Dudley Dursley was a car bumper away from death.

Dudley and his gang, had in their infinite wisdom, decided to play a game they called "road kill". Their daddies had always said that real men were not afraid of anything, and of course, the boys were real men.

The idea of the game was to show how brave you were by lying down on the road and seeing how many cars you could stop before chickening out. The boys always forced Dudley's cousin Harry to come to their games. They needed someone to blame if something went wrong of course.

That's why Dudley was lying down on the road in front of Harry's horrified eyes. A car sped down the road, Dudley's fourth car to be exact, but something was wrong. It wasn't slowing down.

As it barreled towards him, Dudley knew he had to move, but he was paralyzed with fear. The car kept coming closer and he realized that it was too late to move. He was going to die.

Then he heard Harry scream "NO!" Dudley could see a ball of light shoot out of his hand, and then the world went white.

Everything came back into focus as Dudley found himself standing next to his cousin, and the car driving over the spot he was a second ago.

He saw that his friends had run off, probably at the sign of trouble. Turning to the other boy, Dudley said, "Did you save me?" Harry stood there in silence, with shaking hands that were calloused in ways no child's should be, his gaunt form trembling like a leaf.

"Did you save me?" said Dudley.

"I think so…I just saw that car and I didn't want you to die. When I thought it, I felt this tug and you sort of appeared next to me. I know I did something freaky, but please don't tell Uncle Vernon, PLEASE don't make him hurt me," said Harry.

"Why? Why did you do it?" said Dudley.

As Dudley spoke he remembered the cruel jokes, the Harry-Hunting, and all the times Harry "fell down the stairs" because of him.

"I don't know did I need a reason?" said Harry.

Dudley couldn't understand this. He had never did something without a reward, unless it was beating someone up… Dudley received a sudden and unpleasant epiphany. His cousin, Harry Potter, was a nice person, he, Dudley Dursley, was not. He liked hurting people, and thought most of them deserved it. Looking at his favorite victim he wasn't so sure anymore. He felt like a villain in his video games, and he didn't enjoy seeing himself this way.

With that realization, the old Dudley died and a new one took his place.

"Listen Harry, relax I won't say anything," said Dudley, "Let's go eat some ice cream, that always makes me feel better."

With Harry looking at him like he was an imposter, Dudley dragged his cousin to an ice cream parlor.