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I was about to press the purple button. Secret-Double Agent Spy Guy was fun and all, but I guess I had to end it before the whole world dies or something like that. The tip of my tail was almost touching the button that will stop the world of being under-water. But, something made me stop...

I felt my tail hover the very chance to save us all. But...I couldn't find myself to press it. The very thought of having more power of being on the side of Blowy was heavy in my heart. I glanced at the silly birds to see they were watching me, wondering what was I gonna do. The smart bird saw that I was doing nothing, and the end of land was almost here.

The smart penguin, Kowalski, pushed me knowing I have chosen my path. And, I did...I knew what was I going to do. I quickly leapt back up and kicked Kowalski away from the button, before he could could even touch it. Blowy saw my actions and gave off an evil smirk. Skipper, the bossy penguin, widen his eyes then narrowed them. Knowing I have betrayed him as a BFF. Though, he won't ever admit it that I ever was. I hovered over the panel with my legs and arms spread and gripping the sides, daring for any of them to take me on. I knew there were times to be serious and this is one of them.

"Julien, what're you doing?" asked the smallest bird.

I turned to him and gave him a stare, not a meany one, but...blank. I didn't have time to answer, when I heard the booming voice above my head.

"Total destruction is complete."

"NO!" the bossy penguin yelled out in fear and in anger.

Blowhole pushed Skipper off him, and returned to his ride thing by sliding himself over to it and placing him on. I went over to Blowy and hopped on his panel. He patted me as if I were merely a pet. I frowned at this, didn't he know I am the king? Then again, there won't be much lemurs anymore...But, at least I'll be able to rule over something else and new. The sea life.

Mort gazed at me with his sad eyes and I saw the confusion in them. And, I let myself wonder...Was this the last time I will see him? Perhaps so...And, I'll probably never see the silly otter, Maurice, and almost everyone I know.

Blowy pressed a button on his ride...thing...and a bubble created over him and me. He had an evil twinkle in his only good eye and had the expression of insanity for he had finally won...I think. "I am victorious, pen-gu-ins! Now suffer the wrath of all water and no land!" he then gave out his maniacal laughter and took off to the ceilings as I was still with him. At last he gave truth to his word that I were to be with him when this was over. I watched the victim animals below as we took off. I saw their loss of hope.

That was the last I saw them in months. They lived, and I let my heart grow dark. And, Blowy's plan was a success. The world is flooded.

I live in a new world now. A world of no shaved monkeys. A world of no species like me and I felt special that I was the last of my kind. A world of no land. You are probably wondering how I survived in the water...Well, Blowy created me a suit that I can forever live in water and walk normally too. I guess he does have the better technology than the smarty penguin.

Marine animals from all over are now bowing down to the new king, Blowy. Though, I'm still king as well! I'm his trustful partner, and have equal rights as he does. It seems now I'm the ruler of the world, and I like it. But, there are some survivors from the land...They created a new society hidden away from me and Blowy. They manage to live in the solitude of air and not water. Eh, Blowy explained to me so many times and I still don't get it...

But, I do understand that this society is the rebel against the almighty kingdom of me!...Oh, and that fishy-face, Blowy. It's now war and I'm apart of it. But, what we did not know is that soon...

There will be a bigger threat...