Scars Chappie 8

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Ed stood there, staring into the darkness. The darkness stared back, his golden eyes clashing with those of his reflection; lips in a sneer of repulsion as he tried to get the images of last night out of his head. Why did he think Roy was Envy? Why did that damned homunculi have to be EVERYWHERE? As he kept staring at himself through the reflection he began to shake, the eyes in the mirror flashing from gold to purple over and over so fast it was like a blur. Ed couldn't stop staring into the changing eyes of his reflection, his lips lowering from the sneer into a deep frown, his eyes growing distant and dark.

He was shaking harder now, his hands gripping the sides of the sink tightly until his knuckles where white and aching, though he didn't notice because he was lost in the gaze of his reflection who was now no long his reflection. Ed snarled again, his lips parting as he glared at the man in the mirror. The violet eyes shone with sadistic desire as the owner chuckled, the voice only ringing in the blonde's head. Soon the blonde was very still, his breathing coming to a halt as he felt a hand slide up his chest and towards his throat, the fingers lacing around the tender flesh tightly and then squeezing slowly into a deadly grip.

He didn't move as the hand started to choke him, his mind was too far gone as he tried to get the dreams last night out of his head. Losing Al was hard, and then the others were gone too and all to the hands of that damned bastard who held his soul by the edge of a knife; by a string over a pit of snakes. Within moments he was slightly struggling to breathe, his lungs on fire as he just stood there, shaking only slightly. He could hear the man's dark laugh as the hand squeezed tighter and tighter until Ed closed his eyes and was gasping and struggling wildly against the hand that was never even there. Opening his golden eyes he realized the hand was nowhere to be found, though those violet eyes were still in the mirror, gazing at him, taunting him.

Ed began to shake again as he glared at those eyes, though the fire he held not too long ago was burnt out from the fear he just felt as he was choked. As he kept staring he began to tremble and whimper, his eyes quickly losing the battle with the man he hated most. He shivered as he felt a chill run up his spine, his golden eyes never leaving the man's in the mirror. Soon his breathing was ragged and coming in gasps, his eyes filling with anger and fear. Out of rage he screamed and bashed his palm into the glass which shattered into a million of pieces and sliced the soft skin of his hand. After a moment of standing there Ed crumpled to the floor and began to cry, the broken distorted images of himself in the broken glass mimicking his movements as he sobbed and scratched at his arms as he rocked back and forth crying and chanting over and over how he didn't want this anymore.


Roy sat at his desk in the office, his dark orbs gazing at a picture of Ed, Al and himself out in the country with a large oak tree and a small dog that wouldn't leave little Al alone. He sighed, the memory of being happily free and oblivious greatly missed. After a moment of remorse he quickly logged onto his computer and began to check his email and then read the reports for the next case. Just when he finished reading his last paragraph he got a message from someone he never expected. Clicking on the envelope icon he gulped and began to read the message.

Dear Roy,

It has been years since we have spoken. I miss you dearly. How is my brother Ed?

Love Al

Roy sat there, his dark eyes wide and his mouth slack wide open. With a small gasp he quickly began to see where the message came from, his heart racing making his chest ache from the pounding force. After a moment of trying to track the history of the message he came up with nothing, not a single trace could be found as to where the message originated.

Roy let out a heavy sigh, his dark eyes closing as he leaned back in his chair and rubbed his temples with the tips of his slender fingertips. He was debating on replying to the message or if he should just leave it be, unsure if it was a trap or not. Roy knew he would have to keep this to himself until he knew for sure who this REALLY was. With a groan he stood from his chair and turned off his computer before heading towards the door that lead to the elevator which would take him to the road to Ed's house.


Ed slowly stood from his heap on the floor, the wound that dripped from his hand slowly starting to clot and stop bleeding. He whimpered and looked around in a confused daze, though quickly remembered what happened when he saw the man's eyes in the broken fragments of glass. How he hated those violet eyes, though he hated the owner even more. With a small whimper of pain he began to walk from the main bathroom and towards the kitchen to get a broom to clean up the mess of glass before mopping up the blood and tears that stained the stark white tile.

After he finished cleaning he walked to his bedroom to strip of all his clothing, his tanned skin now exposed to the cool air which kissed him gently causing goose bumps to dance across his skin. After a moment of staring in the full length mirror he quickly walked to the now clean bathroom and started a hot shower, the water washing all his fears down the drain, though only for the moment. Lathering his hair up in the sweet smelling shampoo Ed sighed softly, the soft fluffy suds making his mind think about nothing but a spring meadow full of sage. After he felt clean he turned off the water and stepped out the shower, his body now relaxed and his mind feeling free of any horrid thought that he normally would be thinking.

Walking to his bedroom he felt a chill run up from his feet to his back and through his skull, the cool wooden floor a cruel greeting. When he reached the plush carpet of his room he sighed out of relief, the cold leaving him as the warmth of the room embraced him tightly. Walking to his dresser he dug around for a pair of boxers, black sweat pants and a red tank.

After dressing Ed walked from his room and towards the living room, though stopped short when he heard the door open and shut. He gulped and bit the inside of his cheek, though quickly let out a small sigh when he saw Roy standing in the door way with a slight smile on his face.

"I thought you might be here. We missed you at work today." Roy said softly as he walked to the shorter male, his dark eyes lowering to meet the boys gaze. Ed smiled slightly and let the older and taller male hug him, his heart thumping in his chest. "I'm sorry … I just…wasn't feeling well." Ed said softly, his ember eyes sparkling with tears that threatened to spill as he breathed in Roy's scent, remembering how much pain he must have caused the man from last night's events.

Roy smiled and held the boy close, his cheek resting on the boys head gently. "It's alright Ed, I covered for you and you didn't miss much really. Just the normal Hughes rantings and poor Havoc couldn't find a home for the dog and wound up keeping the poor thing. Then Winry blew up when she couldn't find her coffee cup…crazy girl. But yeah, it was a dull day." He chuckled as he kissed Ed's blonde head. Ed smiled as Roy talked and blushed when he felt the man's soft lips upon his head. "Thanks Roy." He said softly, his eyes closing as he finally felt safe for the first time that whole day.


Ed was sitting at the table with a bowl of instant ramen in front of him while Roy sat next to him with some rice and spiced beef in a bowl. They ate in silence, occasionally looking at each other with curiosity and something they couldn't understand. Roy inwardly smile as he realized Hughes was right, he DID love Ed. It seemed like yesterday they went on the date, but…it was only a few nights ago.

As Ed sighed, Roy looked over at him and smiled a bit with an arched brow. "You alright?" he asked in his slightly husky voice, his words breaking the silence surrounding them. Ed looked up at the taller and older male as he nodded. "Yes, I'm fine, just a little tired." Ed said softly as he felt the air around him chilling a bit. He shivered and then cleared his place before walking to his bedroom. "I'm going to head to bed. You can sleep on the couch if you want…" he trailed off, the memory of the other night and his delusions of Envy making his skin crawl. Roy smiled and nodded as he too cleared his place and got ready for bed.