Title: high school love line and the rumors that follow

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The rest of the night went by in a slow blur for Lauren. It was like moving through a dream, the images were sluggish and yet everything was enhanced. She felt the weight of lights above her, the air on her skin, the touch of her clothes. She shifted to look around her. The students she barely knew were dancing, laughing, taking pictures. They were trying to capture time, remember the moment, but Lauren knew she would never forget. She didn't need a digital slide show to help her recall what tonight felt like, it would always be there for her. The highs and the lows. The touch of his hand, the way his body and hers melted together. It was all etched in her mind.

Looking across the table, she smiled a little as Quinn very subtly reached over to cover Finn's hand with hers. They shared a small look then she leaned into him and rested her head on his shoulder. She caught herself before she could give into the sigh that wanted to escape her mouth. Lauren rolled her eyes. Damn she was slowly turning into a sap. Mercedes flopped into the chair next to her yanking her out of the Finn/Quinn romantic bubble. A wide grin splitting her friend's lips. Sweat glistened her brow from dancing so much. Chuck moved into the seat on her other side. Mercedes was careful to kept her head down, but the blush on her cheeks as Chuck spoke to her was strong indication that Lauren wouldn't have to do much to set them up. Good. They both deserved some lovin'. Especially Mercedes. Lauren had heard all about her crush on Kurt, before he burst out of the closet that is.

Sighing, she looked toward the floor where students were dancing to YMCA. Her mood was lifted when she spotted Ms. Pillsbury, dressed in a demure skirt and top, throwing her hands in the air as high as the kids. Behind her was Mr. Schuester, his eyes locked on the counselor. It was kinda creepy. A little stalkerish. That man was weird sometimes. Lauren let her eyes wander a little further into the crowd. It didn't take her long to settle on him again. Puck leaned against the wall, a small plastic cup in his hand, his crown tilted on his head, and a smirk on his lips. Girls came up to him- touch him and die whore bitches, she thought- but he barely noticed them. Shaking his head no each time they asked him a question. Lauren smirked a little then quickly wiped the expression from her face. A quick flash of heat flared in her belly as she watched him take a slow sip from the cup. She swallowed. Without realizing what she was doing, Lauren walked over to him.

He saw her coming and immediately stood up straighter. His grip tightened on the cup, she could see his knuckles turn white and was shocked the plastic didn't break or crack in his hand. She stopped in front of him, her courage leaving her stranded there. She licked her lips to give her a moment to think. Something she should have done before she got up from her fucking chair. Questions burned her throat. So many things she wanted to ask. So many things she wanted to say to him; scream at him. But only one word came out, "Why?"

"Why," he repeated, his eyebrow sliding up. "Why what?"

Suddenly she was frustrated and pissed off. The emotions loosened her tongue, "Why...everything. Why did you kiss her? Why did you buy this stupid charm? Why can't I stop thinking about you? And why do I give a fuck?" Her chest rose and fell with each breath she took, her heart was pounding. "You know I was better when you were just some hot guy that I didn't have a chance with. I was better before... I didn't want..." She shook her head. Stopping those words from coming out, for completely exposing herself to him emotionally; wishing she could take her other ones back. Her shoulders tightened. She knew that she was making them the center of attention. "Fuck," she cursed under her breath. Her vision turned cloudy and she curled her hands into fists, her manicured nails biting painfully into the skin. Her eyes locked on his and for the first time she saw that he was hurting as well. "I...you...we... Fuck!"

Turning around she started to walk away again when his hand reached out and grabbed her upper arm gently. He came up behind her, his front pressed into her back. Her breathing slowed down to match his. He whispered into her hair right above her ear, "Meet me tonight." Lauren was already shaking her head before he finished, but stopped when he said brokenly, "Please."

