notes and misc.

* seasons 1 - 4 of The Tudors plus a smattering of Merlin (3x10)
* a line from the Bible: "This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you."
* a Rihanna playlist
* one slice of Oreo cheesecake

recipe: season brain with scenes of vicious fighting between the nobles from The Tudors and Uther refusing to allow the relationship between Arthur (heir to the throne) and Gwen (commoner) from Merlin. let marinate for a month or so. write 3/4 of the story in an epic four-hour fit. realize that story can't work the way you wrote it and quit in a fury. let sit for two weeks. tell self to get on it. let sit for two more weeks. read line from Bible and finally come up with execution of theme. sit down and go balls to the wall: put on Rihanna playlist; rip out the belly of the story, re-write three times and finish - all within six hours. polish over a week. celebrate by eating cheesecake; chase it down with bloat and a string of swear words since you are lactose-intolerant, but know it was totally worth it.

never let it be said that I don't suffer for you, fandom.

1b. I'm sure someone will come along and poke more holes into my theory than the total number of grammatical mistakes in HIBY, and then I will have to stick my head into the oven a la Sylvia Plath to regain my honooooor. however, my oven is electric and all I will succeed in doing is baking my face a color that would make the cast of Jersey Shore proud. :|

1c. I really won't stick my head into the oven. I am far too lazy to go through all that effort.

1d. an actual note related to the story: though stuff Azula sets on fire burns the normal orange/red (e.g. the doll Iroh sent her when he was attacking Ba Sing Se), I imagined blood would have more of an intense reaction. also, the scene toward the end of the series where she's sitting up on the dais surrounded by blue flames was too awesome to ignore.

1e. the Biblical quote at the beginning (I must sound like some sort of crazy fundamentalist, I swear I'm not - but I digress) is, for those of you who do not know, about David - the shepard boy who slew Goliath, and Jonathan, the king's son. the king does not particularly approve of David, fearing that the shepard would usurp his throne; much of David's early life is spent fleeing the king's persecution. Jonathan cares deeply for David and tries to reason with his father, and gets a spear chucked at him for his troubles. there have been various interpretations of the D & J relationship, from strictly platonic friendship to an outright homosexual liaison. I just found the parallels (esp in the quoted paragraph) between David & Jonathan / story!Ty Lee & Azula interesting. argh I cannot write a Bible-derived story about Tyzula, I cannot, I have already filled my blasphemy quota for 2011 and it is only February

1f. related to the above note, at one time Jonathan actually tells David to flee the city because his father plans to kill David at a dinner the shepard is required to attend. though I couldn't figure out a way to work it into the story, I thought of a scene that reveals that Ty Lee never ran away to the circus of her own accord - in fact, Azula made her leave because Ozai's suspicions (about Ty Lee's birth and about their relationship) were growing by the day.

damn it, this Biblical Tyzula is already writing itself.

1g. okay I'm actually done now