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So I guess I'm not gonna be a Kames whore this time. But I am gonna be a Jamesangst whore, because honestly, there's not a time where I'm NOT a Jamesangst whore. Right?

Um anyway I was thinking James is walkin' along, all like, "herp derp," and well, he should be a dunce or something and see an alleyway and be like, "Shortcut to de Palm Woods!" So he goes down there, and then it's like, "BAM MUGGER GIVE ME YOUR MONEYS." and James is like, "I hav no moneys I'm just a poor boy nobody loves me" and then in the backgrounds it's like, "HE'S JUST A POOR BOY FROM A POOR FAMILY" and then the mugger's like, "DUDE I NO CARE GIVE ME YER MONEYS!" And James is like, "LET ME GO!" and the mugger goes, "BISMILAH! NO! I WILL NOT LET YOU GO!" And James goes, "Mama mia mama mia mama mia let me goooo" and lol no. Anyway. Just have him get mugged and beat up right.

So then he's not coming home and dem boys are like, "Oh noes James is not home" and Kendall's like, "Lettuce investigate" so they're all like, "herp derp," down the same street James was herp derping down and Logan's like, "Lol we shuld call hiym" and Carlos is like, "Derp herp derp that's a good idea!" And then they call him and wait for a second RIGHT BY THE ALLEY THAT JAMES IS LIKE, DRYING IN (LOL I MEAN DYING BUT IT LOOKS FUNNY LIKE THAT) AND THEN ALL THE SUDDEN THEY HEAR HIS RINGTONE. And you have to make it be like, "GO AND SHAKE IT UP WHAT YOU GOTTA LOSE" so everyone's like, "JAMES YOU CONCIETED LITTLE HO HAVING YOUR OWN SONG AS YOUR RINGTONE" (cause that'd be funny and also I have that ringtone) and then they're like, "JA+ME=Z!" And find him and he's like, "Simbaaaa...remember...who you are..." and they're like, "NO MUFASA DON'T GOOOO" no but he's like, "Sob help sob me sob sob sob" and Kendall's like, "Fish on a stick CALL AN AMBULANANANANANANANCEEEE" and so they do and then James goes to the hospital and they're like, "WHORE DON'T WORRY US." and he's like, "O srry I'll try not to get mugged nxt tyme" and they brohug. Yeah.

Lol. See? What a fun request. Anyway, I already said this but I DON'T OWN ANYTHING. Anyone want to help me fix that?

In hindsight, it really was a stupid idea. Absolutely nothing made sense. It had been late, nearly ten at night, and he was by himself. He was in Los Angeles, California. He should have known that any danger lurking in a dark alley would have been able to find him. But all James could think of at the very moment in time was that it was nearly ten at night and he was supposed to be home at ten. It was cold and the smell of rain lingered in the air. He just wanted to get to home and surely, the alleyway was a short cut to the Palm Woods. Muggings were something he heard about on TV. He never thought it might happen to him. But then again, hindsight is pretty useless. Thinking about it now wouldn't change anything.

"Come on, kid you have to have more money than this!" The voice came out of nowhere, hidden in the inky black darkness of the night. It's speaker was a shadowy figure, practically invisible which made it all the more terrifying.

Most of the things that scare us are things we can't even see. When James was little he had been scared of the dark because of this. As long as he could see that the shapes in his room at night were just his dresser and bookshelf and toy chest, he felt perfectly safe. But then his parents would turn the light off and everything would become uncertain all over again. Now, he felt sure that if a light somewhere would just turn on, it would reveal to him that his captor was a scrawny ten year old boy looking to make trouble. A knife pressed up against his neck, making him forget about light and everything else except the fact that he didn't want to die. "Please," He choked out. "That's all I have on me."

"Yeah right," The voice sneered. "Twelve dollars and fifty-six cents? Aren't you part of that boy band? What is it. . . Big Time Crush?"

"Rush," James corrected automatically. "Big Time Rush." Okay, maybe talking back to a guy who wanted more money than he had was probably a dumb idea too but James couldn't help himself. He wasn't the greatest person in tense situations. He didn't think and sometimes he said really idiotic things simply because he was panicking too much. He gulped when he felt the knife against his neck, digging into his skin, drawing blood. "Sorry?" He squeaked out.