One fucking word. That's all it took to break the little bit of common sense that was telling her to run. To get the hell away. To protect herself. To be smart. One word from him and she turned into a girly girl that wanted- no needed- to hear what he had to say. Gone was the bad ass from a few months before that would have turned around, grabbed his nuts and broke them off. Gone was the girl that didn't need a man- especially Puckerman- in her life. Lauren wasn't sure she liked the person that she was now, but somehow she knew telling him no wasn't the way to get back to who she was. The only way was to hear him out. Once she did, she'd be able to wash her hands of this whole fucking thing. It'll be done. She'd have her answers and that's what she needed most right then. Lauren needed answers.

Turning around, she regarded him as coolly as possible, "Where? Where do you want to meet?"

A ghost of a smile curled his full lips, "Just get in the limo after Prom. It'll take you where you need to go."

"What the fuck are you planning, Puckerman," Lauren asked with a suspicious arch of her brow.

"You'll just have to wait and see, Zizes," Puck leaned in close to her and she instinctively leaned back, nearly losing her balance because of the damn fucking brace on her leg limiting her mobility. He caught her before she could fall, pulling her into him. The heat of his body burned hers. She inhaled deeply, taking in the spiciness of his cologne. Lauren nearly moaned at the memories that flooded her mind. The silence between them got thicker and thicker with each passing second. Her eyes dropped to his lips, barely a breath away from hers. It would be so easy to close the distance between them. So damn easy. He was the first one to move, backing away from her, giving her space to think. "You okay now?" She nodded, not trusting her voice yet. "I'll see you later." Pause. He looked uncomfortable, shifting his weight from foot to foot. "Promise me you'll be there, Lauren."

"I don't make promises I can't keep," she responded. He looked crestfallen at her words, but cheered up with the ones that followed, "But I promise that I'll meet you." Lauren made a move to turn then paused, "Don't make me regret this Puckerman or I will break your balls off."

"You won't regret it, babe," it's the first time he's called her that since that horrible afternoon. The endearment made her heart stop then pound in her chest. She nodded and started to make her way back to the table when he called out, "To answer one of your questions," Lauren turned her head to him and waited, "I got you that charm of ALF holding a clock because it was something we shared with each other. It's something no one else would understand." He closed the distance between them again. "It means something to you and me and I wanted you to remember that we were more than just a rumor magnet. We are even more than our bad ass reputations." He took her wrist in his hand, his fingers playing with the bracelet. "We're fucking awesome together."

She swallowed. His answer was everything she feared it would be... and more than she could ever hope for. Words stuck in her throat. She pulled her wrist from his light grasp and walked away. Her mind was racing, replaying his words, remembering the day that he saw her at her most innocent, the way he looked when he showed her his doll, the way he blushed a little when she called him cute and the tone of his voice when he promised to show her he was anything but cute. In the time line of their relationship that wasn't one that she would pick out as a major event, but maybe that's why it was. It was a small moment that was theirs and theirs alone. She touched the charm for the millionth time that night. She sighed. Lauren Marie Zizes, you are so fucked.


Everyone stayed where they were. Eyes locked on the bad ass couple on the other side of the room. Grins spread across faces. Luck was back. Money was being handed back and forth.

Candace smirked to her boyfriend, he was so going to pay up! He glared, then told his friends that he was pissed. Couldn't Luck have waited at least one more day to start their weird ass relationship back up?

Jacob stood in a corner hidden from view and videotaped the moment between Lauren and Puck. That dress really showed off her badonkadonk. Mr. Schue caught him sometime the next night in the AV room. It was just too disturbing to describe, but from what Emma gathered and Molly overheard, Jacob was going to be suspended for a while. Molly told Chris who told all the hockey players, everyone fought for a bathroom stall. That dude was seriously screwed up and nasty.


For a second he really believed he lost his chance. Then it all changed with her promise. She would be there. Not that she really had much of a choice the limo driver had already been informed of the stop, but it was the fact that she wouldn't feel trapped that was the important part. He watched her walk away. His body ached from the loss of her. Having Lauren so close, feeling her skin... it just reenforced his resolve to do what needed to be done.

