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Previously on Surrounded By Your Embrace:

Carlisle stood and announced to the room, "Bella has chosen to use Edward's human name of Masen when we go to Forks. The story will be that she is Edward's sister by blood that was separated from him in the car crash that killed his parents. Since we have found her we took her in and all that. Bella we will have to introduce you to the wolves in Forks to add you to the treaty…." He continued talking but pure fear was radiating off her.

"Wolves?" She cried, "No wolves."

Bella started to shake and rock with her arms wrapped around her knees that were pushed into her chest. "Can't see wolves… No wolves." She kept repeating and I could have killed Carlisle for this.

"Dammit Carlisle, you knew her mother was killed by wolves, you couldn't have said anything else?" I growled at him.

"What did you want me to say?" he challenged and when he did Bella's shield shot out over us and blocked the rest of the family from coming in. Even in her emotionally weakened state she was still protecting herself and her mate. I was damn proud.

"Maybe the shifters? The Quileute's. I don't fucking care, but look at her." I turned back towards my mate after yelling at my father and tried to get her to calm down.

"Bella, Princess, come on, come back to me now. I'll keep you safe. I promise. No one is going to hurt you. You have to snap out of this, cause if you don't we can't go on a real date." I coaxed her.

I soothed her for almost an hour before she calmed down completely. When she came back to semi-normal she looked up at me and whispered two words, "No wolves." I nodded and carried her up to my room and we cuddled in my bed. Her shield was still strong around us. She looked peaceful though snuggled into my side, if she were human I would think she was sleeping.

I knew that she would have to sign for the treaty, but I just hoped the wolves would make an exception due to extenuating circumstances with her mother. As I laid there in the bed with my mate, I tried to come up with a scenario for the date I promised her. When I kept coming up blank I finally decided to ask Alice instead of getting help from Edward and she came barreling into my room and rambling her head off. I didn't understand a word, but I knew that I had made the right choice in asking her for help. I only hoped Bella would like whatever she planned and as long as she enjoyed it, I would too.

Chapter 3:

Bella POV:

The two weeks after I met Jasper, passed by rather quickly, almost too quickly. I wanted to spend all my time with him and get to know him on a more personal level, rather then just what I've heard from others in passing. Jasper and I spent lots of time together, sometimes he'd play his guitar or I'd tell him a story about my time in Volterra. He tried to teach me how to play his guitar, but I was too busy drinking him in to learn anything. Physically I wanted him, I wanted to shove my hands into his hair and pull him close to me. I wanted us to never be separated if possible. He made me feel, real. After being locked away from most vampires in the world, it was nice to connect with someone.

Alice tried to explain to me, that things didn't really go the way my father taught me. Apparently his ideas about relationships were…archaic, that was the word she used. She tried to explain to me that things were more, casual and that people sometimes, spent time together, even if they weren't…together, truly. She told me I should loosen up a little and I made a point to try, but after four hundred years of thinking one way, it will take longer for me to change then just a few days.

Rose pulled me aside a week after I officially moved into the Cullen's home. I had spent time with each member of the family and even the Denali's except for Eleazar. He still swore I was going to end the vampire race. He was the one that needed to loosen up if it was anyone. Anyway, Rose pulled me away from my time in Esme's garden and decided it was time we chat.

"I don't like you, and I'll probably never like you, but my brother is convinced he loves you, so…" she trailed off and expected me to understand what she was talking about.

"Is this your version of an apology?" I asked.

She scoffed at me, "Rosalie Hale does not apologize."

"Fine, the tell me what your problem with me is." I inquired.

"You are Volturi, you'll always be Volturi." She snipped, "You are going to break us apart. And then take them away."

"You think I'm here on a mission? To recruit?" I accused, "You think I'm faking my feelings for Jasper?"

"I know you are. You want to take Jasper, Edward and Alice back with you." She huffed again. "It's not going to work, so you better just call your guard back to escort you home."

"I wouldn't do that. My father and Uncles have no interest in recruiting any of the Cullen's." I told her honestly. "And, I love Jasper, so don't you ever question my feelings for him." Suddenly, I felt a smack to my face and saw Rose stalk off. I automatically leapt toward her.

"Did you just smack me?" I growled. I no sooner got the sentence out, when Jasper was in front of me trying to pull me off of Rosalie. I wasn't sure who he was protecting, but she wasn't going to hit me and get away with it.

Soon enough, the whole family was gathered into the living room, watching the scene as it unfolded. I looked to Emmett, "Keep her away from me." I growled.

I didn't listen for an answer and stalked toward Jasper's room. I found her behavior to be ridiculous and immature. I respected that she was protecting her family, but I didn't like false accusations toward me.

"She doesn't mean it." I heard Jasper's voice from the doorway.

