title: you'll always smell like roses
author: ohwhatsherface
prompt: #8 performance
word count: 429
summary: with how good she is at acting, he really should've been expecting something like this.
note: prompts taken from 20_1sttimes.
disclaimer: i do not own bleach

Ichigo knew better than anyone that Rukia Kuchiki was full of crap.

She lied. Then she lied some more. And some more. And then some more. It was a vicious cycle and he wondered when her excuses would catch up to her. Or when people would stop falling for her fake tears and simpering voice. As annoying as that behaviour was though, he had to admit she was one hell of an actresses. Still, he hadn't expected this.

"You got the lead?" he repeated once again, just as incredulously as before.

Rukia threw the script at him in frustration. "What's so hard to believe about that?"

Ichigo snorted. "Um, that you got the lead?"

Scowling, she crossed her arms and raised her chin proudly. "Yes, I got the lead." Then she smirked. "They said I was a natural. They were really surprised when I admitted I hadn't had any prior experience and that this was my first time acting."

He raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about? Your entire life here is an act in itself—" He was cut off when she threw her math textbook at him. Rubbing his face, he happily noted the lack of books around her. Good. "Aren't you forgetting your shinigami duties?"

Rukia shrugged. "If I want to successfully play the role of a student, I need to participate in some extracurricular activities, fool."

Ichigo didn't buy the convenient excuse but took it nonetheless. "Well what play is it?"

"Romeo and Juliet," she replied.

"Oh. Hm. So, uh, who's Romeo?" he asked, barely concealing his distaste at the idea of Rukia pretending to be in love with some guy, even if it was on stage. That'd be weird. That's all. He didn't care.

She shrugged. "Auditions for Romeo are tomorrow." Rukia looked rather annoyed as she contemplated her role. "Apparently my character dies though. Stupidly, too. Over a guy she knew for so little time."

Ichigo didn't mention how she knew him for barely an hour before saving him from a Hollow.

Both seemed to recall that moment, however. Rukia cleared her throat loudly and moved towards the door. "I'll go help Yuzu with dinner," she announced.

"Oh, thanks for warning me. I'll go eat out then."

Rukia threw her history book at him this time (he had no clue where that one came from) before stomping out of his room. Ichigo picked up the discarded copy of Romeo and Juliet and lay down on the bed. He opened up to the first act and sighed. He had a lot to memorize.