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"All right guys!" Mr Schuester said overly enthusiastically. "We are doing another musical this week." There were a few groans. "Nothing like rocky horror guys.."

"Rocky Horror?" Blaine whispered to Kurt, he held back a laugh,

"Long story, I'll explain later...with videos." Blaine smiled, then looked concerned,

"Were you playing..."

"What? No! I was Riff Raff." Kurt sighed the last part. Knowing exactly who Blaine thought he was.

"...No Brittany, Spiderman is not a musical." He uncapped his whiteboard pen. "This however is." Rachel kept muttering Evita in time with Kurt muttering Wicked. The group smiled at the two and shook their heads. But what was written on the board made two gleeks squeal with joy. 4 letters that turned this into the best Glee club ever.


Kurt and Blaine turned and looked at each other then high fived. Santana looked over at them and raised her eye brow."Why are you both so happy about four letters, no-one understands what they mean but you."

"Oh know, I understand." Finn sighed.

"AVPM? A very Potter Musical of course!" Mr Schue beamed.

"How do you know it then Finn?" Quinn asked, knowing his Harry hatred.

"Those two are probably the biggest fans you will ever find." Kurt and Blaine doubled up laughed, "What? What I say?" Rachel sighed,

"I have to know every musical under the sun and I am familiar with this. Think what you just said Finn."

"They are the biggest fans you could find?" The boys erupted into a new fit of laughter.

"I get it." Mr Schue smiled, "Finn stop saying find."

"MR SCHUE!" Rachel yelled as Blaine nearly fell off his seat.

"What is so funny about 'find'?" Santana said in a pissy voice. At the same time Kurt and Blaine pointed at her.

"HUFFELPUFF!" They yelled in unison. Not knowing if this was an insult she stood up.

"What the hell is a Huffelpuff?" Instead of making them back down in fear like she hoped they fell to the ground in laughter. Mercedes was trying to stop from laughing when Rachel raised her hand.

"Rachel?" Mr Schue asked, telling her to talk.

"Huffelpuff's are particularly good finders." She winked at Mercedes who was now doubled up, close to falling with the boys. Mr Schue noticed others smiling.

"Raise your hand if you have seen it, or the sequel...or both." He added to Kurt and Blaine who raised their hands straight away. Followed by Mercedes, then Artie, then Tina, Mike, Sam, Rachel and Puck. Kurt and Blaine stopped laughing long enough to get back on their chairs. Mr Schue babbled about the cast and plot for a while and then told the assignment.

"You are to either sing a solo or duet from the musical." Kurt raised his hand, "Or the sequel." The hand went down with a smile. "This time next week then guys ok? Have a good weekend." Then they all started to leave.

"So." Blaine said taking Kurt's hand. "Who is going to sing what?" Kurt thought for a second.

" it! Rachel, coolest girl." He smiled.

"What I thought."

"Finn, Guys like Potter. Sang with Artie."

"Good one. Obscure." Kurt laughed at this, "My turn?" Kurt nodded, "Ok, Artie solo. To dance again."

"He does sing about dancing a lot doesn't he?" Kurt laughed.

"Tina, stutter." Kurt laughed again, "Brittany and Santana, different as can be. Brittany planting flowers of course." He nodded, "And I think Sam, to have a home." Kurt smiled, "Oh and Puck it's not over yet." Kurt chuckled and added a dur dur dur for Blaine's amusement. They had been talking for a while and only made it to Blaine's locker then.

"Oh shoot." Kurt muttered going into his bag, "I left my math book in my locker. I'll be right back." He said running down the hall. His locker was on the other side of the school. Blaine smiled watched Kurt skid the corner, nearly falling in the process.

Kurt sure was taking his time. Blaine thought, until he heard the sound of body on locker and a cry he couldn't mistake.

"Kurt!" He tore down the hall like a bullet to find a shaking Kurt, a few lockers down from his own, in a ball crying. "Kurt? What happened?" Blaine sat in front of him and took his hands. The younger boy's lips were puffed up. "No. Kurt was it..."

"Karofsky. I'm so sorry Blaine." Kurt sobbed turned his head away from the curly haired boy. Blaine cupped his cheek and forced him to look back at him.

