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A Newfound Love

Chapter 7.5


Edward POV

You know, this was not how I thought Thanksgiving would turn out. Sure, I had seen all of the inane human holiday movies, with bickering relatives, massive amounts of food and an overall atmosphere of family. I didn't think that's what was actually going to happen.

I suppose it's my fault that I wound up with a werewolf boyfriend. I loved Jacob more than anything, but that boy can eat. I sighed, picking up another basket of bread rolls in one hand and a heavy bowl of mashed potatoes in the other. Leaving the kitchen I was immediately assaulted by several of Jake's hungry packmates, who relieved me of my food within seconds.

Jacob and Alice had jointly persuaded Carlisle and Esme to host the entire pack of wolves for a Thanksgiving feast, her argument that Esme loved visitors and his that the pack could easily eat enough food for all of us. Esme of course immediately agreed, though Rosalie had needed a fair bit of cajoling to get her to agree.

"Hey Edward," Jake said, sidling up next to me and snaking an arm around my waist. "Can I just say thanks again for this? I honestly don't think I've seen them have this much fun," he said, pointing to a small crowd that had formed around our TV. "Though I don't think Paul and Seth should have challenged Emmett and Alice to a Halo 4 marathon."

"Yeah, looks like the bloodsuckers are winning this round," I smiled. He swatted my arm, an adoring look in his eyes. "Ooh, never mind, Seth just assassinated Alice." I could sense her building irritation and the slew of rather un-Alice like insults on the tip of her tongue.

While most of the younger wolves were busy watching the match, some of the older ones were chatting with each other and eating together. The entire house was filled with the pleasant hum of conversation and family. Several logs burned in the fireplace and Rosalie was playing an intense game of UNO with Carlisle, Jasper, Quil and Leah.

"Why did you get stuck on food duty?" Jacob pouted. "I wanted to spend my first Thanksgiving with my incredibly awesome and amazing boyfriend."

"Sucks to be you then," I replied, sticking my tongue out at him. "You're the one who wanted this party so bad."

"Yeah," he said, pulling me close and kissing me softly on the lips, "So I'm totally gonna make it up to you after everyone leaves tonight."

An unconscious shiver ran up and down my spine and I growled softly under my breath, "You better. But before that happens, there's something I want to do." I dragged him over to the Halo match and grabbed the controllers away from the players.

"Okay Jake, pick your partner. You keep making fun of me, saying that I suck at gaming. Fine, let me show you then just how bad I am." I tossed a controller to my surprised boyfriend and he caught it, grinning wickedly.

"Fine, I want Paul with me. There's no way I'm going to let you win, even if we are together." He smirked, but I was about to wipe that grin off of his face. You see, I had a secret weapon. One that would guarantee me the match.

"Rose, would you get over here?" I called. She smiled and politely excused herself from the card game, making her way over to me. "Jake here insulted my gaming ability," I said simply, handing the last controller to her. "I think it's time we prove that dogbrain wrong."

"My pleasure," she said. Even though her and Jacob had come to a mutual understanding, and dare I say it, friendship, they still had a healthy competitive streak. "How about a nice round of grifball? Should be easy enough for you two," she smirked, and for once I was glad to have her on my team.

I could see the flames in everyone's eyes so I decided not to wait another moment. It was time to kick my boyfriend's butt.

Sure enough, after a humiliating five minutes, (for him, not me) Rose and I leaned back on the couch, grinning at the two wolves. "When the hell did you get so good?" Jacob panted, tossing his controller away in disgust. "I swear, you're never that good when we play."

"That's because my mouth is usually attached to your neck and my hands are other places besides the controller," I retorted, and everyone whistled. His face reddened and he tackled me on the couch in front of everyone.

"Down boy," I whispered in his ear, and he growled. Climbing off of me, he planted a chaste kiss to my cheek that promised dirtier things to come.

Esme clinked her empty glass with a knife, and the room quieted. "Thank you all so much for a lovely night, and now if no one objects, I would like everyone to gather at the dining room table for dessert."

Accepting Jacob's outstretched hand, he helped me up and escorted me to the table, followed by more than a dozen still-hungry wolves and the rest of my family.

As Carlisle, Emmett, Alice and Rose went to fetch the pies, Esme shushed everyone and began to speak. I reached out for Jake's hand and he twined our fingers together. "So, as everyone knows, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the year and tell others what we are thankful for. I wish to share this with my family, all of my family, " she said, placing a hand on Seth's shoulder who grinned widely.

"I'll start," Jacob said, surprising me. "I'm thankful for many things, including my friends and my family, but what I am most grateful for is this." He gestured out to everyone and then looked me in the eye.

"I feel so blessed that I am standing with both my pack and the coven tonight and that we have all come together to celebrate. Every day I wonder how my life could possibly get any better, and then all I have to do is look at the person who makes all of that possible. Edward, thank you so much for changing my life for the better. I love you."

I couldn't help myself as I leaped up and pressed my lips to his, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and kissing him passionately. "I love you too."

Everyone in the room either "aww-ed" or wolf-whistled as we sat back down. "You are so getting lucky tonight," I whispered, as the circle kept going around, with people sharing what they were thankful for this year.

"I figured. Then I can really show you how thankful I am." He shot me a lascivious grin before kissing me one last time. "But it might take a while before everyone clears out."

"Eh, we waited this long, we might as well wait til everyone's done. Another round of Halo, love?'"

"Don't hold anything back this time." We stealthily left the table to settle on the couch together, picking up our controllers and finishing where we left off.


Jake POV


I shot up in bed, at once both immensely happy and sad. It was just a dream, and the moment I woke up, I felt the harsh crash back to reality. I rubbed my eyes and stood up, pulling back the curtains and stretching.

My phone beeped from my bedside table and I picked it up, scrolling through the messages. I yawned tiredly before one message caught my eye.

Edward: Thanksgiving hasn't already passed, has it? Because I swear we were celebrating. Never mind.

I chuckled incredulously before typing out a response. No, it was impossible…

Jacob: Who knew Rosalie could kick ass at Halo?

Not a second later, a reply that made me laugh out loud.

Edward: No way… O_0

Edward: I guess we shouldn't underestimate her. I call her as partner.

It may have been just a dream, I thought, rooting through my drawers for some clothes. But who knows? That might just end up happening one day.

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