He stayed in London long after the play closed and his theatre company left for the United States.

Weeks later he and Gwen were engaged, their wedding planned for early Summer.

Her friend, Pearl, was giddy with happiness. "I knew it! I just knew it!" she gushed, pleased that she not only pulled Gwen from her funk but successfully proved herself a great matchmaker.

One evening while they lay in bed together, her head resting comfortably on his shoulder, Lawrence told Gwen it was important they return. She understood the need for closure. Not just for him but herself.

He and Gwen traveled to Blackmoor together.

They took a bus part of the way, then travelled by train, then they rented a car that took them as far as the forest and standing stones.

Lawrence eyed them with distain. His nightmare started with those stones, when the creature launched itself at him, nearly killing him. At the time Lawrence wished it had. Especially later when he learned it was his own father who attacked him.


He turned to look at Gwen who had climbed the hill and was looking out at the horizon. Lawrence followed her and when standing side by side he placed his arm around her shoulders. It was a chilly day that threatened rain and both had worn only light jackets.

They looked out at the ruins of Talbot Hall. Nearly nothing was left but charred brick and a few slabs of wood.

"I'm surprised no one ever bought the land and built on it." Gwen said.

"They will. One day." he replied.

"It's been over a hundred years."

"A hundred years of peace. How the villagers must have danced when the last of the Talbot's died."

"No, not really." Gwen recalled, "The Inspector was bitten and there was a fresh terror that he had been cursed as well."

"I bit the Aberline?" Lawrence suddenly appeared ashen. "What happened?"

"I don't know if he ever changed. He returned to London and at the first full moon of the following month I waited for word but nothing ever came. I can only assumed he found a cure, he locked himself up for the rest of his life, or he never changed at all."

Neither spoke for a moment, thinking their own thoughts.

"I learned later that Inspector Aberline had a wife and children but nothing more." Gwen sighed, "Perhaps I didn't want to know."

She leaned into Lawrence.

Gwen Conliffe had died an old maid back then. She had been emotionally damaged by the wretched deaths of the two men she had loved. She was never able to open her heart again and when her father died she took over the antique store and ran the business quite successfully until her dying day. She left the shop and any other wealth she had accumulated to her sister and her children.

Lawrence kissed Gwen's forehead. This wasn't easy for either of them. "Let's go to the village, order a warm supper, and eat it with gusto. Then we'll go to an Inn, close ourselves away in a nice cozy room together and …."

"… sleep in a nice comfy bed together?" She smiled gently and looked up at him.


As they moved away Lawrence paused, turning to look into the dark woods to their right.

He could have sworn he saw movement. Then he heard the howl of a beast.

A wolf.

Gwen did not seem to notice.

Quickly, he followed her to the car.




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