Football is a vicious sport, requiring great strength and speed in order to excel. However, once in a decade, someone without one of these can succeed to great power. Last decade, it was Sena Kobayakawa, a fast runner, but a very weak over all power. He used running techniques to beat out the competition, only losing in speed and technique to Patrick "Panther" Spencer, who ran a 4.1 (compared to Sena's 4.2) 40 yard dash and had a cut that no one could touch. Sena was from Japan, but after the Youth World Cup, Panther won an NFL contract with the Oakland Raiders, Sena saw the might of American force. His team from Japan had a surprise tie against the best in America from the time, but that still didn't diminish the fact America won the game overall. Sena saw he needed to improve, and moved to America as part of a foreign exchange program in order to get better at the game.

Daemon High in Japan received RB Orville Reynolds from Florida's Plant High School. In return, Sena went to Plant High School in Tampa, Florida. Plant High is a very well known high school, having such greats as James Wilder Jr., the great LB with the Bull's Eye shot technique. James Wilder would set the pace for the school, of which Sena hopes to improve on. The first game is against a weak team from East Florida, Monarch High. Sena has the starting position. Monarch was coming over to Plant for the game, the players were warming up. Coach Weiner runs up to Sena (age 17, Junior), numbered 21 with his classic green eyeshield (due to Florida rules, the shield is tinted green, able to be seen through).

Down 1: The Terrorous Tail Swipe

"Sena, drive it up the field, make a name for yourself here," commented Coach Rob Weiner. "Our Orville was pretty good, but we have hope in your techniques. Monarch does have one good player, Danny Donnelly, DL. He uses his big body to break through the line and take down whatever is in his way. Watch out for him."

"Sure coach" Sena responded. 'Wow, even after such a hard practice week, he still needs to tell me about him. I thought this game was in the bag. Sure, let's get this over with' Sena thought to himself.

The first quarter begins with Donnie Fergal kicking off for Plant. Plant was wearing their traditional home uniforms, Black with gold trimmings from the numbers. The helmets were gold too. Monarch was wearing their away uniforms, gray with red numbers. Their helmets were red with their signature Knight mascot stuck on. Plant has a solid defense, so Sena doesn't need to play Safety like he did on Daemon. For the first play, Monarch sends RB Higgins Darius down the middle, but the power of Plant's line overwhelms Monarch's line, resulting in no gain. Seeing this, Monarch's coach makes a call. He sends in number 70 Donnelly to play right guard. Donnelly benches 315 pounds, more than any of the Defensive lineman on Plant High.

The next play is a pass. Usually the plant line would be able to get a sack no problem against such a weak line, but with Donnelly at guard, the nose guard gets flatten while this opens up a whole for the HB draw to go through. Unfortunately for Monarch, Plant also picked up Shin Seijuro from Ojo in Japan as well, who had the same reasoning as Sena did. Shin uses his Trident tackle stopping Higgins with only a 4 yard gain. However, with a 4 yard gain, it shows Donnelly is a force to be messed with even on a weak team. The next play was a 3rd down with 6 yards to go. Donnelly performs a trap block, allowing Higgins a clear path to the outside and up. Higgins is also strong enough to truck over one of Plant's line backers, Steve Newfond, and get a first down before Shin takes him down, having a 7 yard gain. Plant had no options for Donnelly at the moment. Monarch would fortunately for Plant attempt a pass, having it picked off by Shin, who takes it 10 yards up field before being taken down by Donnelly. Sena was finally going to show off his techniques to America (the Youth World Cup took place in Europe).

Plant's QB, Greg Bower, was mediocre at best, being 6'4", but having only been able to throw a max of 45 yards. Plant had good enough receivers to make up for a QB like this. But with Sena, new options became available, such as the Wild Cat technique, where the HB lines up taking the snap. Sena knew Plant has done this before, having practiced it.

"So, this is their best? Ah, with Sena on our team now, we should be able to run all over these guys," Greg jeered.

"Now calm down with that. Donnelly is pretty good; he is just stuck on the wrong team." Sena responded.

Greg looked at Sena with a joking face, "Sena, just do your job and I will do mine. Ok, play is 77 Trigger Tap Trap"

Everyone in the huddle yelled "Break!"

"Oh, 77 Trigger Tap Trap is a fake pass to a trap run. Seems easy enough, our TE will do a trap block to the outside while Greg takes it back for a long pass while the receivers go out in streaks," Sena remembers.

