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Sideline Collision Chapter 16

She smiled. "Your mom called and gave me the hard press to come again when you were flying up. I had my test and practice yesterday but I told her I could come this morning, so she arranged it." She bit her lip again. "Since you said you wanted me to come…"

I cut her off with a kiss. I couldn't hold back any longer. She was so beautiful and perfect and she was here. The fluttering was back full force and it felt kind of good when I was kissing her. She pulled back and smiled at me. "I think you approve."

Without a doubt. "I think I love you." Oh, fuck, what did I say?

Reed Girl's eyes went really wide and she said nothing for at least a year. Or a minute. What the fuck ever. It was a long ass time during which my heart was trying to beat its way out of my fucking chest and I was sweating profusely. Thank fucking God I'd already done my TV appearance. I probably had pit stains at this point. I had no idea what was going on around us, all I saw was her and that look that I couldn't quite read in her eyes.

"Did you just say that you think you love me?" she asked, her voice a little bit higher than usual. Was that disbelief? Anger? I didn't fucking know. Damn her and her mysterious ways.

This was it. Lie or own it? It wasn't like she'd misheard. Could I play it off as something else? I think I dove you? That might be worse than love. I think I shove you? Sure, Cullen, then you're an abusive fuckhead. Great idea. Screw it. "Yes."

Her eyes narrowed then. Fuck. She was mad. I knew that look well enough. What the fuck was there to be mad about? I just told her I loved her. That shouldn't piss her off. Most girls would be swooning at my feet right about now. Or picking out fucking china patterns or some ridiculous shit like that. Reed Girl, of course, was glaring at me, because she made no fucking sense.

"Tell you what, Cullen." Fuck, she last named me. This wasn't good. "You let me know when you figure it out." Then she patted my arm and walked away. What the fuck just happened here? She strolled over to Eric fucking Crouch and started chattering away. He was grinning at her and staring down her fucking dress. Asshole. I growled and bunched a fist as I stepped toward them.

"Edward, are you ready to head to dinner?" My mother's hand on my arm stopped me in my tracks. Dinner? Like I could think about fucking food right now? My girlfriend had just walked away from me and was flirting with a fucking Cornhusker. What kind of lame ass team name was that anyway?

"I'm not hungry."

Mom stepped in front of me and started patting at my cheeks. "Are you still sick? Maybe we should get you back to the hotel."

No, I wasn't sick. Well, I was, but it wasn't that kind of sick. It was a worse, incurable kind. Death would have been fucking easier. "I'm not sick." I glared over her shoulder as Crouch laughed and wrote his number down for Reed Girl. That motherfucker was going down. "I'm going to kill him."

"Kill who?" Mom turned and followed my gaze. "Why? He's just signing an autograph for Bella's father. He asked her to get them from the Heisman winners."

Oh. So it wasn't his fucking number. Well, it still might be. He seemed mighty delighted by my girl. If he eyed her tits one more time I was going to husk some fucking cornhusker ass. "She's flirting with him."

Mom laughed. "She is not. Bella only has eyes for you."

And that was utter bullshit. I told her I loved her and she walked away. Some eyes those were. "She does not."

"She does, too. I see the way the girl looks at you."

What the fuck ever. "I told her I loved her and she walked away."

Mom gasped and shook her head. "No, Edward, she did not."

"She sure as fuck did!" I nearly yelled. Mom's eyes narrowed she raised a hand. Shit. "I didn't mean to say fu…it."

"I think you misinterpreted. Tell me what happened." Of course Mom was on Reed Girl's side. That just fucking figured.

What was happening right now is fucking Crouch had his hand on my girl's silky bare shoulder and I swore his thumb was caressing her. I was going to rip it off and stuff it up his nose. It wasn't like he fucking needed it. NFL washout.

"Edward, what did you say?"

I sighed and tried to look away from the fucknugget that was hitting on my girl. There were others around her now, and she was laughing and so were they and they all wanted her just as badly as I did. Jason White? Another fucking flameout. Bo Jackson? That wasn't fucking cool. He was a badass. He'd better step off or I'd beat him down. He was old. I could take him. Probably. Mom squeezed my arm and I turned my attention back to her.

"I told you. I told her I thought I loved her."

