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'Dreams/ thoughts...'

It was a nice sunny day out. The Sakura trees were in bloom... how ironic. Sakura's dark red hair flowed with the wind as she rested her elbows on the railings that were on the ledge.

"Will you join us?" a man in the shadows asked. Sakura looked around in thought. Green eyes then focused on the tall shadow that stood before her.

"Why the hell not, I don't have anything else to lose."

"Iie!" Sakura cried.

"MAMA! PAPA!" Tears slid down her face as smoke and ash danced in her vision.


A younger Sakura looked up at the dark-suited man with hatred in her deep emerald eyes.

"I won't let you take her!" Sakura yelled at him, closing her eyes to prevent tears from falling. A hand reached behind her.

"NO!" She shouted this time as she swatted away the hand. Suddenly a small voice called out from behind her.

"Sissy... I-I'm scared" the little girl whimpered out. This girl had short red hair like Sakura but cranberry red eyes that showed fear and worry.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine. Ne?" Sakura said while putting on a fake smile.

"And how will you be fine?" The suited man asked, " You have no money, no family, no where to go, and no way to provide. Give the child to us and we can provide a better home for her."

Sakura sighed, she knew it was true. Her parents had died in an accident two months ago right after their house burned down and they had been on the run ever since, while Sakura lived the life of a stealer, a criminal. She looked at her little sister, she didn't want that kind of life for her.

"Fine." Sakura ground out, the tears finally streaming down her face. She stepped to the side so the man could have access to her sister.

"What! NO! NO! LET ME GO!" Sakura's sister cried, "SAKURA!" She cried as she struggled against the man who was now holding her and dragging her to a car.

"SAKURA!" Sakura just hung her head in shame and watched her tears slide down her face to the ground. She backed up against the alleyway wall and slowly slid down it, her sobs growing louder the closer she got to the ground.


"Sakura!" Sakura looked up to see her classmate and friend Takashi. He had shaggy brown hair and peircing brown eyes. He was also dressed in the standard uniform: A black button up jacket with gold buttons and black pants to match .Sakura sighed. She was also dressed in uniform. A white button up shirt with a green coller and cuffs. Also a grren skirt that went to your mid-theigh.

"Sorry I didn't hear you come up." She mummbled

"That's okay. I just came up here to think." Takashi offered a kind smile.

"Same." Silence reined as both friends were lost in thoughts of the past and the present.

"If you lie, a thousand needles..." Takashi said silently

"What was that?" Sakura asked.

"Mmm, Oh... nothing." Takashi sighed and continued to look down over the railing.

"Are you stupid or something?"

"Mhm? Oh Takagi."

"As soon as something you don't like happens you always run back to the same place jus-" Sakura blocked out the rest of Takagi's speech and looked her up and down. She had well kept pink hair in long piggy-tails and bangs that framed her face. She had ember eyes that where sharp and dangerous behiind the glasses she wore, and she had top spot for their grade.

"Baka." Was the last thing Takagi said before she walked away. It seemed Takashi had blocked her out to because he was still looking down in his 'depressed state' as Sakura liked to call it. Then she saw his eyes widen.

"What?" Sakura asked

"T-The gym teacher was just killed..." Sakura looked to where he pointed and sure enough there was their gym teacher dead on the ground. Sakura's eyes narrowed. Something wasn't right, there was an eerie feeling about this whole thing and before she could say anything about it, the gym teacher got up and bit the english teacher, causing her to fall to the ground and bleed out. The other teachers that were there, were slowly backing away and running towards the building. Sakura and Takashi shared a look and dashed down to their fifth period class.

"So what's the plan?" Sakura asked Takashi as they raced down the hall, she was ment with silence until he banged the door open and walked in.

"Komuro! Haruno! Your not only skipping class but interrupting it to!" The teacher yelled at them but they ignored it. Takashi walked over to a girl who had strawberry bland hair and the eyes to match it. He grabbed a hold of her arm.

"Let's go!" Takashi said darkly to the girl. Sakura then remembered her name was Rei. Takashi shot Sakura a look and she nodded. Running further down ther hall Sakura stopped at her locker and pulled out a change of clothes and a bag.

"Che. Never thought these would come in handy here." She said to herself.

Sakura opened the door to the classroom to find that Takashi's hand find Rei's cheek.