"You don't know that, I'd have to ask Edward." I countered.

"True, but," he plopped down on the bed next to me, "I know that when you stood up to her, her feelings changed from hostile to respect. I think she believes you now."

I shrugged and didn't respond so he just continued, "So Esme wants to know how to decorate our room in Forks."

"Our room?" I asked, "Don't you mean my room?"

"No she thought we could share, would it be so horrible," he chuckled a little, "I mean you do love me."

"I wondered if you'd heard that." I muttered defiantly. "She thought I was recruiting. I'm now you know."

"I know and I believe you, I don't think you'll have anymore problems from Rosalie." He paused again, and I was noticing that this was a very Jasper quality, he liked to leave you thinking when he had a conversation, "So I was thinking, we're heading to Forks tomorrow, how about you let me take you out on a real date, a date, worthy of a princess?"

"Jasper, you don't have to do that, really I'm sorry about before, it's just….my upbringing was very….strict." I was embarrassed and he felt it, he stroked my cheek and kissed my nose.

"I know Bella, I was too, but after the Army, then Maria, I got a little crude along the way, and stopped caring about anyone but myself." He shrugged, "Self preservation. I got what I wanted, when I wanted and then sent whoever on their way."

"I know that, it's just going to take some time." I caught a glimpse of a scar right above his right eye and I traced it, "I wish I could have saved you from all that."

"You couldn't have." He argued.

"Maybe I could have. If my father was more open about these things. You've been alive half as long I have, why did we have to wait until now to be together?" I wanted to cry, I hated that I lost so much time with Jasper and that he had to literally go through hell during that time. I did like the fact that the bitch Maria was dead by my hand.

"Bella, we can't think like that, let's just think of the now," he grabbed me and rolled so I was laying on his chest, "So how about that date?"

Jasper POV:

Today was the day we went back to Forks, only this time, I had my mate with me. On Monday morning, when I walked into school, she would be by my side and there wouldn't be anymore whispers about me being alone. Poor Edward though, he'd have to still hear it.

For the last two weeks, whenever I wasn't spending time with Bella, I was with Alice, trying to get the perfect date together. I had told Bella I wanted a princess worthy date, and with Alice's help I finally had that.

I asked Bella one day about her friends Simon and Fiona. Bella had mentioned them when Alice told her and James' story. I found out that they were like her Peter and Charlotte who she had also already met. As we spoke about Bella's relationship with the duo, Alice came bounding in and announced that she had the best vision ever. She swore we would have visitors and that Edward would be getting a mate. She's been torturing him since then, with the help of Bella, but not letting him see any of the visions.

When Alice left, Bella finished with her story about Simon and Fiona. She told me they weren't mates, but still spent time together, and she had found them in Maria's camp when she took her down. They were the top trainers in her army and the most deadly. When Bella showed up to destroy Maria, they pledged their alliance to the Volturi and to Bella. She said they were pretty lost after Maria's reign came to an end. She'd heard through the grape vine about Peter and Char's grand escape and set out to find them too. The two sets of war veterans now spent time together and time apart but were very close friends. I hated that I hadn't spoken to my friends in so long to know what that they had new friends. Maybe if I had made more of an effort, I would have met Bella sooner. I tried not to think that way because it did neither of us any good to dwell on the time we could have been together.

Unfortunately, the first order of business when we got back to Forks was to deal with the wolves. We didn't even have time to go to the house, we were to meet them at the line before anything else happened. Bella was feeling a little bit better when we told her they were actual people who shifted into wolves, but that still didn't calm her nerves totally. I know that the Alpha would want to actually speak with Bella and want to know all about, I was a little scared that Bella might freak out again and shut down.

Bella and I rode together from Alaska in my pick up truck. She didn't know how to drive and had no desire to learn, and I was happy to have her with me. She liked a very eclectic style of music. Sometimes I'd catch her listening to a classical piano piece, then other times, I hear her listening to the Beatles, and sometimes (although she won't admit it) I catch her listening to that Beiber kid. She thinks he's adorable. So, in the truck, she was constantly changing the song, never letting a whole one play through. I chuckled to myself and just watched, amazed, as she sang the words to every song she put on.

Being with Bella was refreshing, she didn't ask much, and she wasn't really clingy. When I was with women before, I only used them for sex, I explained that to Bella and she didn't hold it against me, she took it as just another part of my past. I think, out of the two of us, I was the clingy one. I always wanted to be around Bella. Her presence alone was calming to me, and put a perma-grin on my face. We hadn't gone very far physically, we liked to kiss, honestly we made out like a bunch of teenagers and I loved it. I know that Alice sat down and talked to Bella about my casual sexual relationships, throughout my existence, sure Bella knew there were girls, but she didn't understand the term "booty call" until Alice explained.

