Title: high school love line and the rumors that follow

Author: Jailynn

Rating: R

Warning: Some spoilers but not anything that won't be addressed in tonight's episode

Fandom: Glee

Couple: Lauren/Puck (features other characters from the show)

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be mine. Not even going to try and claim them as mine

Summary: Lauren and Puck figure things out and the students of William McKinley high school try and do the same

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A/N: I don't know if this will be more than a one-shot or not. I'd love to hear what you think... Please forgive all mistakes. I try to edit myself, but I always miss things...


"You're doing it wrong," she huffed from her position, small blue eyes peeking up at him from under her lashes. Her glasses long ago tossed aside.

He glared heatedly, insulted by her words, "I think I know what I'm doing. I've done this before."

"Obviously not well," she rolled her eyes, sighing deeply as she turned her head away from him for a moment, licking at her kiss bruised lips. He saw her starting to lose interest in this and couldn't have that, her words that he was a bad kisser still stung. "And you're still doing it wrong. It's supposed to go here-"

"I know where it's supposed to go," leaning over her, he moved his body just a touch to the right, finding the spot he knew most women melted over, bringing their lower bodies closer together. Her mouth dropped open, forming a perfect "o" and he smirked. "Now where were we?"

"We're in a hurry that's where we are," she brought her hands up, holding the back of his head, kissing him soundly, making his blood hum with need. She pulled back, "The bell is going to ring soon and we need to finish this soon before someone catches us."

"You can't rush love, babe," he leered down at her and she rolled her eyes again, a smile pulling at her lips at his words. He liked her smile. It brightened her face, lightened her already pretty eyes. "Besides who's going to find us and even if someone did, isn't that half the fun?"

"Hmm," she shook her head, "no, not really. I don't exactly want the whole school to know about this. I have a reputation to protect." She shifted, her breasts brushing against his chest. Her nipples hardened slightly and so did his body. He was finding it really hard (ha!) to concentrate on the conversation.

"And how exactly is this going to wreck your bad ass rep?"

She sighed, her gaze drifting to the clock over his shoulder, "Doesn't matter. Time's up. Move it," she straightened her clothes, brushing a hand through her hair, dislodging the tangles he helped cause from their heated make-out and grabbed the glasses sitting on the desk next to her, righting them on her face.

"You can't be serious," he shifted, his erection rubbing roughly- and painfully- against his denim jeans. "We have more time. Come on babe," he smirked at her, letting his eyes smolder. He moved closer to her, running his hand down her side, cupping her full breast through her clothes and leaned in a little to capture her lips again.

"I would suggest you rethink that move," her voice went lower, darker, causing him to shiver a little. She really was so fucking bad ass. He knew that she wanted him, but she wasn't going to give an inch. This both impressed [because most women just gave in] and frustrated him [because damn it, he hasn't had this bad a case of blue balls since he was thirteen]. Outside the door, they could hear the student body moving from class to class. "Okay that's my cue. See you later, Puckerman." Lauren walked confidently over to the door and opened it, leaving him alone in the empty classroom.

He groaned at the painful evidence of what just happened. He was denied once again and it was starting to drive him crazy. Adjusting himself as well as he could, Puck grabbed his books and exited to go...somewhere. What period in the day was this anyway?


The school was buzzing with rumors. Puck- bad ass mother fucker that he was- was getting no where with Lauren- bad ass mother fucker in her own right. Most of the school was still trying to understand the attraction. Puck wasn't known for going for girls like Lauren and Lauren well she wasn't known for putting up with shit from guys like Puck.

When asked about the duo, Rachel Berry, resident Glee star- as she called herself- said that Puck and Lauren were really none of their business and everyone should keep their opinions to themselves. Also she didn't care if he was striking out with Lauren or not. She didn't pay attention to that type of thing.

This happened right before one of the gossipers threw a cherry slushie in the girl's face for being so, so...Rachel.

And the rumors continued...


