaintance." I offered him my hand and he kissed it.

He was about to respond when my phone rang and I knew it was my father wanting to check in with me, "Hello Father." I answered while giving Jasper a hold that thought gesture.

"Isabella, have you made it to Alaska safely? You didn't call when you arrived." He said wearily.

"I'm find Father, I was just introducing myself to the Cullen's." I thought I heard laughing in the background.

"Oh yes how is Carlisle and his family, is there anyone catching your eye?" he said in a rush.

"Father, did you set this up?" I asked suspiciously.

"Oh dearest daughter, you know my power isn't that great, I could see your bonds linking to that family, but not which Cullen is your mate, so do tell me and your Uncle's. We have bets going." He chuckled.

My mouth hung open and I saw Jasper motioning for my phone and handed it over to him, then I heard his silky voice answer my father, "Marcus, this is Major Jasper Whitlock."

"Major, I take it you are my daughter's mate?" he said excitedly.

"I believe I am sir." Jasper offered me a giant smile and I smiled right back. "Now I mean no offence here, but I'd like to get to know my mate and since you have had almost four hundred years with her I'd like to borrow her a while. I promise she will be safe with me and I will allow no harm to come to her."

"I'll hold you to that Major, and Aro said to tell you thank you for helping him win the bet. Apparently Caius picked young Edward as Isabella's mate." I swear if I could blush I would have been crimson.

They said their goodbyes and Jasper handed me my phone back. Then he stood and offered me his hand, "Where are we going?"

"To be alone, I'd like to get to know you without an audience with my family." He shrugged and pulled me towards the door but was stopped by Jane.

"Bella doesn't go anywhere without me." Jane said adamantly. It was a common misconception that Jane was Uncle Aro's personal guard, when in reality she was mine.

"Jane, I swear that I will not allow anything to happen to her. I just want to be alone for a while." Jasper said. He must have done something because she visibly relaxed and then looked at me for help.

"We'll be fine Jane." I gave her a small smile and followed Jasper out the door.

"Think you can keep up sugar?" he yelled over his shoulder and took off into a run. I chased after him and thought to myself, well this mating thing, might not be so bad.

Jasper POV:

The day had started out like any other day had before. We were currently on 'summer vacation' from school and 'visiting family' in Alaska so at least there wasn't any school to attend. I had gone out on a hunt to get away from all the mated couples. I was surprised that Edward hadn't joined me. We were the two lone men in our family. Anyway on my way back toward the house I caught two different scents, one stood out from the other, when it hit my nose I licked my lips at the taste. Strawberries and crème I could almost taste on my tongue.

When I barged in the house, I saw a face we were all familiar with and saw another sitting with my family in the living room. I scanned the room and looked at my family, "I smelled new scents, is everyone okay?" Then I looked to the second person, she was the one who smelled so sweet. When she looked back at me I felt my bones going weak and like I had just been covered with a security blanket. I felt wanted and needed and I reveled in it. She was beautiful with her hair in dark long curls, her eyes showed that she too was a vegetarian, and she had the most delicious curves I'd ever seen on a woman even though she was covered in her cloak I could see them.

I heard a whispered, "Mates" come from Carlisle. Both our heads whipped towards him and asked, "What?"

"I said you guys are mates. Can't you feel it?" He answered with his "I'm an all knowing asshole smile"

"Who are you?" I asked after some time

"Isabella." she answered.

"Isabella," I repeated because I wanted to taste it, "And what are you doing with Jane here?"

"I am part of the Volturi." she said bowing her head.

"How much of a part?" I asked with my jaw tight. I didn't like Volturi, I had been waiting for them to come after me for decades.

"I am the biological daughter of Marcus and Didyme." She said and I almost fell over in confusion

"Biological?" I said full of disbelief.

"Yes, if you would all like I will tell you the whole story now." I was glad that I hadn't missed that much yet.

"I think I'd like that sugar." I grabbed her hand and kicked Edward off the couch and heard him mutter, "Lucky bastard" under his breathe and I glared at him and yelled in my mind, "keep your lust to your self asshole."

As Bella told us her story, I couldn't stop myself from cringing when she thought Carlisle was her prince to save her. I wanted to do that. As she continued I slowly realized that she knew everything about all of us. That thought caught Edward and he nodded his head. When I asked her if she knew who I was and she responded so lightly I wanted to jump up and praise whoever it was that existed in heaven for sending me this angel.

My life was not the gushy love story, or even a tragic tale like some of the other's in my family members had. I was made as a weapon. A hard core killing machine and I was made for only that reason. I didn't deserve the family I had and was lucky to have them. When I heard Bella say that she had exterminated the Southern Wars I was thankful, yet I felt a little sad at not getting the chance to end that bitch myself.

I had raced off out of the house with Bella following behind me and came to a stop at the mountain top. Bella caught up quickly and sat down next to me. Our hands were so close they were almost touching. I wanted to pick her up and hold her in my lap but thought that wasn't appropriate for just meeting someone.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked as she watched the horizon.

I stared at her and then answered, "How much do you really know about me Bella?"

"I know a lot actually. I have met your friends Peter and Charlotte many times." She smiled and placed her hand over mine. "I hope a lot of it is the truth, but a lot of what I hear is hearsay and that can end up like gossip can, twisted in so many directions. Do you want to tell me?"