Puck nodded to Finn across the room. His best friend whispered to Sam, who looked over at him. It was time. They had to get going if they hoped to have everything ready for when Lauren arrived. He licked his lips, trying to keep the punch he drank down. His stomach was rolling. It would have been so much better had the shit been spiked. At least then he would have had some liquid courage coursing through his veins. As it was all he had was hope. A hope that grew a little when Lauren walked up to him and started talking. A hope that nearly exploded when she agreed to meet him. If she could agree to that, there was a chance she could and would agree to take him back- or at the very least be open to the idea.

He rubbed his hands against his pants, waiting for Sam and Finn to walk over. They stopped in front of him and grinned. "We need to go," Puck said looking towards the table where Lauren, Quinn, Kurt and Blaine were sitting. "I think everything is there already. We just need to set up. And anything that's not there is in my truck."

"How are the others getting there?" Sam asked keeping his voice low.

"Quinn, Tina and Mercedes are going to ride with Lauren," Puck smirked. "To make sure she doesn't decide to not show up." He shook his head. "The rest are riding with Artie's dad."

"Are you sure you want to do this," Finn asked, "I mean it's kinda- well, not you."

Puck's eyebrows rose, "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"I think he means," Sam licked his huge lips, "it's kinda romantic and stuff, and that's not what people think of when they think of Noah Puckerman."

"I can be romantic," Puck growled. "But what happens tonight better not ever get out." He rolled his shoulders and curled his hands into fists. "I will kick all your asses if it does." He noticed them start to laugh. "Fuckers don't think I won't. I've been to juvie."

"Dude," Finn laughed as they started walking toward Puck's truck. "No one is going to say anything, but if you think you can keep this a secret, you're insane."

"Every move of your and Lauren's relationship has been watched," Sam continued. "Someone is going to find out, not from us," he added quickly when Puck sent a glare his way, "but from some other source. Face it, this could mess with your reputation a little. Are you prepared for that?"

Puck paused in opening his driver's side door. The keys in his hands clanged together as he thought about their words of warning. They weren't wrong. He knew that. He knew that someone was bound to find out what he was up to, hell someone probably already knew and it was going to become gossip by the end of the night. He could come out of his looking like the biggest smuck to ever walk the face of the earth, but he could also get back the only girl he has ever wanted badly enough to put some effort into a relationship. With that in mind, he opened the door, climbing in and unlocked the other side. His friends got in as well and he turned to them.

"Let the fuckers talk," he shrugged. "I don't give a shit."

"Alright," Sam grinned. "Let's get this party started." Puck pulled out of the parking lot and headed in the direction of school. Sam picked up the brown bag on the dash and started to look inside, Puck yanked it from his grasp. "What's in the bag?" The blonde's voice was bright like he was on the verge of laughing.

"None of your fucking business, Evans," Puck prayed it was too dark to see the blush he knew was creeping up his neck. Fuck his rep was going to be completely destroyed. He needed to think of a really bad thing to do after this was over to get back some of his bad assness. "It's something I needed."

"You needed cr-"

"Shut the fuck up right now, Evans, or I swear I will drop you off in the middle of the road." This time he did laugh. It was loud and filled the cab of the truck. Finn looked over, completely confused. "Just don't," Puck warned his best friend as he opened his mouth. "Just fucking don't." Finn shrugged and turned back to the front. He glared at Sam who was still laughing, although a bit more quietly now. "You're an ass."

Sam grinned at him, "Takes one to know one." Despite himself, Puck started to smile. Evans was an idiot. They pulled into the abandoned school parking lot and drove around the back toward the auditorium. Getting out they walked around to the back of the truck, opening the tailgate to get at the stuff inside. Each guy took as much as he could carry to the back door of the auditorium. "Artie said that the alarm should be off."