"Q 7, Q7, Hut" Greg called as the ball was snapped. The TE, Fred Holyfield, took a bucket step, tricking the lineman in front of him into going up field, taking himself out of the play. Fred then followed up to get the other lineman, who had also been fooled. Fred easily overtook him, raising him off his feat with a signature "Blind Eye Dagger". Greg did a pump fake, fooling the Corners into scrambling for the ball. Monarch had fallen for the entire ruse in the play. All except Donnelly had fell for it. He had come rushing in towards Sena, who had just been given the ball.

'Oh damn, how did he get there so fast?' Sena thought. 'No matter, with a 4th Dimension Cut, I should be able to shake him. The 4th Dimension cut was a powerful move Sena learned while facing off against the Real Eyeshield 21 in Japan. It is a quick move that involves a stutter step backwards, fooling the opponent into missing the timing. Sena ran forward at his signature light speed step, and then took his stutter step backwards. Donnelly leaped forward, to which Sena span out in a hurricane. However, Donnelly had taken told of Sena's right foot, pulling him from it with his powerful body. Sena was powerless to it, falling down just short of the line of scrimmage. It was a yard loss.

"Dumb Jap. Eyeshield 21 they call you. You might have the rest of the team fooled, but all it takes is one person to take you down, and we got a game" jeered Donnelly. The next play was a similar call, a trap play to the opposite side, hoping to draw Donnelly out for Shin, the FB, to block. Shin ran forward, using the Ballista technique he used at Ojo. Donnelly was however stronger than Shin, pushing him back and swimming his way out. The trap block from Fred still slowed him down enough for Sena to use the hurricane to dodge him. But by taking out a WR for Shin to go in, there was an extra CB in the play, able to chase down Sena. Sena tried to use his Devil Bat Ghost to no avail, the CB had chopped down at his feat, just as he had been told to. It was a 12 yard gain nonetheless.

'Ah, that hurt more than I thought' Sena thought. 'My legs don't feel like they can go as fast.'

"Oh no, they have went for the chop tackle in order to slow down Sena. This could be trouble" the coach commented. The next play was a similar run, this time down the middle, using the powerful Plant Center as a bull. The C Carson Blum was as strong as Donnelly, but due to the position he could not take him on. To counter this, the run down the center would enable to dodge him. With Carson power and Shin strength, the play was sure to succeed.

Plant lined up in an I formation, having Shin in front of Sena, while being behind Greg. During pre snap, Donnelly mysteriously swapped places with the LB in the middle. Being too quick, Greg was unable to change the call and the matchup of Donnelly against the Ballista center rush was on.

The snap went to Sena. He could see Carson push the nose guard up 5 yards running right into Donnelly. Donnelly was knocked off guard, however he quickly moved away from the pancake player, using all his force to knock Shin off balance, causing a face off against Sena again. Sena used his famous cut move, combined with a devil bat ghost, running at full speed while cutting without losing speed. However, Donnelly would have none of that. He was the perfect line backer, in the perfect stance. His legs were perpendicular to the ground, ready to explode (same stance when knocking away Shin). Once Sena turned to the right, Donnelly made his move, lunging outwards low at Sena's knees.

'What, another chop tackle. The last one got me, but this one I will just jump over.' Sena jumped in the middle of his cuts, expecting Donnelly to be flush under him. Yet, Donnelly had grabbed a hold of his legs, nearly tearing off Sena's legs. The technique had been beat before it could even be shown.

"Japs don't learn do they?" Donnelly asked Sena. "This is what we practiced. We knew what we were up against. You might have most of us in power, but there was a reason even our CB was able to take you down. No one in Japan had tried to chop tackle you, this is our technique. The Knights Tail Swipe." A large image of a horse appeared in Sena's head, tripping him. "No matter even if you try to jump, the Tail Swipe can still be used. All it takes is a grab of those legs and the play is over. You aren't strong enough to break the tackle."

"2 yard gain" yelled the announcer. The next 2 plays had similar results. Even worse for Sena was his legs were being worn down more due to the Tail Swipe. The Plant run offense was stopped. Greg decided to go for a pass play on 4th down, being only a few inches away, throwing his top 45 yard pass to the TE, Fred Holyfield, who ran it up for a touchdown. The kicker Donnie booted in the extra point.

"This team might be good, but that Jap has no idea what he is in for now. Heheheh" Donnelly laughed.

Could there be a way to defeat the Tail Swipe?