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Walking back into Alfred's hotel room, even in broad daylight, was a surreal experience. Despite what had occurred in this room the night before, it wasn't all that messed up. Sure, there were a few overturned pieces of furniture, and a few light bulbs were blown, but nothing that was too broken or damaged that it was irreparable.

Saved for the mirror, of course. It was completely and utterly ruined. It was going to take some fixing, that was for certain.

"Isn't there a spell you could use to, I don't know, turn it back to what it was?" Alfred asked him as he eyed off the mirror.

"A fixing spell?" Arthur queried back with an arched eyebrow. "Really, Alfred?"

...Ok, yes there was a 'fixing spell' that he could use to transform the mirror back to its original form by actually reverting the singular object back to a time to when it wasn't damaged.

He wasn't going to tell that to Alfred, though. If he was to learn of this little piece of magical information, it'll be all; "Iggy, I accidentally broke this" or "I accidentally broke that, fix it for me!"

The boy was already quite reckless and destructive as it was.

"Artie?" Alfred said in a rather slow drawl but with a rather blank look on his face. "There is a fixing spell, isn't there?"

Blast it all!

"Iggy!" Alfred whined loudly and dramatically. "What did I tell you about not keeping stuff like this from me?"

"And what did I say about magic only being used in life or death situations?" Arthur snappily retorted.

"But this is life or death! The hotel manager could kill me if he learns I broke a large mirror!"

"I highly doubt he'll kill you. He'll just make you pay for the damages."

"Iggy! Please!"

"Stop calling me that!"



"I could...make it worth your while."

"G-git! Don't say stuff like that!"


"F-fine! Only this once!"

"You're the best, Artie!"

"G-get of me, stupid git!"

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