Chappie 1

Alright here is my second story. I've been thinking about how to write it for…EVER! It's been killing me so I started writing it in the middle of my anatomy class today. Its going to be delicious with angst, drama, sadness, humor, smutt, fluff and plot twists because I am evil and the BEST author you know when it comes to this shit…. =w= okies, maybe not THE best, but one of them xDDD

This story is dedicated to my bestie .Love.

I hope you enjoy! ON WIFF THE CHSAPPIE!

Golden orbs look to the mirror and his reflection stares back. His pouty lips are swollen & bruised and his cheek is cut just a little. He didn't like this. Didn't want to do this ,but, he had no say in the matter. His face held a slight grimace as he slipped off his black sweater, his slightly tanned skin bruised in various places. With a small whimper his pants and boxers were the next to go before he turned the shower, the luke warm water hitting his skin gently.

His eyes gazed at the water swirling around the bottom of the tub before vanishing into the darkness of the drain. He hated how the water didn't fight back against the drains power, hated how the water was really weak. Though in the back of his mind he knew he was in fact mad at himself. With a sigh he grabs the sweet smelling shampoo and lathered it into his golden locks.

After his shower he slipped on a pair of red boxers and a black tank that fell loosely around his lithe body before curling up on the couch with a blanket. As he lay on the couch he tried to push the events from earlier out of his mind. He was ashamed and didn't want to remember but he couldn't stop. So he lay there and remembered while whimpering at the mere thought of doing it.

He moaned softly as the man's mouth sucked on the tender skin behind his ear, his small hands gripping at the man's shoulders. Soft grunts and growls left the man that attacked his slender neck when the boy's nails left crevasses in his bare shoulders. He mewled when the older man kissed him hard, biting and sucking on his pouty lips. Violet clashed with golden orbs, one full of lust while the other was full of regret.

The sound of an alarm clock wracked him from his sleep. When did he fall asleep last night? How long was he asleep? He sighed and pushed himself off the couch before stumbling to his bedroom to get some clothes; a black tank with a pair of black cargo pants and then a red coat on top of that. After putting on his boots he walked out of his apartment and to a local café before heading to The Ametris Military Agency Base.

After setting his coffee on his desk he sat down and looked into a file just so Hughes wouldn't throw a hissy fit and say something about the world coming to an end and how lazy he was for sitting there daydreaming all day. With a sigh he closed his eyes before opening them again, his golden orbs peering to the words written on the piece of paper in the file. As he kept focusing on the words he saw them vanish, the world around him began to spin and he was sitting there alone.

"Ed. Ed? ED!" a slightly deep voice called, causing the boy to snap out of his bizarre thoughts. "Yes, Sir?" he asked softly, his golden orbs looking to the taller man. The man sighed softly and gently smiled before handing Ed the papers. "Here, Hughes wanted you to review these before going out on that mission tomarrow." The man said softly. Ed looked up at him, a smile gracing his features. "Thanks Roy." He mumbled taking the papers and setting them on his desk.

As Roy left or his own office Ed slumped into his chair and started to read the papers that were given to him.

Name: Berry, Butcher

Sex: Male/ dresses as female

Age: 40

Height: 5'7

Weight: 125 pounds

Characteristics: Dark brown hair, grey eyes, dresses as a female, very thin, he makes meat deliveries. He is known for killing and chopping people into bits. He is not outwardly aggressive, but could be dangerous. At large.

Ed sighed deeply, his small hands going to rub his temples before sipping his coffee. He felt rather alone and a little afraid of going to do his "deed." Within a few hours Roy was back with some sandwiches and a few sodas and they ate lunch, discussing the mission for the next day. After lunch, work seemed to drag on and on and Ed seemed to get more anxious about having to leave work.

With a sigh he looked to the clock, dread and fear in his golden orbs. He didn't want to go to that…things house and….he couldn't even think about it. He gulped and looked around, noticing how most people were already packing up to go home. He looked down to his clammy hands and bit his lip before grabbing his coat and walking out the door.

When he got outside the wind was blowing harshly and the sky looked as though rain was going to pour at any moment. Ed knew he was going to have to face this "deed" sooner or later this evening, and he'd rather get it over with even if he didn't want to at all. With a deep sigh and a heavy heart he walked the streets till he came upon an abandoned looking apartment complex. Slowly he walked down the concrete road to the D buildings and then up the stairs to room 3002. As he reached for the key that was hidden in the flower pot he felt a shiver run down his spine.

MAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Bitches I gave you a cliff hanger? Who will he be seeing? Will there be smutt in the next chappie? You bet your ass