"Well," Puck pulled out his lock picking tools. "We're about to find out aren't we?" He paused, looking back at them. "If you want to back out the time is now." Neither made a move to leave and Puck took that as a sign that they were in it together. He turned toward the door, working the wires into the lock, angling them this way and that. He heard the satisfying click of the lock turning over. He bit back a grin and opened the door, pushing the stopper down to hold it out, waiting for the sound of a blaring alarm. Nothing but silence greeted him. He reached down and grabbed the stuff he dropped, rushing through the opening. They worked without talking. Each had long ago taken their jackets and shirts off. Sweat glistened on their faces and chests. Puck stood back after an hour past and swallowed. It was done. The back door opened again and Artie, Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Brittany and Mike walked through with Rachel and Jesse coming in after them. "Well?"

"Looks good dude," Artie said as he rolled to the center of the stage.

Finn looked down at his wrist. "The prom just ended. They'll be here any minute."

"Okay," Rachel said as she walked completely onto the stage. "That means places everyone. Oh and don't forget the lights. I want Lauren to see everything." Puck came close to asking when she decided to take over, but then stopped. It was Rachel. Of course she would take over, it was what she did. "Noah, why are you still here?"

He rolled his eyes but moved toward the exit anyway, grabbing a bag on the floor as he past it. His stomach jumped as he saw the limo's lights in the distance. It was time to get this show on the road. Puck looked in the bag in his hand and took a deep breath. He knew he was putting a lot on the line. He knew Sam and Finn were right, this would be all over school by the end of the night and if it failed he would look like a fucking idiot, but he also knew that if it worked then all those fuckers could kiss his fine Jewish ass. He pulled on his tux shirt, leaving the tie hanging around his neck and ducked into his hiding place. Now all he had to do was wait.


Five different cars followed the limo. The students of William McKinley would not be denied the freak show! They just had to be smart about it. Whoever invented the camera phone, God bless you.

Facebook was buzzing with excitement. Twitter was alive with activity. Hey Luck was trending! Fuck yeah!


Lauren tapped her hand against her leg as she watched the town of Lima go by her. It didn't take her long to realize where she was going. She tried to lean back and relax, very conscious of Quinn, Mercedes and Tina's eyes on her. Her stomach flipped when the limo pulled into the parking lot of the school. Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at the girls sitting next to her. None of them looked surprised by where they were going, in fact they looked amused. Lauren was tempted to glare at them until they told her exactly what the fuck was going on, but realized that wouldn't work. They were immune to her.

Figuring it would just be best to sit back and wait, she crossed her arms over her chest, watching the school get closer. The limo stopped and the girls piled out one by one. Lauren was the last thanks to her fucking brace. Climbing out of the vehicle was awkward to say the least; thank God she had decided to wear sneakers. High heels would have definitely been a huge mistake. By the time she was completely out, the rest of her friends had disappeared on her. Lauren frowned. What the fuck was going on?

Walking away from the car, she kept her eyes constantly moving, hoping for some sign of life. Nothing. A chill went through her body, but she refused to stop moving. If this was a giant prank she was going to shove her brace up some Glee asses! Passing a line of port-a-potties, she slowed her steps. The auditorium door was in her sight, the left one cracked open with light filtering through. A hand shot out and grabbed her upper arm, Lauren tensed. Her fight or flight instinct immediately going to the former. She wasn't going to be killed standing next to a toilet.

Her right hand curled into a fist and she punched blindly connecting with something or rather someone. "Fuck," Puck cursed, pulling her into the port-a-potty's door. "Damn Zizes. What the hell?"

"Don't grab me in the dark then moron," she responded. Her heart rate slowing down considerably. Her nose wrinkled a little. "Why are we standing in a toilet?"

"I wanted to talk to you," he said pressing close to her. The space was limited and they had to really get into each others personal bubble to talk...of course she could just back up. That option didn't seem to cross her mind though. He took a deep breath and handed her a corsage that she hadn't noticed him holding. The flower was gorgeous. Deep blue, wild looking. It wasn't the typical. Lauren sucked some air, holding it in her chest. She didn't reach out, she didn't grab the container, she just waited. "I got this for you."