"No, I'm sure you got the truth from Peter and Charlotte, you know what I'd love to hear for real? Alice and James's story is one of my favorites of all time." She sighed, I guess my girl was a romantic.

"You know I'm a little bit a part of that story too right?" I nudged her with my shoulder.

"Maybe that's my favorite part." She flirted shamelessly with me.

"You are going to be trouble Miss Bella." I accused.

"I think you can handle it, Mr. Whitlock." She batted her long eyelashes at me.

"Can I kiss you?" I leaned forward a little.

She closed her eyes and breathed deep, "I'd be offended if you didn't."

I threaded my hand through her hair and pulled her closer to me and our lips barely touched. The spark that was sent through us had us backing up a bit but that didn't stop me, I kissed her lips hard and I felt her tongue dart out to cover my lips and I sucked it into my mouth. We made out on the mountain top for what felt like minutes but turned out to be hours. The sun was starting to set and had peeked out from the behind the clouds, when it hit me I started to sparkle like we all did but Bella gasped and traced her finger down my face, "Angel." She whispered quietly.

"I was thinking the same thing about you." I whispered back and kissed her again. I knew we had to go back to the house but I didn't want to leave the isolation we had found in one another.

"Your hair, it looks like a halo. It's blonde and you still sparkle." She giggled and ruffled my hair and then ran into the forest.

I chased after her and we found ourselves back at the house. "Seems like you two had fun." Edward huffed when Bella went inside to check with Jane.

"Don't be jealous." I chastised him.

"I'm not, I just can't read her mind and it's infuriating." He crossed his arms on his chest and pouted.

"Why don't you just ask her?" I suggested.

"Ask me what?" Bella returned to my side.

"Edward can't read your mind." I chuckled.

"Oh I'm a shield. Sorry Edward." She didn't elaborate just grabbed my hand, "Your family would like to speak with you. I think Jane and I are going check into our hotel, maybe we can make some plans for tomorrow."

"You can't leave!" I exclaimed and held her to my chest. "Please."

She hushed me and we went inside to talk with the others. Alice stood up and asked, "Well, we have to be back in Forks in two weeks. Jasper are you going to go back to Volterra with Bella or is Bella going to Forks with us?"

That seemed like the million dollar question and I looked at her for the answer. "What is it you do in Forks?" Bella asked full of curiosity.

"We go to high school." I grumbled.

"I've never been to real school before." She clapped her hands together. "Please can I stay? I'm sure Father will be fine with it."

"And what about Jane? Bella we use the ploy of adoptive kids and foster children and we can't have too many without them becoming suspicious." Carlisle added.

"She needs to go do something for me soon anyway I promise. She was just my guard to get here. I don't think I'll need one now." She looked at me the whole time and I knew this meant that she was trusting me to protect her the way she has been guarded her whole life and I wouldn't let anything come close to hurting her.

"It'll work. Bella though, you need a last name honey, you can't be a Volturi." Alice giggled and I knew then that she had something up her sleeve.

When we went to school, Alice, Emmett and Edward were all Cullen's, Rosalie and I were Hale's and James used Brandon. It always seemed to work for the couples so they didn't look like real siblings in school.

"What if she was a Whitlock?" Edward suggested and I wanted to jump up and down and scream not yet, but I couldn't.

"I like it." Bella winked at me. She was a naughty little minx.

"And what's her story?" Rose asked.

"She could be a troubled cousin." Emmett suggested, "Expelled from her old school and in need of some serious family lovin"

"I'd rather not look like a delinquent Emmett, I am a Princess." Bella huffed.

"Well we have two weeks to decide. Jasper you'll be able to get the papers?" Carlisle asked referring to our friend Jenks the forger. I just nodded.

"Denali's are coming." Alice whispered out of no where.

I heard a curse fall from Bella's mouth, "Jasper I'm sorry but I really should go." She rushed to put her cloak back on when I grabbed her shoulder and stopped her.

"Bella why?" I begged with my eyes.

"A certain member of the Denali coven is not all that happy with me." She moved closer to the door and went to open it and there stood the entire coven.

"I-i-i-i-sabella?" Eleazra stuttered full of fear, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm so sorry Eleazra, I'm just leaving." She walked out the door past them all with Jane following and I wasn't that far behind either.

I heard Alice tell the family that Bella and I would be back in the morning and we would deal with the Forks issue then. As I followed my mate into the forest I wondered what she could have done to make Eleazra fear her.

Bella and Jane were waiting on the highway next to a car for me when I emerged from the trees. "Come on Jasper."

We got in the car and Jane drove (which looked funny with how little she was) and we got to the hotel, Bella and I went to a room and she stripped her clothes off and jumped in the shower. It was like she was ignoring my presence and I didn't like it so I got bold and stripped my own clothes and climbed in the shower behind her.

"What are you doing?" Bella asked while she was trying to cover up her body.

"I want to talk to you." I responded and placed kisses on the back of her shoulders and her exposed neck.

"N-n-n-ow?" she stuttered. "You couldn't wait until I was done?"

"You were too tempting, Princess." I ran my nose along the column of her throat, "Well I wanted to talk but then I got a different idea."

"Oh yeah what's that?" she said getting some of her boldness back. She turned around in my arms so she was facing me and placed kisses on my chest.

"A little something like this," I pinned her to the wall and smashed my lips to hers. She instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist and I felt a fire burning between us that wouldn't be extinguished easily.

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