"I don't care who you are. All I know is that you're famous enough to have more money than twelve dollars and fifty-six cents. I think you can afford more than a kid's meal."

James thought about telling him that he could probably buy three kid's meals but for once he kept his mouth shut. There had to be a way out of this predicament without getting too hurt. Maybe if he tried to reason with the guy. But how was he supposed to reason with some guy who was clearly not all there? "Um, I really don't have more money with me right now." No, that was actually a bad idea. What if he came back to the Palm Woods and hurt James' friends.

But James didn't have to worry about his friends because apparently all the guy was interested in money and if he couldn't get the money right away then apparently the next best thing was to beat James up. James cried out when the man's fist came out of nowhere and hit his face with such force that it sent his head snapping backwards into the concrete wall he was standing against. Already he felt warm blood running from his nose and soaking uncomfortably into his shirt.

"If all I'm going to get is twelve bucks tonight, then I may as well make it a little more entertaining." The man hissed in a whisper and laughed harshly. He drew his fist back again and put as much force as possible behind the next punch.

James felt something in his jaw crack painfully and the pain was so bad it made him dizzy. His legs buckled and he fell to the ground, reaching up quickly to cover his head with his hands. But he left his entire torso exposed and the stranger took advantage of that, kicking him mercilessly in his ribs. He winced but his jaw must have broken with the second punch because he was suddenly distracted by yet another horrible pain. "Please," He gasped out. "Stop." He could hardly breathe now. Everything hurt so much.

"Aw, is the poor baby scared?"

James nearly gagged at the stale breath that was inches from his face. He was shaking so hard, both from fear and from pain. "Are y-you going to k-kill me?" He stammered out, terrified to hear the answer. He didn't want to die. He didn't want to die at all. Not like this. Alone, without any of his best friends with him. James squeezed his eyes shut, ignoring the tears that rolled down his cheeks. Maybe he could imagine that they were there.

However, he soon forgot about everything, even his best friends, because all he could think of was the sharp, blinding pain that slammed into him. Letting out a choked gasp, James' hands dropped from around his head to grab desperately at his side where the source of the pain was. His hands were almost instantly covered in a wet, warm, and sticky substance. Blood. He was bleeding. A lot. Why was he- James' fingers slipped on the blood that was already coating his stomach and hit the edge of a knife that was now laying beside him on the cold ground. He had been stabbed.

"I'll let you decide for yourself."

James heard the man laugh once more and then his footsteps faded away in the night. He shivered as a sudden chill came over him. Rain pelted down on him but he didn't really feel it. He was too scared. He had just been stabbed. He was alone and probably bleeding to death. His thinking was already beginning to get fuzzy and his vision was clouding at the edges. What was he supposed to do?

His cell phone. It was in his pocket wasn't it? Did he even have it with him? James soon realized that it didn't matter because there was no way he would be able to get it and call for help. Tears filled his eyes and slid down his pale cheeks, mixing with the cold rain water. He was dying. He kept his hands pressed closely to his side where he had been stabbed, trying to stop the bleeding. That was as far as his medical knowledge went. He wished Logan was with him. Logan would know what to do. He wanted to be a doctor.

James suddenly wanted nothing more than for his friends to be with him. He wished he hadn't been so stupid to be walking the streets of LA at night all by himself. Everything hurt, especially his side. He didn't want to die. He was only sixteen. He had his whole life ahead of him, with his best friends. What was going to happen now?

It was getting harder and harder to think. James felt positive that every second that passed by would be his last. He was so cold and for some reason he knew it had nothing to do with the night air or the rain. He was losing way too much blood. He was so tired to. He knew that he should stay away but it was taking too much effort. He blinked heavily and took a shuddering breath, wincing as pain flooded through his entire body.

Then he thought he heard something. It was a familiar sound. A song. His song. No, he corrected himself, it was their song. He couldn't remember what it was called exactly but it was their song. Big Time Rush's song. He panicked at first, thinking that he had to be hallucinating. But didn't he have that song as his ringtone? He couldn't really remember. James was hovering on the edge on unconsciousness. The last thing he heard before he fell was his name being called by three different people.