Mom tilted her head. "Wait a minute. You told her loved her or that you thought you loved her?"

Was there a fucking difference? Either way, I put my heart out there and she threw it back at me. "She said something about thinking that she surprised me and I said that I thought I loved her. I didn't mean to say it, it just came out. Then she repeated what I said and asked if I was for real. I said yes. She told me to tell her when I figured it out and she called me Cullen and walked away. She fucking blew me off."

Mom laughed. Fucking great. Of course my other parent had to laugh at me. Maybe I was adopted. Maybe Joe Montana knocked up a supermodel and she had to give me away to keep her career. This made far more sense than the people who claimed to birth me laughing at my fucking pain.

"Let me ask you something, Edward." Oh great, here we fucking go. Was she taking lessons in parenting from Dad? Why were they asking me things, instead of just helping me the fuck out? "If Bella said she thought she loved you to you, how would you respond?"

Just the idea of that made my head feel light. And the flutters were back again. Motherfucking love flutters. I hated them. "I don't know. I'd probably say I loved her, too, and then take her to bed." Yes, I did just say that to my own mother. Adoptive mother, maybe, but mother just the same. I was fucking crazy. Genetics had been absorbed from them even though they weren't my birth parents. They infected me with the crazy.

"Really? If she said she thought she loved you, you'd take that extra step and tell her that you definitely loved her? You'd put your heart on the line like that?"

How the hell did I know? "Yes. No. Maybe. God, this is so confusing!" I threw up my hands. Reed Girl was flirting with Archie Griffin now and I was pretty sure Crouch was staring at her ass. I was going to maim and blind him.

"Calm down, Edward. Don't bring God into this." That was for fucking sure. He'd abandoned me just like my real family. "Seriously, would you be willing to take that extra step, say that you for sure loved her, when she only said she thought she loved you? Be honest now."

God. It would just be a lot fucking easier if she said it like she was supposed to. But I did know what my mom meant. "Probably not."

She snorted. My mother seriously snorted. I was in an alternate universe where nothing made sense. And my girlfriend was smiling at Barry Sanders and Andre Ware. Maybe she was going to run off with them and have that threesome after all. Jesus fucking Christ, I was going to be sick.

"Edward, if Bella, or any girl for that matter, told you they thought they loved you, you'd run in the other direction before they finished the sentence."

That was unfuckingtrue. "I would not!" Mom raised an eyebrow. "Not if Reed Girl did it." Probably not. It would depend really. "I want her to say it. Why can't she just say it so we can be done with this love shit and get back to the good stuff?"

Mom's lips twitched. "And just what would the good stuff be?"

Like I was about to fucking tell her? "Um, you know, hanging out and stuff." Preferably naked.

Mom laughed. "The good stuff only gets better once you love one another." Bullshit. Love hurt and sucked and tied you all up in knots and made you sick. Reed Girl must not love me because she was having a high fucking time with Tim Brown. Fuck Notre Dame. We played them next year. I was going to beat them by sixty just because I fucking could.

"Well, I wouldn't know since my supposed girlfriend is flirting with anything with a dick while my mom is standing here laughing at me." This time she did smack me right upside my head. "Ow!"

"You will not talk about her like that. And you will come to dinner and be nice to her and show her you love her and then tell her without the damn I think in front of it. She's not giving you her heart when you didn't really give her yours. Say it, without qualification, and I promise you she won't walk away from you."

Why the fuck should I? "How do you know?" Reed Girl laughed at something Charlie Ward said and put her hand on his arm. Fucking figures. Even my fellow Noles were out to take my girl away. Fuck that. She was mine. If she didn't love me now, she sure as fuck would love me before I was done with her. I wasn't the only one that was going to suffer.

"Because that girl got on a plane and came here to be with you on the most important night of your life." That was…true. "Because she keeps glancing over here when you're not looking." Bullshit. I hadn't seen her looking. "Her smile doesn't reach her eyes and her body is angled toward you." Maybe it was. Or maybe she was just showing Crouch some more tit. He better fucking stop looking.

"I suggest you stop pouting and go get your girl. We have dinner reservations. You will stop scowling and you'll be on your best behavior at dinner. Am I clear?" She was glaring at me and pointing like some kind of military general giving fucking orders. What did I say? Sir, yes, sir?