She looked up nervously from her chair to find him standing over her. Lauren tried to cover her nerves with bravado, glaring at her...boyfriend? Make-out buddy? She had no idea what he was other than a pain in her ass. Not that she was complaining too much. It was fun having Puck at her beck-and-call. His kissing has improved under her watchful eye. And she had to admit it was getting more difficult to cut the heavy petting short. She leaned back in her seat, snapping her thoughts before they progressed too dangerously down the wrong road. Frankly, she had enough to worry about- as in the fact that Mr. Schuester has given her a solo and wasn't letting her back out of it.

Sometimes she really hated that man. Jackass. Why was he making her sing? They just needed her to make it twelve people. Singing was never part of the deal...

"What do you want?" she asked quietly.

"You nervous about singing," he took his seat next to her in the empty choir room. It's the first time she's been there before anyone else and it was slightly unsettling. Lauren was used to Rachel fluttering about, talking excitedly about some song or musical or whatever crap she talked about while the other members carried on conversations of their own. She shifted, rubbing her hand over her skirt. "It's okay to be nervous."

"I'm not," she denied, but not as strongly as the last time she told him that during sectionals. "Why would I be nervous? It's just a stupid song."

Puck's eyes held hers and she became uncomfortably aware of how intensely they were watching her. His left eyebrow rose, "Picture the audience naked."

Lauren nearly choked, "Huh?"

"When you're up there," he motioned toward the front of the class. "Picture us in our underwear or something. It'll help you relax."

Amusement filled her, "Is that what you do, Puckerman?"

He just looked at her, sex clearly written across his face, making her insides shake. Yes it was definitely getting more difficult to deny him. The moment was broken by the other Glee members filing in with Mr. Schuester following them.

"Okay," their teacher took his place at the piano and looked out at the students. "Today we have a solo by Lauren. Are you ready?"

'No,' she thought, 'Hell no.' Lauren stood from her chair and walked toward the front. Her stomach rolled violently as she took her place. It was weird standing here. The band started playing her song and she froze. Her mind went blank. 'Oh FUCK!' Panic clawed at her. She couldn't remember the lyrics. The class was staring at her. What the hell was she supposed to do? She was a fucking wrestler, not a singer!

Her eyes drifted from one person to another, before landing on Puck. 'Think of us nude,' his gaze said. He nodded his head at her and suddenly everyone was sitting in their underwear- well except for Puck who she pictured going commando. Her nerves melted away- replaced by amusement at some of the items she pictured them wearing.

The music started again and this time she was ready. Her song flowed. Her body moved. Her attitude infused the lyrics. It was fun- not that she would tell them that. Puck smiled at her. Those hazel brown orbs of his watching her as she told the world, she knew exactly what boys wanted.

Once it was over, Lauren felt excited and exhausted. All the nerves had taken their toll on her and she was so relieved it was done. Moving to sit back down, she looked directly at her whatever Puck was and grinned. He was still naked in her mind and she was thinking about keeping him that way for a while. She liked the way he looked.


Lauren and Puck are still the topic of conversation for most of the student body. Occasionally the story had to share time with Sam's break up with Quinn and Finn's involvement. Girls watched Lauren from afar, whispering about how she must be blackmailing the guy. When caught looking, Lauren glared at them. No one dared to look back.

Christy- a girl in Puck's third period class- told Matty- a guy she was kinda seeing- who told Kevin- one of the hockey players – who told the lunch lady- that she saw Puck staring at Lauren like he wanted to jump her bones right there in class. Most thought Christy had it wrong. It was one thing for the rumor to go around that Lauren wasn't giving it up. It was another for Puck to actually act like there was something real between them.

Sex was understood- hell it was expected where Puck was concerned. Attraction- not so much.

Mike Chang and Tina Cohen Chang refused to talk about it when asked. Tina just stared blankly at the kids in front of her and Mike shrugged. They got grape slushies in the face for being so difficult.


