Rikku once tried to put her finger on what exactly it was about Auron that made him so... Auron. She also needed to think of a better adjective to describe him.

She was so fond of him because... well she was like fire and he was like ice. Though... those who knew him well would tell you this:

His outside might seem frozen but that wasn't Auron.

Auron was a giant oat, smelled of wood smoke from years of travelling and campfires, and he was a warmth that comforted you. He was a constant. Like a mountain; like the sun. The relentless winds will blow and rushing waters will push you off your feet but then you'd look up. And he would be there. He may not be the kindest, but being there never happened to Rikku. Her mother died when Rikku was young, and her brother was... well… Brother. Her father was constantly in motion, and too busy for a little girl who would just get in the way. Her father's high status made kids her age scared of her, and her bundle-of-energy personality put off adults. The few friends she made ended up eventually dying in the destruction of home anyway. Something about him was solid, seemed invincible and lasting. Auron was around; he stayed. And his cold exterior only hid his inside.

Each monosyllabic response could be full of caring.

He was like that giant red coat of his. You'd look at that coat and think, "If I could wear that coat, I'd feel safe. I'd feel like nothing bad could happen." You would feel warm and peaceful. Auron made you feel like that on the inside.

So, in the end, there wasn't one adjective that could describe Auron.

Auron was simply Auron and that was what he'll always be, long after he's gone.

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