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Oh and as said in the summary, this takes place in 07. Back when Cody first started in the company.

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Cody mentally groaned, continuing to try and find his way through the busy backstage area. He felt like some meek little freshman, trying to navigate their way around a busy new school full of intimidating upper classmen. Only instead of pimply faced jocks trying to get to Algebra 2, Cody found himself being surrounded by hulking, half naked wrestlers, all of which could snap his skinny body in half should he do anything to piss them off.

He had recently been called up to the shining utopia of the WWE. No longer would he wrestle in the dimly lit, piece of crap facilities of OVW that he was used to—he was in the big leagues now! Cody had been waiting for this moment practically his entire life, always wanting to follow in his father's very large footsteps. And now he finally could. He could make a name for himself in the business he'd grown up in.

If only he could find his locker room.

Cody sighed as he was bumped rather stiffly by some Kurt Angle-looking wannabe, but continued walking. He knew it was close to the Gorilla—his father had made sure he chose a locker room close to the front of the arena lest he get lost in the long winding hallways of the arena.

Like he was now.

Cody paused mid-step, narrowly avoiding being run into by a large, steroided out muscle-head.

"Watch it," The larger man muttered, turning back to narrow his eyes as he walked ahead.

Cody breathed a sigh of relief, thanking any deity that would hear him for not getting his ass kicked on the day of his first official match in the WWE. That would be a bit embarrassing.

Okay: time to regroup. Think Runnels think! He was definitely somewhere near the diva's portion of the locker rooms if the shrill, girly laughing that was coming through the door next to him was any indication. And if he was by the divas' room that meant—yes! His locker room should be…somewhere…around…aha!

Cody turned a corner, internally doing a little happy dance. This was definitely the hallway he'd been at earlier; the same group of stage hands were still joined against the wall, talking and sharing stories.

Now to decide which room was his.

Cody looked down the hallway, silently moving aside as people made their way around him heading to their own destinations with a swift purpose.

He sighed when he realized each door was marked with an identical and nondescript 'Superstars Changing Room', scribbled across small dry-erase boards in clumsy scrawl.

Guess 'eenie meenie minie moe' would have to do for now.

After a quick round in his head, Cody shrugged, pushing open the door closest to him. He entered the dressing room, sparing a few glances around the room before deciding that it had to be the one he'd been searching for. Looked close enough anyway.

Cody threw the duffle bag he'd been carrying around for what seemed like an eternity on the ground with a satisfying 'thud', reaching up to run his fingers through his hair.

Well, he might as well get dressed.

He opened the bag, wincing at the bright colorful trunks he would be forced to wear on national television. His dad had been the one to suggest the hideous yellow and green colors thinking it would help Cody stand out from the rest of the talent. Well, looking like a fucking idiot was a great way to stand out. Gee thanks pop.

Cody threw down the repulsive spankies, opting instead to grab a quick shower before he was expected to be up front for his match. Sure he was as clean as he'd ever be, but the piping hot water might help him relax a bit. Besides, if there was anything his friends in the wrestling business ever taught him, he had to take care of a certain problem before his match. There would be no adrenaline-fueled boners springing up ANY time tonight.

Cody grabbed his clothes, making his way towards the back of the room where the small grouping of public showers was located. Whistling under his breath, Cody approached the showers, wincing at the sharp bite of the cold tile under his bare feet. He opened the swinging double doors, stopping in his tracks at the sight he was met with.

The two muscled, and embarrassingly half naked individuals across the room broke apart instantly, both simultaneously wiping their mouths with the back of their hands.

Cody stood dumbfounded, mouth agape as his mind tried to process what his eyes were trying hard to avoid seeing.

Two of his fellow wrestlers had been locked in a tight embrace, one that definitely wouldn't be categorized as a friendly one, and had been—what seemed very vigorously—trying to eat the others' faces. Or they had been making out. Cody was positive his brain was trying to reject the information that he had been given.

But not only were they two of his fellow MALE wrestlers, they were arguably the biggest faces of the company: John Cena and Cody's dad-appointed mentor Randy Orton.

Holy Fuck.

"Uhh…uhh…" Cody looked between the two superstars, holding his hands up in defense. Yeah Codes, that's real eloquent, way to easily dissolve this unbelievably awkward situation.

"I was…we were just," Cena fumbled for a response looking back and forth between Cody and Mister Anger Issues.

Cody flinched, preparing for the onslaught of cursing and flying fists that were sure to come. Randy's anger tirades were infamous in the company even to Cody and his friends down in developmental. There was no way he was leaving the building alive.

He opened his eyes just enough to risk a peek—yep, Randy still looked pissed and John still looked embarrassed out of his freaking mind.