"Okay, Mom." She pointed at Reed Girl, like I wasn't fucking aware where she was and who she was with. I cut through the crowd and elbowed Crouch the fuck out of my way. Maybe I should get one of those ridiculous ear of corn things those people fucking wore and shove it up his ass. That would be fun.

Reed Girl's shoulders tensed but she kept right on talking to Marcus Allen. "Thanks, so much. My dad's a huge fan."

"What about you?" he asked, flashing a killer smile. Fuck. I was going to have to punch Marcus Allen in the teeth and I actually liked Marcus Allen.

Reed Girl giggled and shook her head. Before she could answer, I cut in. "You were a bit before her time, wasn't he, baby?"

She glared up at me. "My dad saw to my football education. You were awesome."

Marcus grinned at her. "Now there's a girl after my own heart." Emphasis on the girl, you old pervert.

"Bella, we have a dinner reservation."

She smiled charmingly at Marcus. "Thank you so much for signing this. He's going to be thrilled." She put her little notepad in her purse and turned to me, her smile fading. "Let's go." And I was fucked. In the wrong way. This day had gone from the best to the worst in no time flat thanks to my big fucking mouth.


"So, Rosie won't let me touch her, yet, but she's giving me a shot." Emmett finished his long winded story about how Blondie wouldn't put out. It was fucking enthralling. Reed Girl was eating and smiling politely and talking to everybody but me.

"That's great, son," Dad told him, smiling as he dug into his fucking steak. Of course he could eat with no fucking problem. He didn't have a knife sticking in his heart. Stupid Dad and his stupid love advice.

"What are you going to do? You can't see her that often if you stay at home." Mom sounded ever hopeful that loser boy would be moving out. Yeah, good luck with that.

"I'm going to get a place in Tally. I already talked to Coach and he's going to give me a strength training position on the team and let me work out with them and stuff. I'm going to try to be ready for the draft in April. If nobody wants to take a shot at me, I'll walk on somewhere this summer."

"That's fabulous, honey!" Mom beamed at him, thrilled. She was just happy to get her guest house back.

"That's a pretty big change for a girl that won't even let you touch her," I muttered. Reed Girl glared at me and I shrank back in my seat. There was apparently another girl who wasn't going to let a Cullen touch her. Fucking hell.

"Rosie's worth it. And it'd be hard to date her if I live a couple hours away." Emmett shrugged. "I'd rather be paid to train you wimpy losers than sell cars all day."

Just what I needed, my brother around all the fucking time. "You're not living with me," I warned darkly.

"Only until I find an apartment."

"What? I don't fuc…" I broke off at the look on my mother's face. "Mom, I only have one bed."

"Emmett can sleep on the floor. Or you can crash at Bella's or something," she suggested.

Reed Girl said nothing and I suspected that I wasn't welcome. Well, fucking fine. I could find somewhere to sleep if she didn't want me. Why did that make my stomach hurt?

"Bella, I thought that was you!" We all turned to face that motherfucker Crouch, who was grinning at my girl like he had a right to. Oh, fuck no. I slid an arm around Reed Girl who glanced at me in surprise before turning back to him.

"Hi, Eric. It's good to see you again."

He kept his eyes on her. Yep, they fucking had to go. I had two forks. One for each eye. "A bunch of us are going out to a club and I thought I'd see if you wanted to go." He didn't bother to include me in said invitation, I noticed. My hand on her neck balled into a fist and she put her left hand on my leg, squeezing lightly. Oh, now she fucking touched me? When she wanted me to back off? Well, fuck that noise.

"Listen here, Crowder, I don't think…"

"Thanks anyway, Eric, but Edward and I haven't had time to celebrate his win properly. I'm sure you understand."

I gaped at her. Properly? Did that mean what I think it meant? Cause I knew how I wanted to celebrate and it required my hotel room and a lot less clothes.

His smile dimmed and his eyes finally met mine. "Of course. Congratulations, Edward. Welcome to the club."