"It's 10:30." Kendall said, trying to decide between worrying about James or just being annoyed by him. "He should have been home half an hour ago." He checked his cell phone and scrolled through the list of missed calls, disappointed when none of them had occurred in the last few hours. He stopped his pacing and turned around to face his friends. "Where is he?" He demanded.

"Kendall, if I knew where James was I would have told you long ago." Logan snapped back. He wasn't angry with Kendall. But his worry for James was making it hard for him to think before he spoke. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Sorry," He apologized even though Kendall wasn't paying any attention to him.

Carlos watched the short exchange between his friends, his eyes darting back and forth nervously. "Kendall," He ventured in a small, quiet voice. "What should we do?"

Kendall was already on his way to the door, grabbing his jacket as he went. "We're going to look for him." He said over his shoulder. A hint of a smile ghosted across his face when he heard Carlos and Logan close behind him. It didn't matter that they had no idea where to look. They just had to find their friend.

"If he's okay can I hurt him?" Logan muttered as they stepped out into the rain. He regretted his words the instant he spoke them. What if James wasn't okay?

But Kendall laughed, even though it was most likely out of nerves. "I'd like to see you try, Logie."

They fell silent then, trudging aimlessly through the wet streets, oblivious to any potential danger that awaited them in the shadows. Their only thoughts were of James and how all they wanted was for him to be okay. They hadn't gone far when Logan stopped so suddenly that Carlos, who was walking behind him, walked straight into him. "Kendall!" He called out to stop his friend. They were such complete idiots. "Why don't we call him?"

Carlos snapped his fingers. "That's it!" He practically shouted. "Why didn't we think of it before?" He yanked his cell phone from his pocket only to have it fall from his grasp and hit the pavement hard, breaking into two pieces. "Shoot," He mumbled.

"It's okay, Carlos." Kendall said quickly. "I'll call him." He hurriedly dialed James' number, his hands shaking slightly from fear and cold. He held a finger to his lips and pressed the phone close to his ear. They all jumped when the muffled sound of 'Any Kind of Guy' reached their ears. "Guys," Kendall said, his heart thudding painfully. "That's James' phone.

Logan and Carlos were already walking away from Kendall, searching for the source of the music. They wanted to laugh and make fun of James for having one of their own songs set as his ringtone but they were all too worried. Their fears were confirmed when Carlos peered down an alley and shouted. "James!"

The three of them converged on James at the same time, their eyes widening as they took in the state their friend was in. His face was bloodied and bruised but that wasn't the worst part. He was laying in a growing puddle of his own blood that was seeping out of his side. His eyes were open but dazed and unfocused as if he was on the verge of passing out and his breathing was harsh and irregular.

"James!" Kendall dropped to his knees besides his friend. "James, can you hear me?"

"Call 911." Logan ordered Carlos, shoving his cell phone at him. He joined Kendall and immediately tore off his jacket, folding it inside-out so that the dry side could be pressed against James' side. "Sorry, buddy." He whispered when his gentle but firm touch made James shudder in pain. His eyes scanned James' body, quickly assessing his immediate needs.

"James, who did this to you?" Kendall asked, his voice shaking badly.

James' eyes fluttered shut and then shot back open. "Um, I dunno." He slurred. "K-Kendall, it h-hurts. Help m-me."

"Okay, okay." Kendall soothed, catching Logan's glare that told him to stay calm for James' sake. He found the other boy's hand and gave it a squeeze. "It's okay, James. You'll be fine. Help is coming. Just hang in there okay? Stay with us, James."

"I'm s-scared." James admitted. "I d-don't wanna die."

"You're not going to die." Logan said firmly, even though he felt none of the confidence that he put into his voice. He didn't dare lift his jacket from James' side but he wasn't sure if the bleeding had stopped yet. "Carlos?"

"I called them." Carlos replied, sinking down on the ground on James' other side. A sob shook him and he bit his lip, trying to stay calm. He took James' other hand and held it tightly. "Don't worry, James." He said tearfully. "I called for an ambulance and they'll be here soon okay?"

Kendall could see tears on James' face and he sought to comfort his best friend. "You're going to be okay, Jame. I promise. You just have to hold on a little while longer okay? You can do it. You're strong, James." His free hand brushed James' wet bangs out of his eyes and he continued to stroke his hair, remembering how the gesture from his mother always used to calm him down when he was little. "You have to be okay."

