"You've been here for a week, you can leave soon enough." Blaine sighed, Kurt had woken up the previous day and had been begging to leave since.

"I would like to leave now. I hate hospitals and I always end up in one!" Kurt pouted, "And if you make a joke about Harry Potter always being in the infirmary I will hit you."

"Wasn't going to say anything like that, dear. Not out loud anyway." Blaine smirked, putting down the new Vogue he was reading and taking Kurt's hand. "You can leave tomorrow, you hit your head pretty hard it's only for safety."

"You are such a Mother Hen sometimes, you know that right?"

"Maybe thats why I keep getting Molly Weasley in quizzes."

2 years later

"Come on Blaine, We are going to be late!" Kurt called, beeping the horn loudly again for good measure. "Today please!"

"I can't choose a bowtie! Relax ok?" Blaine yelled out the window. "Honey, where's my blue and white bowtie?"


"Where is my blue and white bowtie?"

"I uh, put it away."


"Why do you need to know?"

"I need it!"

"Uh uh, don't you think about wearing that bowtie when you're in that shirt. You will look like a sailor."

"But my style is in danger!"

"My evening's in danger!"

"You let me where my bowtie is! It is for the greater good!"

"I am your fiance! I am the greatest good you are ever going to get. Now grabbed the navy bowtie and get in the damn car!"

"But I..."


"Coming, dear."

"And now we have the stars of the movie themselves coming onto the red carpet. After their success in the first 'A Very Potter Movie' the duo soon got engaged and moved out to New York. Kurt has recently announced the wedding to be late June of next year while Blaine also announced Kurt will be singing at least one duet with him in his new album, set to come out in spring! Boys! Can you give us an interview?" A reporter called out. Blaine smiled happily and came over, dragging Kurt with him.

"Hey, yeah of course."

"So what do you think of the sequel? Is it as good as the first movie? And are fans of the original going to be disappointed?"

"Oh no not at all, no one will be disappointed. A few new songs are in there, written by myself and the amazing Darren Criss who is fantastic to work with." Blaine answered with a grin.

"And it is just as good if not better than the first." Kurt supplied, wrapping an arm around the boys waist.

"Kurt, Draco has collected a huge online fanbase, how are you reacting to that?"

"Well Lauren created this version of Draco so brilliantly its just an honor to be working with such fantastic people and getting Starkid more fans and publicity. It's what they deserve, they work so hard."

"And can you two spill any details for the wedding?" Kurt was about to answer when their manager began ushering them away.

"Guys come on, you need to be in your seats in the next five minutes!" She squealed.

"Rachel, relax we're going. Lovely to talk to you." Blaine added with a wink. The blushing reporter then turned back to her camera crew.

"Who knows what is set for the boys in the future, all I know is it is sure to be totally awesome."


So thats the end! Thank you for every single review, favourite, alert and view this has gotten. It has been weird, it has been random but its always been fun! Thank you all so much for reading :)