"Uhh…I think I'll just…uhh. I'll go." Cody backed away from the two wrestlers slowly, hands still raised in defense as if backing away from starved, rabid dogs. Randy's hands perceptibly tightened into fists, his eyes practically burning a hole through Cody's body.

God, he'd MUCH rather face rabid dogs.

Cody turned to run for it, yelping out in surprise when his arm was grabbed and yanked roughly. He slowly turned, coming face to face with Mr. Anger himself.

"You're not going anywhere."

"Oh God please don't kill me! I'm sorry I walked in on ya'll making out. I swear to GOD I won't tell anyone. It's totally not even a big deal, I mean I have tons of friends who are gay…it's totally, completely normal. Personally it's not my…uh, not my thing, but hey if you guys are—are into that, that's totally cool. Dude, I swear I won't say anything to anyone, I mean who am I gonna' tell? Oh, God please don't kill me."

"Will you shut up?" Randy growled as he tossed Cody on the bench in the center of the locker room, "I'm not going to kill you."

Cody breathed in a huge sigh of relief. Sure Randy was probably lying to him and planned to dispose of his body as soon as the main event was over, but at least he could relax until the cops came searching for his remains.


Cody's eyes widened in fear, his breath instantly catching in his throat.

"Rand will you quit? You're gonna' give the poor kid a fucking heart attack." John sat down next to Cody, carelessly throwing an arm around his shoulders. "Look kid, we're not going to kill you; calm down okay?"

Cody nodded slowly, wary of John's promise when Randy was practically seething right in front of him.

"We need to talk about what you saw all right?"

Cody nodded again, wincing as Cena slapped him once on the back before rising to stand next to Randy.

"First off—hi I'm John. This psycho here is Randal. I believe you've met."

Cody grunted in reply, cautiously eying Randy for any approaching attack.

"Listen, it's okay. You can calm down, really."

Cody took a deep breath, trying to will away the overwhelmingly crushing panic. He inclined his head, giving John the ok to continue.

"All right, first off, you did see what you think you did. Randy and I are…well, we're lovers."

Cody winced a bit, but motioned for John to continue. It wasn't like he was a bigot or anything, but still…guy on guy action grossed him out just a tad.

"Okay Cody, the thing is I know you said you wouldn't, but you cannot—I mean cannot tell anyone about this. Today's society might accept our life styles but the WWE definitely won't."

Cody's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "Why not?"

John sighed, "Well there's sort of a 'don't ask don't tell' policy with Vince. While we couldn't technically be punished for our lifestyles, there are people in this industry who aren't very tolerant of gay wrestlers. Cody, our entire careers could be ruined."

Cody frowned as that sunk in—that didn't seem very fair. Just because they were gay didn't mean they deserved to be pushed out of the company…or worse lose their careers.

"You understand, right Cody?" John asked, almost as if dealing with a child that was too small to understand, "You understand that you can't say anything right?"

Cody nodded, silently promising to keep the secret between them. Besides even if he was into gossiping about other peoples' lives, there's no way he would risk the wrath of two of the most powerful wrestlers in the company.

"Can I ask...?" Cody began, unsure of how to phrase the question; curse his morbid curiosity. "How…how did you guys' even get together?"

John smiled fondly as he looked back to Randy, chuckling softly when Randy's eyes flashed at the memory.

"Maybe another time, Cody. Listen you have a match soon…against Randy for that matter, so listen up. You go get ready and we'll…uh, talk more later."

Cody nodded, slowly rising to his feet before giving the two of them a small smile. "You guys' don't have to worry about it, okay? I'll keep your secret safe."

John smiled in response, eyes following Cody as he made his way to a private corner of the locker room, changing quickly and rushing out of the door.

As soon as the door shut behind him, John exhaled a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. He turned to face his boyfriend; "Randy, look…"

"Save it John," Randy snapped, walking over to his own locker and changing for his and Cody's match. "We fucked up, and now the skinny little brat is going to tell the entire fucking company."

"You don't know that—"

"THINK ABOUT IT JOHN!" John jumped at Randy's raised voice, "If you were some little baby wrestler straight out of developmental and you found out a piece of news this big wouldn't you hold it over our heads? Wouldn't you blackmail us until you got everything you wanted? Money, feuds, pushes?"

"No I wouldn't." John crossed his arms over his chest frowning at the appearance of Randy's temper.

"Well that doesn't mean that Runnels wouldn't."

Randy sighed as he ran his hands over his face; he certainly didn't need this stress. "I don't care if you think the kid will keep his word…"

John's eyes narrowed at Randy, wondering where he was getting at.

"John, I'm not letting that kid out of my sight."

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