Like he and I were even on the same plane? He wasn't fit to carry my jock. "Thanks." I kept my voice flat and cool as Reed Girl continued to stroke my thigh. What the fuck was going on here? I was getting turned on and I was really fucking confused. She'd been icing me out since she rejected my half-assed love declaration and now she was feeling me up under the fucking table. I guess she really didn't want me to kick his ass in the middle of a fancy restaurant. Well, this was one way to keep me in my seat.

"Bella, I hope to see you again sometime." When, fucker? She's not going to be in the fucking cowfields of Nebraska anytime soon if I have anything to say about it.

"It was nice meeting you," she replied, which sounded like a dismissal to me. He took the fucking hint and finally walked away.

Emmett was laughing, the prick. "Why didn't you kick his ass?" he asked me.

"Because your brother knows better," my father supplied smoothly, his blue eyes boring into me. What the fuck? "The last thing he needs is to get into a fight with someone on the weekend he wins the Heisman. It's not only about being the best player, it's also about sportsmanship and class."

I barely resisted rolling my eyes. Reed Girl's hand was still on my leg and I put mine on top of hers, keeping it there in case she thought it was okay to tug it away now that the prick who'd been hitting on her in front of me wasn't here anymore.

"He was just being nice, Emmett," Reed Girl told him, blushing a little.

"Nice my ass. His eyes have been all over your body since the moment he saw you," I told her. "The only reason he's not bleeding right now is because you'd be even more pissed at me if I kicked his ass."

"You're pissed at him?" Emmett boomed. "Why?"

"I'm not pissed at him." But her tone said otherwise. She glared at my brother and he smiled sheepishly.

"If you say so. It was only a matter of time until he fucked up. Ow!" he yelled when Mom smacked him. "Sorry."

"You stay out of your brother's business. You have girl problems of your own to attend to."

"I'm doing it! I took her out to a movie and a fancy dinner and bought her ice cream when she had cramps. Cramps, Mom! You know what that means?" he demanded.

I snickered. "It means before you know it you'll be buying her tampons." Reed Girl tried to tug her hand away from me but I held tight. She sighed and twined her fingers with mine. Fucking good.

"I'm not buying tampons!" he yelled. Seriously, half the fucking restaurant turned in our direction. Emmett turned bright red. "I'm not," he muttered. Then his shoulders slumped. "Okay, maybe I would if she asked me to, but it would suck."

"I'm sure she appreciates that you'd do something like that for her," Reed Girl assured Emmett. Great. That meant she fucking expected me to buy her tampons. I'd make Jasper do it. Of course he'd probably get Q-tips instead, because he was a fucking burnout.

"I hope so. I really love her," my idiot brother said.

Reed Girl smiled at him. "Just keep telling her that and eventually she'll believe you. Rose is a tough girl on the outside but on the inside she's pretty sweet."

I snorted and got a kick in the ankle from her. "What? Damn."

"That's very good advice, Bella." My mom was staring me down for some fucking reason. What the hell? "I'm sure she loves him, she just needs some time to trust that his feelings are real. Without qualifications."

Seriously, what the fuck was my mother's problem? She was over enunciating and looking at me when we were supposed to be talking about my brother.

"I don't have any qualifications," Emmett responded.

"That's for sure." He threw his roll at me and got whacked again.

"You boys drive me crazy."

"What the f…hell did I do?" I demanded.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, as always," she replied, sounding frustrated.

"Good." I glanced at Reed Girl who appeared to be done with her dinner. "Are you ready to take off?"

She bit her lip and then met my eyes for the first time since she'd stomped on my heart. "Sure." I stood and pulled her up, keeping her hand in mine.

We said our goodbyes to my parents and then took a quiet cab ride back to the hotel. The closer we got, the more uncomfortable I felt. What the fuck did I do with her now? Did she have a room? Was she coming to mine? I got out of the cab and helped her out, paying the driver. Here we were.

"So, um…" I broke off, not sure what the fuck to say.

"My bags are in your room. Your mom let me in," she told me. Well, that answered that, at least.

"Cool. Let's go up, then." We took the elevator and got out. I opened the door and Reed Girl went in ahead of me.

"I'm just going to use the restroom," she told me, hurrying in before I could say anything. Fucking fabulous. We were more awkward with each other than we'd ever been. Thanks, Dad. I took off my suit jacket and threw it over the couch, then loosened my tie and kicked off my shoes. I turned on the TV, completely unsure of what my next move was.