Puck couldn't believe he was going this far to get some. Beiber. Justin fucking Beiber. He was going to have to rob a convenience store to wipe this from his conscious. Sam, Artie and Mike stood next to him. At least he wasn't alone in the 'not getting some' department. Damn Lauren and her take it slow demands! Why did she have to be so good at kissing? If she was bad he could write this shit off and move on. But no, he wanted her. He really wanted her. So now it's time to suck it up and rock out to the Beibs.

And he would rock it.

He didn't know how to do anything else. He was just that fucking awesome...even dressed like this. He looked out at the small group gathered and saw Lauren texting on her phone. Her lips were curled in a sarcastic smile as she clicked away. He wondered who she was texting. Over the last couple of weeks, he's come to find out she was a player in her own right. Having dated multiple guys at once before getting serious about Tony. The wrestler from a different school. Tony- he grimaced thinking about the guy- was still in the picture. Friends. That's what she said. Tony was her friend. Puck wasn't fond of Tony. The guy was 6'10 and tipped the scales at 345 pounds. From the pictures he has seen, Puck was fairly sure the guy could break him in half...not that he was worried.

Puckerman shook his head and got ready with the others. Lauren looked up just as the song started. Her tongue peeked out and rolled across her bottom lip. His body reacted. That's why he was doing this. That tongue. That mouth. Those hands. The relief from blue ball hell.

The song was cheesy but the girls went wild. He watched her as he thrust his hips in her direction. Lauren looked away but not before he caught the blush in her cheeks. Sometimes he saw her tough exterior break and it always surprised him. There was a lot about her no one knew about and yeah, while he wanted to know what she was like in the bedroom [he was pretty convinced she would be a freak in the best possible way]- he knew she had talent from their make-out sessions- he also really liked her.

The dance moves for him were easy compared to the ones Mike was doing. He sang his parts with added heat- directing all of it her way. Lauren stood from her chair and moved with the rest of the girls to the front of the stage. She swayed in time with music. He moved closer to her as the final chords played and the song came to an end. Lauren smiled, clapping her hands with the others.

Puck hopped from the stage and stood in front of her. He waited for her to say something. This is the second time he has sang to her and he admitted now that the first time wasn't exactly perfect. It was still a bad ass song and he meant every word though. She straightened her glasses and smirked at him.

"Better," her voice was a mixture of admiration and heat. He liked the combo and was hopeful that this would finally be his in. "Maybe you are ready for this jelly."

"Does that mean..." he let the statement drop. They both knew what he meant and they both knew that the want was mutual.

"That means you're learning Puckerman," Lauren really would NOT give him an inch. Damn he enjoyed that. "Why don't you come over my house after school...say around six?"

He nodded, his lips pursed and his mind starting to wander. He could make it home, shower, change and get to the drug store for condoms with plenty of time to spare.

Justin fucking Beiber really was like a mini-sex-God.


It was quiet for the next week after that. No new Lauren and Puck stories. There was disappointment as well as some relief. A lot of the students thought that the natural order had been restore. Puck must have moved on or maybe back to Santana. That was his (and her) stand by relationship. And Lauren, well, wrestling season was getting ready to start.

Then one day, two weeks after Monica swore she saw Puck kissing Lauren under the bleachers when she was having her mid-afternoon, this school sucks smoke- no one believed what Monica had to say though, the chick was known to lie- and three weeks after most of the gossip about them had died down- there were growing whispers that maybe Lauren and Puck really weren't over.

Frank, a water boy for the wrestling team told Jason- who whispered in the ear of his girlfriend Sarah- who recalled to the entire flag core- who then spread the story to their friends- that Puck was holding Lauren's hand at one of the wrestling meets while she waited for her turn on the mat. He was overheard telling her that she was going to fucking crush the other guy.

Two students cornered Mercedes at her locker after school and asked if this was true. Mercedes just rolled her eyes and slammed the locker door shut, telling the idiots to get out of her way. The green apple slushie that was thrown on her came out of no where.