"I'm not your date," she whispered the words before her brain could stop her. She mentally slapped the shit out of herself. What the hell was she thinking?

"You should have been," Puck opened the plastic box and pulled the corsage from it's home. He threw the box somewhere behind her, she thought at a trash can but couldn't be sure then took her hand, sliding the flower on her wrist. "There is a lot I should say to you." He shook his head. "Damn it, I'm not good with words. Everyone knows that I'm an idiot-"

"You're not an idiot," Lauren sighed. "I've told you that before. You're smarter than you think."

He smiled slightly, cupping her full cheek in his hand. It was warm against her skin, burning her softly. "I know I've been a fuck up-"

"Since we're standing in a toilet," she smirked as she looked around her, the smell starting to get stronger, "let's stick with the theme, you've been a shithead."

"Smart ass," he smirked back, he turned serious. "I'm sorry, Lauren."

"Do you think that magically makes everything better, Puckerman," she wanted the words to be sharp, harsh; but they came out broken. She closed her eyes, careful to keep as many emotions under control as possible. The anger that fueled so many of her fights failed her. She was tired of blaming him, of pushing herself away. Leaning against the opening she peeked at him through her lashes, "It doesn't make it better," she watched his shoulders start to fall, "but it wasn't just your fault."

"Lauren," he started, she shook her head. If she didn't get this out now, she probably never would. At least in a port-a-potty no one would hear her turn into a girly-girl wimp because who would fucking voluntarily stand next to one of these smelly things.

"I pushed you away," Lauren paused, measuring her words, weighing how much of herself she was willing to bare. "I know that I'm partially to blame for what happened between us. If I had..." she stopped. That was a road she wasn't willing to go down, not yet, "I'm not saying that I understand you screwing around with that girl, but..."

"She didn't mean anything," he interrupted. "I don't even know her name."

"That doesn't matter. You still kissed another girl." Her blue eyes turned sharp. "Why did you do it, Puckerman? Did you need to prove that you were still a womanizing asshole? Was being with me just too fucking real for you?"

"Yes," he exclaimed. Her mouth snapped shut. He exited the toilet, pulling her with him. "Being with you is fucking real. It wasn't supposed to be. We, fuck, we weren't supposed to work." He ran a hand over his head. "You really fucked with my head, Lauren Zizes."

That wasn't a romantic statement, or at least it shouldn't have been, but to her it was, because she heard the meaning underneath the words. Her heart pounded hard against her ribcage. Licking her lips, she took a leap, a small one, "Right back at you, Noah Puckerman."

He smiled. It was a real one. Not his usually one filled with sexual innuendo. It lit up his face, made him look younger, less hard. She swallowed roughly. "Come with me."

"Are we going to stand in a different shit box?"

Puck rolled his eyes and pulled her behind him. "Just come on." They walked through the back doors to the auditorium. The place was lit in soft light. The heavy red stage curtains were closed. Everything was still, but humming with energy at the same time. Puck led her to a seat in the front row, dead center. On the chair was a brown bag, crumpled at the top, dirty on the sides. He handed it to her. She arched her brow, peeking inside. A laugh bubbled up inside of her as she pulled out the box of Cadbury cream eggs. "They were easier to come by this time."

"You think you can bribe me with food," she asked even as she started peeling the foil from one.

"No," he grinned. "But I figured it couldn't hurt."

Lauren smirked, "See you do have a brain." She sat down in the chair that he stood her in front of and then looked up at him. "Well?"

"Well," he jumped up on the stage and turned to face her. "Are you ready to be wooed?" The laugh that slipped out was one of astonishment. "When we first started, it was because you saved me from that port-a-potty. I had no idea that you would ask for seven minutes in heaven, or that you would rock my world, but you did. Lauren you have shocked me at every turn. And now it's my turn to surprise you."

