Wow, I can't believe it's finally over… It feels like just yesterday was February, and Teo was just leaving home. I literally want to cry at the realization that it's over.

I've grown so much while writing this fic, both in my writing at in life. I wrote this as a lot of things were happening in my own life, and I look back and smile, as I remember what was going on at the times when each chapter was written.

You guys are the absolute best. I love you all! You've been so supportive and enthusiastic, and your reviews always bring a smile to my face. I know it's cheesy, but I want to thank you all. Now, I'm reviewing YOU. Not your stories, but YOU as a reviewer. (Yes, I am going from the very beginning and responding to EVERY reviewer)

Pandaclaw: What can I say? You're my best friend; heck, more than that, you're my sister! You've been so supportive, pushing me when I got a lazy streak, letting my run by ideas and chapters before I posted them, spoiling things; I couldn't ask for a better friend.

BeautifullyMishappen: You've stuck with this since the very beginning, putting up with my lack in updates and still coming back. You have no idea how much that means.

Sailingseas: You're awesome. You're crazy, hilarious, and know when to give it to me straight. Thanks for just being you.

Lunatique: Your reviews gave me a lot of encouragement in my hopes at becoming a writer, and I'm glad to know that I'm spreading the Teoph love one person at a time.

Embers in the flames: Thanks for encouraging my to move along and hurry it up with the next chapters, it might be one of the reasons that this is the first fic I've actually finished.

A Star Named Hope: You helped boost my self-esteem with this fic; I'd been feeling pretty down about its quality, and you reminded me that no matter what I thought of it, you guys liked what I was writing.

Almightytaco123: Your reviews were short and to the point, but made me just as happy nonetheless I sort of miss the times when we used to chat.

Sabaang: Thanks for the praise, and every time I hear someone tell me I should be an author, I smile. It's an ambition of mine.

Metella: Your thorough examinations of the plot made me chuckle, and I'd love to tell you that you actually pointed out a few things that happened by accident. Teo's joke in the memory in chapter five was never originally meant to be foreshadowing, but when you mentioned it, I realized how true it was.

PunchAFishInTheFace: Wow…what can I say to you? Your enthusiastic, fiery reviews never fail to brighten my day, or even make me shed a tear once and a while. Although your predictions were wrong, they were usually close, and it makes me happy to see how into the story you are. You're beyond amazing.

Hl-ee-09: I'm truly sorry that you never gave this story a chance before judging it like you did. If you're reading this, I'm offering you total forgiveness.

Limegreenwordmachine: Your enthusiasm makes me smile. You're another one who got into the story and let me know, which encouraged me to get moving to please you guys.

Adlada: Your reviews made me smile. Your assumptions were usually correct, and that makes me laugh, because it means your mind is just as crazy and messed up as my own.

Woodshrew: It's cool that we share the same character on our favorites list; hopefully I encouraged the likeness of sharing a favorite ship as well!

bailybob: I'm so glad you finally joined the site, and touched that you like my story. I'll be keeping an eye on your fics in the future.

MaxandFang101: Your review was detailed and encouraging, and got me excited to pick up the pace for the upcoming chapters. Thank you for that.

Grubbs Girl: Haha, what do I say. You haven't reviewed specifically, but you encouraged me outside of fanfiction, offering assistance and help, and letting me run a few things by you. You also were the complete creator of the idea for Teo's dream, and I can't thank you enough; it enhanced the fic value by so much.

There's one more person I want to thank. When I said I was bored, they told me to write, and when I said I didn't want to, they told me that if I never pushed myself, I'd never get farther. Thank you so much for that; if it weren't for those words of wisdom, I might not have finished after hitting rough spots, and the rest of you wouldn't be reading the ending today.

I've already had an idea for a sort of follow up story to this, which will be a bit shorter, called Fun Without Risk. Would anybody be interested in reading it?

For those of you who devotedly followed this story, I thought it might interest you to see the playlist I always listened to while working on Forget Me Not, because certain aspects of the songs reminded me of different aspects of the fic itself.

I'd Lie – Taylor Swift

So Close – Jennette Mccurdy

I'm With You – Avril Lavigne

Everytime I Hear Your Name – Cascada

Can't Stop The Rain – Cascada

Faded – Cascada

Play On – Carrie Underwood

What Hurts The Most – Cascada / Rascal Flatts (I have both versions)

Once again, thank you all so much for your loyalty throughout the last year. I love you all.