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Warning : Rated M. This story has two parts and will contain a lemon so if you don't like it don't read it!

Summary : Sakura is desperate so she goes to a bookstore to buy an Icha Icha book, but of course nothing goes as planned. Kaka/Saku Story in two parts. LEMON

This is my first Naruto story! Be aware of the fact that I speak French so I apologize for any mistakes you could find! I hope you will like it anyway :)

Sakura was returning home after a long and exhausting day at the hospital. She had performed two surgeries and it was a little too much for her. All she could think about was how good she would feel once she would be in bed. She finally arrived home and after taking off her shoes, she went directly in her room.

"Hey baby you're finally back!" Oh… She had completely forgotten that the mission of her boyfriend Takeo was supposed to end today, and of course he would seek her company after being apart for three weeks.

"Hi Takeo. How was your mission?" She asked politely. It's not like she didn't love her boyfriend or didn't like to see him back and safe, but she had a good clue about why he was on her bed waiting for her, and she didn't have the strength for this kind of activity tonight.

"It was pretty boring, but let's talk about this later. I haven't seen you in so long. I've missed you Sakura." He took her wrist and dragged her with him on the bed. He started to kiss her neck as he went on top of her. He then kissed her hungrily, clearly showing how much he had missed her. Sakura was trying to respond to his kisses, but she was lacking of passion. She gently pushed him away and he tried to kiss her again, but she didn't comply.

"What's wrong baby?" He asked confused.

"I'm really sorry Takeo, but I had a long day and I'm really tired. I'm glad to see you're back, but I would prefer to get some sleep." She tried to explain.

"I had a long day too honey, the mission might be boring, but it was tiring nonetheless. It will make us both feel good. You'll see, I will definitely wake you up." He smirked. She tried to argue, but it was pointless. He silenced her with another kiss and she let him do whatever he wanted to. It would be even more tiring to fight with him so instead she decided to get along with his idea and try to enjoy it.

And for trying she definitely was trying, but… Nothing. Haruno Sakura had no clue what the hell the thing called pleasure was. It wasn't Takeo's fault, really. Even with her ex boyfriends it was the same.

Sakura enjoyed kissing the one she loves or cuddled in his arms. She felt safe and loved, but… there was no fire, no harsh breathing, no need to have more, nothing. She had sex a lot of times with different boyfriends that she had, but what she was feeling was clearly not what she was supposed to.

It felt good in her heart to be close to the person she loved, but that was it. Her body didn't feel anything at all. She had talked about it with Ino and her friend told her it was because her boyfriends didn't know how to handle a woman properly, but Sakura knew better. It was impossible that the five of them were that bad.

So she came to the conclusion that she was asexual. It was the only logical reason. Sex just wasn't for her. Of course, she was kind enough to fake during the sexual intercourses with her boyfriends. They didn't have to feel bad about her problem.

As much as Sakura was trying to convince herself that she was okay with it, she wasn't entirely. When her friends were talking about their sexual life, it seemed so damn amazing. She wanted to feel this primal need, this fire that every girl was talking about. She wanted to know why they were saying it felt so good that you thought you would die from it.

At first, she thought that Ino was exaggerating, but even the shy little Hinata shared the same opinions! It was frustrating Sakura to say the least. She wanted so bad to enjoy sex, even just a little. She was so tired of trying, so tired to have to fake all the time.

"Ahhh Sakura!" It was finally over. She could go to sleep and forget that like always, she felt empty.

Sakura was in her office at the hospital. She was trying to finish a report that she had to give to Tsunade in a couple of hours, but she couldn't concentrate. Last night had been the last straw. She couldn't do this anymore. She had to find a way to change her situation.

Of course, she had thought about a couple of things that she could do. She first thought about masturbation. Just the thought of it made her blush. She had tried a few times, but had felt nothing. Maybe she didn't have the right technique? Then she thought about porn movies, but she had seen a few scenes from some of them when she caught Naruto watching one and she definitely knew it wasn't for her. It was so disgusting.

Then she thought about romance novels. A lot of them contained a scene about the main couple making love. It was romantic and beautiful, not a turn on. So of course, she had to think about Icha Icha, the favorite books of her ex-sensei. She knew, just like everyone, what kind of stuff was written in it. She had been exposed to it during a big part of her life, but had never actually read one.

Kakashi wasn't the only one reading Icha Icha. A lot of people did, but maybe not in public like him. Maybe she should... try? After all, she loved to read and Ino had told her that those books were what educated her and since her friend had an amazing sex life, it was worth a try. It's not like she had anything to lose anyway...

So it was with that in mind that Sakura went straight to a bookstore after work. It was Friday evening so except for the employee, it was almost empty. She entered and started to look around for the adult section where she was sure to find what she was looking for. She easily spotted the desired section which was behind a swing door, but when she was about to go there to find Icha Icha, she suddenly freaked out.

"What am I doing? I'm Haruno Sakura! The Hokage apprentice! No one can see me buy this kind of things!" She went in an empty section and performed a simple transformation jutsu so that she looked nothing like herself. Her face looked totally different with her brown eyes and black hair. Satisfied with her new look, she finally went to find the Icha Icha books. As soon as she arrived, she easily spotted them all and her eyes widened. There were so many of them! How was she supposed to choose the right one? Hell, how are you supposed to choose a porn book? Did she have to read the first one to understand the second? She snorted when she realized it was a stupid thought. It was PORN for god's sake so the plot didn't matter at all.

She started to read the back cover of a couple of them and rolled her eyes at how corny and ridiculous the summaries were. After reading half of them, she let out a discourage sigh. She really didn't know which one to choose! She finally opened one of them and looked at the pictures. It was so... graphic! "I didn't know it was possible to do that..." She couldn't help but think when she saw the position the couple of the book was in. She was so engrossed in the book that she never noticed the presence of another human being in the adult section until she stepped back and bumped into something, someone. She let out a squeak and dropped the book on the floor.