She arched her brow, fighting the grin that was desperate to spring forth on her lips. He slipped behind the curtain and she sat up. Lauren honestly had no fucking idea what he had in store for her, but he got her cream eggs so it couldn't be all bad right? Slowly the stage was revealed to her as the curtains slid aside. Her eyes started watering of their own accord. She blinked rapidly. Fuck, why was she turning into such a fucking girl? Puck stood off to the side where Sam and Santana were, a guitar slung over his shoulder. Sam was dressed in a pair of black suit pants and gray hoodie. It looked eerily familiar. Santana traded her red dress for a pair of jeans and a simple shirt, behind them was what looked like a make shift wall. She squinted her eyes and then rolled them- with "lockers" painted of the wood.

Puck opened his mouth starting to sing, she waited for the song to reference her ass in some way, but was genuinely pleased when she recognized the melody of an old Chicago song:

I guess I always thought you'd be here forever,

Another illusion I chose to create,

You don't know what ya got until it's gone,

And I found out a little too late;

Santana walked away from Sam behind Puck, leaving him completely alone in the "hallway". The cheesiness was epic and she no longer fought the grin from forming on her lips. It didn't hurt that Puck's voice was hauntingly perfect. It was like every emotion was laid expose to her.

The light over Sam and Santana fell dark and Puck moved a couple steps toward the middle of the stage. A new light shone from above and Jesse and Rachel were there. Once again Jesse was dressed in a hoodie. He leaned into Rachel; a shit eating grin perched on his lips while he watched Mercedes walk by, and Rachel had her arms crossed firmly over her chest. A scowl on her face.

I was acting as if you were lucky to have me,

Doing you a favor I hardly knew you were there,

But then you were gone and it was all wrong,

Had no idea how much I cared,

Sam joined him with his guitar and his voice. Finn added a slight drum beat from the other side of the stage, lit up by a single light.

Now being without you,

takes a lot of getting used to,

Should learn to live with it,

but I don't want to;

Being without you,

Is all a big mistake,

Instead of getting easier,

It's the hardest thing to take,

I'm addicted to you babe,

You're a hard habit to break.

Once again the lights went out and only Puck was shone. Then all at once Tina and Chuck were displayed as well as Blaine and Kurt. Tina still wore her Prom dress while Chuck was dressed to the nines in his Tux. Tina head rested on Chuck's chest as both couples slow danced. In the background, Mike watched Tina, a heartbroken expression on his face- Quinn and Brittany held his hands, while he hung his head.

You found someone else you had every reason,

You know I can't blame you for running to him,

Two people together but living alone,

I was spreading my love to thin,

After all these years,

I'm still trying to shake it,

Doing much better they say that it takes time,

Deep in the night it's an endless fight,

I can't get ya out of my mind,

The scene went dark again and this time Artie joined Finn and Sam with Puck. Lauren tried to stealthily wipe her eyes.

Now being without you,

takes a lot of getting used to,

Should learn to live with it,

but I don't want to;

Being without you,

Is all a big mistake,

Instead of getting easier,

It's the hardest thing to take,

I'm addicted to you babe,

You're a hard habit to break.

Then it was only Puck. He stopped strumming his guitar and sang to her alone. The curtains closed behind him, a single light on him. He stared at her.

You're a hard habit to break

I'm addicted to you.

He leapt down and knelt in front of her. His light hazel brown eyes met her blue ones. "I," he paused, took a deep breath. "I..."

Lauren bit back her fear, doing the bravest (and probably stupidest) thing she has ever done and said the words he couldn't. "Love you."

"Love you," Puck repeated, kissing her hard, leaving her breathless.

Cheering erupted behind them. Both bad asses turned to their friends and glared. Quinn slowly descended the steps and took a seat next to Lauren. Her eyes shined at both of them, a triumphant grin on her lips, "Finally! You two are so freaking stubborn." She picked at her dress and turned to Lauren. "So Puck has something to ask you." Her eyebrow arched. "Don't you?"

He nodded, "So we're missing a member to the Glee club," he arched his brow, "You want to join?"

