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Severus Snape sped down the cobble stone road, pushing and shoving none too kindly though all the students and their parents buying school supplies. The short, boogie-picking firsties gaped around them as they took in the magnificence of all of Diagon Alley in its splendor, all done up for the beginning of the new year. Severus, however, was busy scowling at all of them, annoyed by their loud, shrill voices and laughter piercing the steady thrum of conversation that layered the streets like a blanket.

He made his way into the Apothecary, his scowl deepening as he saw the large form of Hagrid the groundkeeper barreling his way through the throng of imbeciles.

"'Ello Pr'fessor Snape! 'Ow are ya?"

Severus sniffed, "Just fine Hagrid, buying extra supplies. No doubt I'll loose a whole stock of supplies during the year from the miserable dunderheads that waltz into my class."

Hagrid looked awkward. So awkward, in fact, that Severus Snape showed compassion for the half-giant and asked, "What are you doing here today?"

Hagrid blinked in shock for a moment before grinning broadly, "Jus' takin' young 'arry to buy 'his supplies!" Severus scowled and nodded,

"And, seeing as you're not with him right now, I'd assume he's getting his wand?" Hagrid nodded and dismissed himself, heading slowly back to Ollivander's, stopping occasionally to talk with a few people.

Snape gently opened the door to his favorite shop and stepped inside, relishing the scent of fresh materials. The proprietor greeted him with a lazy wave and went back to reading the potions magazine he had open on the counter while Severus browsed the shelves.

He only looked up again when the shop bell rang again, announcing another customer. A small boy was entering the shop, a new wand held tightly in his right hand, as he looked around in awe. Severus watched as the boy with the black hair and glasses wearing clothes that were at least four sizes too big for him pulled in his shoulders and elbows to avoid harming the materials that cluttered the shelves.

What shocked Snape the most, however, was the shimmering of magic only an extremely powerful wizard would be able to detect. The conclusion Severus drew from this was astonishing

Harry Potter, an untrained, muggle-raised wizard, was wearing high-level glamours.

Severus managed to blend into the background as he watched the son of his arch-rival smile at the potions ingredients that would normally repulse or bore an average child, no matter their birth. This small boy seemed to revel in the cold-unwelcoming feel of the Apothecary.

Snape shook of his shock and walked over to him, sneering down into Potter's smiling face, "Aren't you supposed to be with Hagrid?" His voice was cold and mean, he knew, but the boy looked like James Potter. The loathing he felt for the eleven-year-old was inevitable.

However, the boy didn't flinch at the hate. He didn't cower or run away. Instead, even more shocking, he smiled serenely up at the bitter professor, "Yes, sir, I am. Yet, I seem to find his constant cheer and boisterous way of speaking quite trying. I found this store while listening to the mother of a boy in Madame Malkin's. I thought I'd take a look, sir."

Severus Snape nodded curtly and turned back to his previous shelf, "I am Professor Snape. I will be your Potions Master at Hogwarts. See to it that you don't…disappoint me." He sneered and fingered through the clearly labeled jars.

Harry smiled. The professors' brisk manor was just what he had hoped for, in a weird sort of way. He didn't actually know what he was hoping for here, seeing as this was all new to him, but Hagrid was too happy, Quirrell was to meek, and Professor Snape seemed to understand that no-nonsense was highly effective. Harry spoke up,

"I promise I won't, sir. I'm Harry."

Snape froze and turned to him, "What? No last name?" He raised a sardonic eyebrow as the boy grimaced and nodded, "Sorry sir. It's Potter. Harry Potter." The boy seemed to dislike his last name. Not that Snape could blame him though.

He shook his head and purchased his ingredients. After which he turned around to find the boy turning a jar of dragon scales curiously in circles, watching them shimmer in the light. "Mr. Potter-"he was interrupted, "Harry."

"What?" Snape snapped.

"It's Harry, sir. If you call me 'Mr. Potter' people will know who I am. I've gone through a lot of trouble trying to keep Hagrid's mouth shut about all of that, I can't have you blowing my cover just because you need to reprimand me. I apologize for being impudent."

Snape blinked, shocked, "Where, Harry, did you go to school? Your vocabulary is at much higher standards than any other first year I've ever met."

Harry straightened and turned his head to watch a monarch butterfly in a jar as he answered, "The only book I've been privileged enough to read during my stay with my…relatives…only provided me with a dictionary. It seems to have benefitted me more than those people seemed to intend." He looked back at the professor and smiled a forced smile, "I'm not worth of books, or the paper they're printed on."

With that he walked out of the store and stepped into the sunlight, a deep scowl on his young face.

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