I got greedy, which isn't very surprising seeing as that I am a Malfoy. The head of the Malfoy family none-the-less. But the greed isn't what bothers me. Us Malfoys are known for our greed. What's wrong with getting what we want? When you're filthy rich and at the top of the social ladder, you get used to taking anything you desire. And Merlin I desired her.

What bothers me is that I, Lucius Malfoy, lost control. If Malfoy's are known for anything (besides the whole greed and money bit), it is our control. I was raised to master it, to always be cool. Stoic. And she broke through my stony exterior. First, I lost my patience with her, then I lost my temper with her, and finally I lost my control with her. One insignificant girl broke through walls I worked my whole life to build.

It wasn't like that. At first.

It was just supposed to be another assignment from my Lord. An easy one at that. There should have been no complications. I was to break her and return her to the Dark Lord to do with as he wished.

I was known as a master of breaking prisoners. She shouldn't have posed a problem. She just a girl, way beneath me and my powers. Something went wrong.

When the deadline drew near, I didn't want to hand her over to my master. Like I said, I got greedy. I had spent enough time with her to know that I didn't want to part with her. There was so much left to explore. So much I didn't want to lose.

What was it about her that made me risk my very life? I won't say it was love. Malfoys only love money and power. But it was something more than just lust. Something along the lines of respect. Which may be as close to love as a Malfoy will ever get to a human. Maybe respect was the Malfoy definition of love.

I still can't totally comprehend the series of events that brings me to the present. Hermione Granger, mudblood best friend to Harry Potter and a sworn enemy to Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters, somehow managed to screw up my entire life.