Lauren rolled her lips together then she smirked, "We'll see. I may have some conditions."

"Which are," he prompted.

She shrugged, a million thoughts rushing through her head. There were some things that needed to be said in private. She got up from the chair with his help. "What do you say we get out of here and I'll let you in on my terms?"

Puck smirked, she watched his mind sail into the gutter, right where hers was, "See you suckers."

Together they walked from the auditorium and headed for his truck. Her heart felt light for the first time in days. She was back where she belonged- with him.

Puck helped her into the truck then climbed in on the driver's side. He reached across her to open the glove box, taking out a folded envelop then handed it to her. Lauren hesitated in taking the paper for a second before gently plucking it from her fingers. She peered inside, her eyebrows disappearing into her hairline as she pulled the photo and the letter out.

"That's Beth," he said softly. "Quinn gave me this photo a while ago. I miss her everyday."

"You didn't have to-"

"Yeah I did," he sighed. "You remember that day I brought you candy and flowers?" She nodded. "Well the day before I got that letter," he nodded to the paper in her hand. She slowly unfolded the note and skimmed through the contents. "The mother fucker hasn't been in my life since I was seven but he wants me to donate a kidney to him- or at least get tested to see if we're compatible." He turned toward the front, curling his fingers around the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white, feeling the rage build inside of him. "I hate him. I hate that my mother actually wants me to help him. I hate that even after all the shit he put me through, I still feel bad every time I think about him and wonder what the fuck I did to make him leave." He looked at her from the corner of his eye. "I'm always going to be a fuck up Lauren. I can ruin things. Can you handle that or are you rethinking everything?"

She licked her lips and looked down at the items in her hand, "Nathan would have liked you." She smiled, that was her highest compliment he knew, "Fuck up or not." Taking a deep breath, she turned him toward her and wrapped her hands around his head, pulling him toward her and kissing him senseless. The feel of her body was enough to cause his blood to sing, her tongue in his mouth made him want to rip that dress from her body and bury himself in her. Lauren pulled back and grinned, "I'm fucked up too. That's what makes us so fucking right together and what makes us so bad ass." She rubbed circles along his scalp. "We're never going to be the perfect easy couple, thank God," he chuckled. "But damn we are fun."

He pushed some strands of her hair from her face and smirked, "So what were those conditions?"

"Well, first I want you to win a fucking baseball game," she growled. "I'm not going to date a loser." He nodded, he could do that. "And second," Lauren's eyes turned deep blue, a sassy grin on her kiss bruised lips, "I want you to take me somewhere so I can show you what I bought online. I think you'll really enjoy it."

Puck jammed the key into the ignition and sped out of the parking lot. Fuck his girl was hot!

She moaned as he rolled her under him on his bed. His mother was at work. His sister was sleeping at a friend's house. Lauren grinned thinking of his reaction to her lingerie. It was so fucking worth the 200 bucks. She didn't realize his tongue could hang out that far. He lifted his head from her breasts and kissed her soundly on the lips, his hips rolling into hers, bringing her so much pleasure. When they pulled apart, she smirked, "You're finally doing it right Puckerman."

Puck smirked back at her, before showing her just how right he could be.


Quinn sat at the lake, leaning against Finn as they watched the moonlight dance on the water while the rest of the group were in their own worlds- some swimming, some kissing, some dancing to the soft music coming from their cars. Her phone chirped in her handbag. Sighing, and disappointed in having to leave her warm place at his side, she grabbed the thin device from her bag. It read new text message. With a quick flick of her wrist she opened the cell and read:

She's in.

A smile settled on her lips and she told the rest of the glee kids the news. Then another text came through, this one from Lauren.

Hey Barbie I'm back. Puck really earned it too. ;-)

It took a moment for her to catch on but once she did, Quinn laughed then let out a loud "Ew."

That got everyone's attention. Questions coming at her from all sides. Quinn just put her phone back up. She'd let the school make up some rumor about why she said that. Isn't that what they did best anyway?


The End