Hello, dear readers! So I wanted to do something to thank you all for the wonderful support you've given me over the past few months since I first published 'Little Hollow' way back in May of 2010. You are some of the most amazing people ever for taking time to leave me encouraging reviews that inspire me to write more. Anyway, after giving it some thought I decided that I want to take requests from you. Here's the details:

Each request will be a short one-shot.

No slash.

No OC's.

I'll be trying to write the requests in the order that they come in so it's kind of "first come, first serve".

I'm busy with school and work and church and family so I can't promise that your request will be written right away. But I'm hoping to write at least one a week so just hang in there!

You can request something in detail or you can give me one word prompts or vague ideas or even a song to take on. Let's make it fun!

I think that's about all. I'm excited and I hope you are too! Review/request!

-Miss Fenway