"Don't be, did he, did he kiss you again?" Kurt nodded. Blaine pulled him into a hug. "Oh Kurt, why does this keep happening to you?"

"H-H-H-He's gonna do it." Kurt cried, Blaine looked confused, "He s-said he was. S-s-soon. Blaine y-you need to say away from me or..or he'll get you too."

"Kurt, Kurt look at me. What are you talking about?" Kurt locked eyes with Blaine.

"He's going to make good on his promise to kill me."

The Glee club bad asses were always near Kurt after Blaine told them. He was never more than 20 feet from someone who could beat Karofsky up. Blaine came around to the Humel house on Saturday night.

"Hey babe." He smiled at the door. They went down to the basement as no one else was home and Blaine launched into what he was going to say. "Do you want to do a solo or duet for glee?"

"What? This was your 'big emergency'?" Kurt chuckled.

"Yes! I need to know! I would love to sing a duet with you but if you want to do a solo then I have an awesome idea too but I can't pick unless you-" Blaine was cut off by Kurt's lips.

"Your babbeling." He smiled.

"I like your way of making me shut up." Blaine leaned in again but Kurt ducked out of his grip.

"No, no, no. Not now. You wanted to talk about this." He sat on the bed and Blaine jumped down beside him. "If we did do a duet, what did you have in mind?" Blaine smiled at this.

"Well you play piano don't you?" Kurt nodded, "I play guitar."

"Now we've established the obvious..." Kurt prompted.

"You have a high vocal range..."

"Granger Danger?" Blaine shook his head,

"What song in the sequel requires a high vocal range, a piano and a guitar that you and I love..." He was cut off by Kurt's squeal.

"Oh my Rowling, Really? No way! Do you mean No way?"

"Oh my Rowling? Really Kurt?" Kurt nodded happily, "Yes I meant No way." Kurt grabbed him and hugged him.

"Awesome! We should probably start working on it if we want to bet Rachel. This will be our first song together in New De so we..." Kurt babbled for a while. Blaine just smiled and nodded. Kurt was so passionate about music, another thing that made Blaine so passionate about him.

Glee club on Monday was full of Potter jokes. Kurt and Blaine had the best one however. Since everyone had watched both over the weekend. They found it hilarious.

"Hey Blaine, did you get my text?" Kurt asked.

"Yes, all 900 of them!" Blaine replied.

"Well you didn't text me back!"

"Guys I just got a BBM from Kurt," Mercedes announced, "Are you with Blaine did he get my text?" She glared at Blaine, "Now you dragged me into this?" Everyone burst out laughing. Mr Schue walked in and started to write on the board. Stupidly he picked today of all days to add a drawing.

"What the hell is that? And don't say a Huffelpuff." Puck asked.

"It's a bird, and a walking stick. You know we are discussing the competition so..." Everyone was laughing until Blaine piped up,

"Hey guys, guys, guys!" He ran and grabbed a guitar, "I have just the thing." Kurt smiled knowing what was coming. "Schuester can't draw..." He began and the rest of the Glee club quickly pick it up.

Schuester can't draw
Schuester cannot draw
He only reads books and he cannot draw
Even if he's reading a how to draw book
Schuester can't draw

At this momment Sue walked in, "All right guys, Will screwed up I booked the auditorium before you...what are you doing? Stop, Santana stop dancing like that. Knock it off the song isn't even that funny."

"Oh yeah?" Santana asked, "Lets hear you sing a song right now in front of everyone."

"I don't have to sing for you." Blaine smiled at this.

"Sylvester can't sing..."

Sylvester can't sing
Sylvester cannot sing
She only reads books and she cannot sing
Even if she's reading a how to sing book
Sylvester can't sing

"Guys! Guys! All right hey!" Sue yelled, "Remember how Schuester can't draw? He can't draw!"

Schuester can't draw
Schuester can't draw
Schuester cannot draw
He only reads books and he cannot draw
Even if he's reading a how to draw book

Blaine stopped the guitar and everyone except Mr Schue cheered, he was to busy trying not to smile. Everyone settled down and Kurt high fived his boyfriend. Rachel then put her hand up.