Lauren tapped her pencil against the side of her book and watched her boyfriend, yes she finally let him be her boyfriend, read the same sentence over again. One hour of study to one hour of fooling around. That was the deal she made with him. They had finals coming up and she wasn't about to fail. Getting out of this town was her goal and using wrestling to get there was the plan, but if she got kicked off the team because of her grades slipping – well she would break some heads. So Puck was forced to take a backseat while she tried to cram as much information about world war II in her head as she could.

Mr. Moore was a bastard. A comprehensive exam that would cover everything from the beginning of the year for their final. The man needed to die! Her brain felt like it was beginning to swell and might explode at any moment. AP History. She should never have taken this mother fucking course. The alarm on her phone chimed and Puck looked up grinning. An hour was up. Fun time!

She pushed the book off her lap, reaching for the boy at the other end of the bed. He rolled her over, rubbing his hands across her body. His tongue slipped through her lips, tangling with her own. Oh he has gotten damn good at knowing what turned her on! The fingers of his left hand slid under the material of her shirt, slowly rising toward her bra covered breast. She moaned in spite of herself causing him to chuckle against her lips. She wanted to be pissed but it wasn't easy to pull off considering she was half panting at the way he moved his hips against hers.

They've been seeing each other for a month and a half now and hadn't quite made it to the sex part. Oh there was plenty of touching. She's given him hand jobs and done other things to make him happy and he has made her feel light-headed with his fingers and tongue- but sex-sex was still a line she wasn't willing to cross yet. Puck hadn't earned that right...but he was getting closer.

The need for air had her pulling away from him, he moved his lips down her neck, sucking on a spot he found two weeks ago made her shiver. Lauren closed her eyes tightly, enjoying the sensations he was creating. He nipped at her skin, teeth grazing lightly at her flesh. Her pulse jumped and she dug her nails into his upper arms. That felt damn good.

He pulled back, a cocky grin on his face. "You like that?"

Her natural instinct to be a bitch kicked in to cover her reaction, "You worried you're losing your touch Puckerman, that you need reassurance?"

His eyes slant, the expression of confidence so deeply imbedded, she couldn't help but roll her own eyes. "I think we both know that I don't need to be reassured." He touched the spot right above her bra where a dark hickey he made the night before was. "You screaming my name last night made it quite clear you enjoy what I do to you babe."

Denying that would be pointless and really time was starting to run out on the fun part of the evening. An hour for an hour. Talking wasn't what she wanted to do right then. "Shut up, Puck," she said before grabbing the back of his head and kissing him senseless.


It was official. No more gossip. Lauren Zizes and Noah Puckerman were dating. It was still a source of whispers but now it wasn't about were they or weren't they, it was if Lauren was better than all the rest of Puck's conquests. He has already stayed with her the longest. Girls that he had been with looked at the bigger woman and snarled that there was no way she was better than them. Vicious taunts were spoken about Lauren in the woman's bathroom, but the wrestler never reacted. She merely glared at the jealous girls and walked away. It was a pretty effective response though.

The guys of the school were intrigued. Puck staying with Lauren had to mean she was a good lay. They talked about maybe trying to steal her away from the bad ass of the school for a turn, but those loud suggestions were quickly stopped when during lunch one afternoon one guy got punched in the face by none other than Puck, who had been walking by and overheard the conversation. The talking between the guys continued, but they were more careful about where and when they did it.

It was just after spring break that a new and juicy rumor started to circulate. Puck and Lauren had made a sex tape! Supposedly Jake- who worked at the only pizza place in town with Greg- who knew a guy named Harry- had heard from a girl named Emily -who got a text saying that while getting busy one day- Lauren and he made one. Jake then told his friends that he bet it was true. Lauren was part of the AV department at school and Puck wouldn't exactly say no to something like that.

Santana and Brittany found the whole thing to be funny- well after Santana explained to Brittany what the rumor was- and told anyone that would listen that it was ridiculous. Santana then went on to say that if the morons didn't leave her alone she would kick their ass because she had better things to do then talk about Puck and Lauren.

Brittany agreed.

They got hit in the face with blue raspberry slushies. The boys that did it are at the nurses office now because Santana kicked them both in the nuts until they cried.