Bella's fight with Rose, was unnerving. Rose and I have always been very close, playing twins will do that to you, but when she attacked my mate, I really thought I was going to hurt her. Bella wasn't hurt when I pulled her off, although she was confused. I think, that she thought, that I was protecting Rose from her instead of the other way around. Emmett took Rose away from the house for hunt while I went up to talk with Bella. I hoped one day they would be able to settle their differences and actually get along, maybe even be sisters, but I wouldn't hold my breath, even if I didn't need to breathe to live.

I was pulled from all my thoughts by Bella nudged my shoulder, "Jasper are we gonna get out?" she asked, turning her head toward the rest of our family standing at the treaty line.

"Sure Princess, let's go." I moved to get out of the car, when Bella froze, on the other side of the line stood the nine men and one woman who made up the Pack. "Bella?" I said her name softly, "it's going to be alright."

Bella slowly got out of the truck, but ran at vampire speed and stood behind me. I liked that she trusting me to protect her. "You meant it right?" she asked quietly.

"Meant what Princess?" I answered.

"That'd you'd protect me," she nodded her head towards the pack, "From anything?"

"I promise you Bella, they won't hurt you." I clasped her hand in mine and we made our way toward the family. Alice was feeling uneasy, since whenever we were in the wolves' presence all her visions disappeared.

We stood in line with my family and the moment Sam, the Alpha, took a step forward we were all incased in a solid bubble looking thing. I looked at Bella and she was shaking. The fear inside her was growing and then lessening so fast. The wolves all stood full of shock at Bella's capability. They also were exuding a fuck ton of lust.

One of the wolves, the hothead was the first to speak, "Damn, she's hot even if she is a vamp, I'd take her wolf back riding any day."

"Paul shut up, do you realize which one she's mated to?" The one closest to Sam said. I remember Sam saying once that when the boy was ready he would take over as Alpha, Jacob, was his name.

"That pansy blonde one right? I'm more man then he is," he puffed out his chest toward Bella and waggled his eyebrows. I was about to let myself loose on the wolf when I felt Bella's back pressed against my chest.

Carlisle tried to defuse the situation by asking Bella to lower the shield. She shook her head no and watched each wolf intently. "Bella, honey, would it be easier if you saw them in wolf form? They aren't like real werewolves…I promise."

"No, can't. They'll hurt you." She closed her eyes and her determination grew exponentially along with her protectiveness.

"Carlisle, we are sorry if we have disturbed your guest." Sam apologized, "Is there anything we can do to make it easier?"

"No Sam, she'll be alright. It's a long story, but we want to add Bella to the treaty, she will be going to school with the others." Carlisle replied.

"And what name do we put on it?" Jacob asked.

Bella looked at me, then to Edward, and then to Carlisle, "My name is Bella Volturi, but I will be using Bella Masen for school." She whispered lowly.

"And why is your name going to change?" Sam asked.

"For our cover story, she will be Edward's sister. She couldn't use different name then someone in the family already without it causing suspicion about the number of children we have with us. Bella comes from the vampire royalty, biologically." Carlisle said slowly, I guess he was hoping they wouldn't ask too many more questions.

Sam nodded, "She knows the rules then? No biting a human."

"We've explained it all to her. I assure you, she will be fine." Carlisle took a step forward to shake Sam's hand but couldn't. He turned to Bella and she just shook her head.

The wolves left and they were even more scared then they normally were in our presence. I looked at Edward and he was biting into his hand trying to stop from laughing. "What's funny Edward?" I asked.

"They can't decided if they'd rather fuck or kill Bella," he chuckled, "They think she's the hottest girl they've ever seen, but their wolve-stincts are telling them to kill her because she's so powerful. Add the fact that she's mated to you and they are terrified."

Bella still hadn't dropped the shield so no one moved from the enclosed space. She made another sweep with her eyes of the surrounding areas and then finally let us all free.

"I thought you would have just been able to block yourself, I didn't realize how far you could spread it." I looked proudly at my mate, she was a force to be reckoned with and I'm sure she was kick ass in battle.

"I'm never going to shut you out, Jasper." She looked down at her toes and her body filled with embarrassment, "I don't think I could ever block you out, even if I wanted to."

"I'm impressed." Rose said from behind Emmett, "Maybe you're not so bad. I still don't trust you, but I respect you for protecting the family, the whole family."

Bella nodded but didn't say anything. She still wasn't over the fight from before and I didn't blame her. That relationship would take time to strengthen, but I didn't doubt that one day they would be as close as Alice and Bella were.

I was dreading the next coming days, where I had to share Bella, not only with my whole family, but the whole town of Forks. I also was very excited for our date, but I was nervous at the same time. I just hoped I didn't fuck it up.

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