"Yeah, James." Carlos chimed in. "Tomorrow's Fish Stick Friday."

Despite the incredible amount of pain he was in, James laughed a little. "M'kay." He murmured.

The wail of sirens interrupted Logan's thoughts on what else he could possibly do to help James and he sighed in relief, his entire body going limp. "Hear that, James?" He asked, feeling hope for the first time since they had found James. He lifted his head and squinted through the rain. He was just able to make out the glaring lights of an ambulance cutting through the dark towards them.

"James, don't go to sleep!" Kendall cried out in alarm when James' eyes closed and remained that way. "Wake up, James! You have to stay awake!" Dimly he heard Carlos start to sob even louder and then he felt strong arms around him, pulling him away from James. "No!" He cried out, panicking. "James!"

"Come on, you boys can ride with us." A man told Logan as he touched Logan on the shoulder. "Don't move from where you are. Keep your jacket there." He watched as Logan gave a firm nod and then he gestured to his fellow EMTs. They carefully loaded James onto a stretcher, being careful not to disturb Logan's place at his side and then they loaded the unconscious teen into the back of the waiting ambulance.

There was nothing they could do but wait now. Kendall was pacing, Carlos was sitting with his knees drawn up to his chest, shaking and crying silently, while Logan sat perfectly still, holding his bloodied jacket in his hands, staring at nothing.

"I didn't know what else to do."

Kendall stopped and turned around at the sound of Logan's voice. "What do you mean, Logan?" He asked in confusion.

Logan snapped out of his trance and shook his head. "Nothing." He whispered. "Forget I said anything."

"Logan-" Kendall started and stopped when he saw a doctor walking towards them.

"Are you boys waiting for James Diamond?"

"Yes!" Carlos and Kendall said at the same time while Logan merely nodded.

The doctor smiled gently and watched as all three boys let out sighs of relief. "James will be fine." He said quietly. "He has a decent sized concussion, a badly bruised jaw, two cracked ribs, and he lost a lot of blood. But he's also a fighter. Naturally, we'll have to keep him here for a few days but he'll be fine."

"Can we see him?" Carlos asked, standing unsteadily and letting Kendall hold onto him.

"Yes, of course. But first, I need the phone number for one of your parents. We need to let an adult know what's going on."

"They're all going to kill us," Kendall said, shaking his head. He had completely forgotten about calling his mother to let her know where they were. But then again, it didn't really matter. James was alive and he would be fine. He rattled out his mother's number and then waited impatiently. "Well?"

"Come with me." They followed the doctor down the halls and came to a stop outside a room. "He's right in there. He might be sleeping and if he's not then he should be so try to to get him too excited. He needs to rest. I'm going to call your mother now."

"Thanks," Kendall called after him before turning around and jerking the door open. "James?"

James was awake, looking pale and tired but very much alive. He smiled when he saw his friends. "Hey, guys." He said wincing as he spoke.

"You're alive!" Carlos exclaimed joyfully, rushing over to the bed. He stopped and frowned. "Man, I wish I could hug you right now."

Slowly, James lifted his arms up. "Gently though." He instructed with another wince. "Everything hurts right now."

"James," Kendall sighed, embracing his friend as soon as Carlos moved away. "You scared us all so much, man. What. . . what were you thinking walking in that section of the city alone at night?" He couldn't stop himself from asking the question even though they had been told to keep James quiet.

"Sorry," James looked truly sorry. "I was just. . . tired and ready to get home but it was really stupid of me."

"You could have died." Logan whispered, sinking down into a chair. "I didn't know what to do, James. I knew I had to stop the bleeding but I didn't know what else to do and you passed out and almost died anyway."

"Logie," James said, looking alarmed. "You did everything you could have done. You all did. You all saved my life. I would have died without you there." When Logan didn't look at him, James grabbed his friend's wrist. "Logan, do not blame yourself for what happened. It was my fault for being so stupid okay? If it wasn't for you and Kendall and Carlos, I'd be dead right now. You saved my life." He wondered how many times he would have to repeat those words before Logan believed him but he didn't have to wait too long.

Logan nodded and smiled before hugging James as gently as possible. "Don't scare us like that again." He pleaded. "We might not always be there."

"Yes you will." James told him. "We promised that we would always be there for each other."

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