"I...I'm so-sorry!" She stuttered and finally looked at the person. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open when she saw the all too known Hatake Kakashi. He looked at her with his famous eye creased and gave her the book she had dropped on the floor. She finally got out of her trance and thanked him. He then continued to look at the books like nothing had happened. She thanked god that he didn't recognize her because of the henge and tried to act as if everything was normal. She picked another Icha to look at his content, and then another and another, but none of them looked like something she would like. This thought made her laugh inside since she didn't know what she really was looking for anyway.

"If you don't know which one to choose, you should try Icha Icha Vacation. It's not the most recent, but it's one of my favorite." While saying this, he gave her the said book and looked at her. "Hmm thanks..." She replied quietly. She didn't know how to respond to this. Her ex-sensei was giving her advices about books, porn books without knowing it was actually her he was talking to. He noticed her discomfort and apologized.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable, you just seemed lost and I wanted to help. I don't even know you or what you're looking for for that matter."

"That's the problem..." She said without looking at him.

"What do you mean?"

"It's just that..." Oh my god, was she really about to tell Kakashi about her sex problems? Of course he had no clue it was her, but still... The idea didn't thrill her at all.

"It's just that...?" He probed gently. She sighed. Why the hell not? Kakashi was the sex master and he didn't know it was her so why not tell him the whole story? It wouldn't hurt anyone.

"It's just that... I don't know what I'm looking for either. It's... It's the last thing that I can try to maybe... help my problems but I don't know. It's probably just a silly idea that I came up with. A book can't change the entire disaster called my sex life." He listened carefully without interrupting her. She blushed under his intense stare.

"So basically, real sex sucks for you and you think that porn books will help you?"

"Well yeah... Something like that..."

"What's so bad about your sex life? Haven't found a real man capable to pleasure you yet?" As he told her that, he started to come near her until she was trapped between him and the wall. Damn... His voice! She had never heard Kakashi use this tone before! It was so... male. It was ringing something deep inside her that she couldn't describe.

"I... No... I mean... It's impossible that every single one of my boyfriends were bad at it right? I'm definitely the problem..."

"So you never had an orgasm?" Why did he have to say everything with this sexy voice? Why had she problems breathing properly? Why was he looking at her like that? She was starting to sweat and was it her imagination or his face was getting closer?

"I... No... Never. I don't even have pleasure at all..."

"Never? Those boyfriends of yours definitely don't know how to handle a woman like you. A couple of minutes with me would be enough to bring you to orgasm. I only need two fingers and I could make you come right here, right now." He caressed her face and started to give small kisses on her neck with his mask still on. Sakura was on fire. She couldn't think, couldn't breath. His words and now his moves were too much for her. She didn't know what to do. She had never felt like this in her entire life. One of his hands started to roam over her body until he finally reached what he was looking for and then proceeded to rub her crotch over her shorts. As soon as he did, she couldn't stop herself : she moaned. It felt so good! She wanted him to never stop touching her.

Kakashi let out a small chuckle. He was barely touching her and she was moaning like he was fucking her. She must have told the truth about her poor sex life since so little was affecting her so much. Her shorts were already totally soaked. He pushed her harder against the wall and kissed her hard on the lips to shut her up before finally letting his hands go inside her shorts to touch her without anything between them.

As soon as he did, her knees were about to give up, but his body and his arm kept her in place. She was moaning so loudly that if he wasn't kissing her, she would have alerted every single person in the bookstore. He put two of his fingers inside her and let his thumb play with her jewel.

This was what the girls were talking about. The fire, the lust, the raging need to be touched, she was experiencing it all! Without being conscious of it, she was moving in synch with his fingers, the friction driving her insane. Never in her life had she felt like this, not with her boyfriends, not when she was touching herself, never. Life was good, life was very good right now. She didn't remember it was her ex-sensei. Hell, she had problems remembering her own name. She just wanted him to continue his ministration until she felt satisfied and she didn't know if it was possible because it was so intense that she didn't think it could become more than this.

Kakashi never expected to get so carried away. His own erection was begging to be inside this girl whom he didn't even know her name. She was just so responsive to the smallest of his touches. He wanted to give her her first orgasm and then to take her and showed her how much she had missed because of her poor choices in men. This girl had no sexual problems at all! She just needed to be touched properly by a real man and Kakashi decided it would be him. Granted, it had been a while since he hadn't had sex so it was probably why he had felt the need to touch the girl in the first place, but damn she was so sexy and now her moans were making him get harder and harder.

Sakura was in heaven, the feelings were overwhelming her and she could do nothing except to put her arms around his neck as he continued his assault. She was about to have her first orgasm. She knew it, she was feeling it, it was so near! She started to whimper because she couldn't quite reach completion. Kakashi felt her walls tightened almost painfully on his fingers and noticed she seemed to have some problems letting herself go so he encouraged her.

He massaged one of her breast and increased his speed. "Come for me. Let yourself go and come for me." As soon as he said those words, she obeyed. He swallowed her yell in his masked mouth as she came hard on his fingers. He retired them and she let her forehead fall on his shoulder, breathing heavily. Kakashi then noticed two things. First, this had been fucking sexy, second, the girl didn't have black hair anymore, they were pink. He blinked twice to make sure he wasn't dreaming, but quickly realized he wasn't. He lifted the girl's head because he had to make sure...

"Sa-Sakura?" A pair of emerald eyes looked back at him with a look of pure horror.

This concludes the first part of my first Naruto story! I appreciate constructive criticisms! Part two will be up soon. Thanks for reading! :)