Reed Girl came out as I was debating sitting on the bed or the couch and we stood and stared at one another. She was so fucking beautiful. I sighed and sat on the edge of the bed. She walked over and sat next to me. "Hi," she murmured, which made me laugh.

"Hi, yourself."

"Did you want me to get my own room? I can," she suggested nervously.

Fuck. "No, of course not. Unless you want your own room."

"Why would I want that?" she asked, finally meeting my eyes again.

Was she serious? "Uh, maybe because you've avoided me for the entire fucking night?"

"I have not. I was sitting right next to you at dinner." But she wasn't looking at me again. It infuriated me.

"You were sitting next to me because my mother put you there like the little fucking matchmaker she is." Reed Girl looked up and frowned at me. "You walked away from me. I said…" I broke off because I sure as fuck wasn't saying it again. "I said what I said and you walked away and had a mighty fine time with all the men in the room who weren't named Cullen."

She stood and glared down at me. "Excuse me? Are you accusing me of something?"

"I'm not accusing you of anything. I'm flat out saying that you were chatting up every man in the room and they were eating it up with a fucking spoon!" I shouted.

"I was getting autographs for my dad!" she yelled back.

"Did any of those autographs come with some digits?" I asked. Her cheeks flushed and I fucking knew it! Crouch was a dead man. "I'm going to kill that fucking bastard." I was on my feet then and headed toward the door. Reed Girl grabbed my arm. "Let me go," I demanded through clenched teeth.

"No! What does it matter if someone gave me their number? I'm not going to use it," she told me, tugging on my arm.

I closed my eyes and tried to think past the red haze of anger. "Why not?"

"What do you mean, why not? I'm with you and I don't want to be with anyone else."

Then why, damn it, why had she walked away? "You walked away from me." I turned and looked at her. "I put my heart on the line and you made a snarky comment and walked away."

She sighed and let go of me. "What was I supposed to say, Edward?"

"Oh, I don't know, how about I love you, too? What's so fucking hard about that?" I demanded.

"Why would I say I love you, too, when you didn't say you loved me in the first place?"

Was she serious? "I most certainly fucking did."

"You said you thought you loved me. That's not the same thing. What if you changed your mind tomorrow? Or a week from now? Why should I put my heart out there when you didn't?" she asked angrily.

"Excuse me? I fucking said it, and do you know how hard that was for me to do? I've been freaking out for days and then you were here and it just came out and you fucking walked away!"

"I'm sorry, okay! I didn't know what to do!"

"Do you think I did? Do you think I'm not fucking terrified right now? I don't want this. I never wanted this. You just barged into my life and changed every fucking thing. Now I'm shopping for Christmas presents and making space for fucking kittens and letting you paw through my stuff and dealing with flutters in my stomach, thinking I might be dying for fuck's sake, and you just walk the hell away when I actually open up?"

Reed Girl was staring at me, breathing heavily, her chest heaving and looking rather fucking hot if I was telling the truth. If I wasn't pissed at her; I might be getting her naked. Fucking feelings, fucking everything awesome and good up.

"God, Edward, do you think I expected this to happen? I walked into this, eyes wide open, thinking I knew just the sort of person you were. I figured we'd have a good time, and yes, I was determined to be more to you than just one of your typical fuck 'em and forget 'em girls, but I never expected to fall for you. Or, my God, to have you fall for me. So yeah, I don't know what to say or do either."

With that, some of the knots in my stomach finally started to loosen. "You fell for me?"

"What do you think, dumbass? I'm here, aren't I?" She crossed her arms over her chest but her lips twitched. About fucking time she admitted it.

I put my hands on her waist and pulled her closer to me. "So you love me."

"I didn't say that." But she was smiling.

I smiled back at her. "But you do."

"Maybe I just think I do."

I was never going to live that shit down. Fucking qualifications. Yeah, Mom, I get it now. "Maybe you know you do."

She shrugged and said nothing. Of course it was going to have to be to me. Fuck my life. Alright, I could man up and do this shit. "Maybe I know I do."

Her eyes narrowed. "Maybe?"

God, she was a giant pain in my ass. And for some crazy reason, I didn't mind. It must be love. "I know I do."

Her lips twitched again. "You know you do what?"