"Takashi! That is no way to treat a woman!" Sakura yelled at him. Now all attention was on her, and she smirked at how some of the students gasped others had wide eyes. While out she had changed into a black mini-skirt, a short sleeve black buton up top and a blood red tank top underneath, but that wasn't the worst part, the worst part was the Akastuki symbol that hung around her neck. Sakura pulled a gun from her waist and started to look around the room.

"The people that I call stand and follow me." Sakura said strenly

"Takashi." Takashi looked Sakura in the eyes sighed and dropped Rei's arm, which he still had a hold of.

"Rei." Rei looked at Sakura then at Takashi then back at Sakura but this time it was a look of disgust but she still came over to stand next to Sakura.

"Anybody else?" Sakura asked Takashi. She looked down at Rei and found that she was glaring at her. Sakura sighed for the hundreth time that day.

"Hisashi." Takashi answered back. Sakura gave a nod

"Hisashi." The man known as Hisashi nodded and stood. Sakura then had everybody else in the room at gun-point.

"Let's go!" Takashi ordered. Hisashi and Rei gave a nod and followed him down the hall. Sakura gave one more smirk before she to disappeared out of the door.

"What is this about." Rei asked while running down the hallway.

"There was someone at the school gate. The gym teacher went to check it and something happened. Now the teachers are killing each other." Takashi answered back.

"That's ridiculous." Rei said in an unbeiving tone.

"Well beleive it Sakura was even there she can tell you." Rei shot Sakura a glare as she was added to the conversation. She was so busy glaring at Sakura that she bumped into Hisashi who had stopped.

"What is it did you forget something?" Takashi asked him while he watched Hisashi open a closet.

"No. We'll need weapons if you're telling the truth." Hisashi explained

"Now there's a smart one!" Sakura exclaimed a smirk on her lips. She then noticed Rei's glare... again. Sakura sighed.

"Rei I have done nothing to hurt you or harm you in any way possible so why are you so hostile towards me?" Sakura questioned. Silence reined the only noice was the snap of a broom, seperating the stick so it could be used as a weapon. Rei looked at Sakura and laughed slightly.

"You may not have hurt me but you have hurt many others. I know who you are. We have been trying to hunt down as many of you as possible," She then grabbed the sharp poll from Hisashi, " Why do you kill? To taint your hands with the blood of the innocent? How do you live with blood filled skys everyday? How do you live with yourself?" Rei started to shout at her near the end. Sakura then gave a small smile.

"We've hurt someone that you loved or was close to you didn't we?" Sakura asked Rei calmly. Rei only nodded her head. Takashi sighed and picked up a bat.

"We should get going." Takashi said.

"We should call somebody first, my father's a cop." Rei said

'Ohhhh so that's how she knows..' Sakura thought as she watched Rei's eyes widen in horror.

"No way...," She whispered, "This isn't possible." She started to shake. It turns out that the lines were busy.

There was no way of getting help.

"Attention all students!," The loud speaker then buzzed, voicing the head master's voice alll around the school, " We're currently in a violent situation. Student's are to evacuate under teacher's instructions. I repeat: We are currently in a violent situation!."

"So they finally noticed." Sakura thought out loud.

"-students are to evacuate under teacher's instuc-" The voice was then cut off. Screams could be heard. "-Help me! No stop! No! No! NO! Help me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Silence swept the halls until the screams of multiple students could be heard crowding the hallways. It was like a wild stampede.

"This way!" Hisashi called out pointing to an exit.

"Wait aren't we getting out of here?" Takashi objected. Sakura gave Takashi a look. He always had to be hard with everything.

"The stairs are choked with people we can escape through the administrative buildind." Sakura explained as she walked by Takashi giving him a hard punch to the head.

"Sakura and Hisashi are correct. Let's go!" Rei said following the dou out of the door leaving Takashi behind.

"Fine." Takashi pouted as he to walked out of the door only to find one of those... things...walking towards them. Rei gasped.

"Isn't that the headmaster?" And sure enough there was their headmaster undead, walking towards them aiming to kill.

Sakura watched as a cherry blossom floated down between the headmaster and Rei. Yes it was ironic. Death of an old, birth of a new. But who knew we would be so stuburn to truly die? The wind pushed Sakura's red hair out of her eyes showing harden jade. It was time to get serious.

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