"Mr Schue? I have my song ready." She stated.

"Rachel, you have until Friday." He sighed.

"Oh I know, I just wanted to show you all what your up against." She smiled standing up. "Where's piano guy!" She gasped clutching her sheet music.

"Sick, unless you know someone else amazing at piano who know the musical wait until..." Mr Schue sighed again and was cut off.

"Kurt! You'll help me right? Pleasssssse!" She begged.

"Kurt please, or I deal with that until Friday." Finn asked.

"And the football team will have to deal with that." Puck pointed out. Kurt let out and over dramatised sigh.

"Oh If I must."

"Yay! Thank you Kurt! Here's the music, the song is..." Rachel began.

"Coolest girl?" Kurt asked. She nodded,

"How did you?"

"Predictable." He stated sitting at the piano and played the intro for her. She put on her acting face and began.

All my dreams
I'm chasing after,
they don't need
all this laughter...

Santana held back a laugh.

I take a grain of salt,
stiff upper lip.
It's not their fault
I'm not as hip.
Wake up kid, you know you're more than this...

I'm the smartest person
that I've ever met.
So why do I allow myself to
possibly forget

Quinn, Brittany and Santana laughed at the smart part. Even though Brittany wasn't one to talk.

There's so much I know how to do,
so much more than all of you.
The only thing I wish I knew
was how to make them see
the girl that I can be...

I am
the coolest girl in the whole wide world
I know it but can't show it at all.
I am
sick and tired of low, not higher
places, where I should belong.
It's about time I proved them wrong...
Give me a shot
to show what I've got!
I'm a helluva whole lot more
than this frizzy hair, these frumpy clothes I wear,

Kurt nodded in agreement gaining a few laughs.

though I rock 'em like nobody you've seen before

He was now shaking his head furiously gaining more laughs.

Cause I am
the coolest girl in the whole wide world
I know it below it all.
I am
done with losin', on with choosin'
the coolest girl on the face of the planet,
the coolest bitch on earth, goddammit!
The coolest chick you've ever seen or heard!

So you can try to bring me down,
but sorry guys, I'm stickin' around!
I've thought about it, and I've found

that I am
the coolest girl!
... Yeah!

The glee club cheered and Rachel bowed and sat down. He then took his seat next to Blaine and held his hand while Mr Schue went through his idea for this years sectional medley. Kurt rolled his eyes and set his head on Blaine's shoulder. Tina and Mike and Sam and Quinn were doing the same. Kurt looked to the doorway to see Karofsky in his eye line. He was staring at Kurt smiling wickedly. Kurt squeezed Blaine's hand, who looked his gaze and saw Karofsky.


"Blaine don't." Kurt whispered. But Blaine was out of his seat heading for the door. Everyone soon saw why.

"Hey Homo." Karofsky greeted.

"Leave him alone." Blaine growled. Karofsky laughed,

"Or what?" He pushed Blaine, who stood his ground. Mercedes looked at Kurt, now white as a sheet and terrified looking. Karofsky pushed Blaine again. "Answer me."

"Or you will have me to answer to." Karofsky then uproared in laughter. That was Blaine's breaking point. He quickly and sharply punched Karofsky in the nose. Everyone was quiet, until Puck started to clap, followed by Finn and Sam then the whole Glee club.

"Look what you did!" Karofsky cried, feeling his nose. "I'm bleeding, Look at it. Look what you did to me." He sounded like a kid. Blaine then grabbed his shirt and pulled him forward.

"You ever threaten Kurt again, You will deal with me in a rage. Not a good thing for you. Also I have 4 guys in there more than happy you bash your head in. So I repeat myself. You lay a finger on Kurt, I will make sure its the last move you make." He then pushed the jock and walked back into Glee. Before he sat down he heard a laugh,

"That a threat, Anderson?" Blaine smiled.

"Nope." He turned around, looking at mad as he sounded, "It was a promise." Karofsky took a step back then tore down the hall. The Glee club was awestruck. Blaine sat down.

"Wow." Kurt said. "That was the most bad ass thing I've ever seen."

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