Christ. She was going to make me say it. I better get some awesome fucking sex out of this deal or she'd never hear it again. "I know I love you."

The next thing I knew, she had my tie in her hands and yanked my lips down to hers in the hottest fucking kiss I'd ever had pleasure to experience. Her lips were hard and hungry on mine and her sexy body was pressed against me like she'd never get close enough. "Fuck," I managed when I could breathe again.

Her busy fingers were unknotting my tie and then undoing the buttons my shirt. "I know I love you, too. You wouldn't piss me off so badly if I didn't."

"You must love me a hell of a lot," I told her, laughing as she pushed my shirt open and started sucking on my neck. Fuck, I was burning up for her. My hands were on her zipper and tugging it down.

"I could say the same to you," she told me as my shirt slid down my shoulders and got tossed across the room. She went to work on the pants. "I thought you were going to kill poor Marcus Allen."

"I was." My lips were on her neck, tasting her soft skin, nipping gently as I pushed her dress down her body. Fuck me, she was in a black strapless bra and hell yes, matching underwear. "Fuck, baby, you're hot."

"He's old enough to be my father." My pants were down and I kicked them off. She stepped out of her shoes and dress, leaving her only in that sexy ass underwear.

"Didn't stop him from wanting what was mine."

"Yours, huh?" I steered her toward the bed, grabbing her ass and squeezing.

"All mine. Why don't we call that ratfuck Crouch and let him hear just whose name you're about to be screaming?"

Reed Girl laughed breathlessly as we fell onto the bed. I couldn't stop touching her everywhere. And kissing her. I wanted every inch of her body. "We have better things to do than call some has-been."

I snickered and pinned her to the bed, grinning down at her. She was beyond awesome. It wasn't any wonder that I loved this girl. "Yeah, we really fucking do." I thrust against her and watched her eyes darken. She looked amazing, spread out on the bed, ready for me. "I want you. Even when I was pissed off at you, I still fucking wanted you."

She giggled. "I feel the same way, which infuriates me all the more. I shouldn't want you when you're being an asshole."

I unclasped her bra, letting her perky tits spring free. God I loved those things. I had my hands on them immediately. "You should always want me. That's like a love rule or something."

Bella's laugh rolled through me. "There are love rules?"

I kissed her neck and nodded against her skin. "I think so. My father said some shit about it but I really wasn't listening because I didn't want to be in love with you."

She put a hand on my chest and stopped me from putting my lips on her bitable nipple. "You talked to your dad about it?"

"I had to." I scowled, remembering just how fucking well that conversation had gone. "I thought I was dying."

Her face was pretty fucking priceless. She looked confused and turned on and angry all at the same time. Why I should find that attractive I had no idea. More of her weird affect on me. "Dying? Why would you think you were dying?"

"Baby, do we really have to discuss this now?"


Damn it. "Because I felt these fluttery feelings when I thought about you or was around you so I thought I was dying. Or allergic to you." And it sounded fucking ridiculous now that I knew what it was, but who would have thought I would fall in love? Certainly not me.

"Allergic to me?" She giggled again. "You are a dumb jock, aren't you?"

I scowled at her. More fucking name calling. "I'm not dumb. Just…"

"Dumb," she finished, laughing.

"Well, you love me, so you must be pretty dumb, too."

She smiled and brushed a hand through my hair. "Maybe. At the very least I'm crazy to take you on." Her smile was soft and the look in her eyes was…everything.

"Let's be crazy together."

"Okay." Then I kissed her and moved my hands down her sexy body. I peeled her underwear off and she was naked and ready and right there. My boxers came off and we kissed and touched each other, lips moving slowly, tasting one another. It felt familiar and new all at the same time. Maybe this is what Dad meant about it being better. I knew I never felt closer to anybody than I did Bella. When I sucked her nipple into my mouth, she let out a soft moan and her hands held me to her. When I kissed my way down her belly, she opened for me, her eyes warm and full of emotion as I licked her until she came. And when I slipped inside her, she smiled and told me she loved me again. Those words, in that moment, fuck. I don't know. I would have done anything she asked, including buying her fucking tampons. I was well and truly fucked, and for the first time since this whole love business started, I actually kind of liked it.

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