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Secondly, the story is a follow up to Earthquake. You don't have to read that story first, after all it's 80 chapters long, but you do need to know that in that story Roy is not married. It made writing a whole lot easier. Also, the boys from Station 51 met and befriended a young Canadian woman named Chris from Moose Jaw. While it's been a while and the guys have lost contact with her she will still make an appearance in the next chapter.

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"Where are we going again?" Johnny asked as he and his partner, Roy DeSoto, placed their bags on the scales at LAX.

"Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan," Roy responded. He nodded his thanks to the ticket agent and took the ticket she offered him. Beside him, Johnny also took his ticket.

"Bless you," Johnny said, a smile on his lips. He knew his partner hadn't sneezed but it sure the hell had sounded like he had. Slapping his partner on the shoulder, the two men headed toward the gate.

"I've been told it's somewhere in Canada. I didn't take the time to look it up in the atlas though," Roy admitted. Getting through security was easy, both men only had a small carryon bag. He didn't envy the baggage handlers putting their other bags on the plane. Lugging their equipment around with the squad was easy enough, but by hand for any distance tired even them out.

"Are we going there to do demonstrations?" Johnny asked. Captain Stanley had given him all of the paperwork for their little excursion north but the young paramedic hadn't bothered to read it. That was one of Roy's responsibilities, to read reports and stuff and tell Johnny what he needed to know from them. He'd rather be spending his time camping, fishing or reading medical journals that pertained to being a paramedic.

"Didn't you read the pamphlets before you signed up for this?" Roy asked, barely disguising the irritation in his voice. Sometimes the younger man drove him to distraction. Glancing at his dark haired partner, Roy grinned despite himself. Of course Johnny Gage hadn't read the information. Why had he even bothered to ask? "It's a symposium. We're sharing ideas and comparing our equipment. Maybe we can improve our effectiveness and that of our Canadian counterparts."

"Does Canada have paramedics? I've always had visions of Eskimos and dog sleds when I think of the Great White North," Johnny said as the two men took their assigned seats. The commercial flight was fairly crowded but thankfully, there wasn't anyone else in the paramedics' row so they could spread out a bit.

"I think they prefer to be called 'Inuit', Johnny. I'm not too sure on the dog sleds though."


The plane ride was calm and seemed to last forever. Flying above the cloud cover made watching the landscape they were crossing impossible. Which made for a fairly boring flight, even with the attractive, single young flight attendant that Johnny kept flirting with. Ignoring his partner's irritating attempts to get the woman's number, Roy spent most of the flight reading journals, magazines, anything he could get his hands on.

"The 'fasten seat belts' sign has now been turned on," the older flight attendant announced from the front of the plane. "We will be landing in Regina, Saskatchewan in five minutes. Please put your trays and seats into the upright position and thank you for flying with us today."

"I thought we were going to Moose Jaw," Johnny said as he settled back into his seat and fastened the belt. The flight attendant was busy going from passenger to passenger, making sure everything was in order for the landing, she didn't have time to listen to his fascinating stories anymore. Pity, he thought she was finally showing interest in him.

"If you'd read the travel itinerary you'd know that we land in Regina, rent a car and drive to Moose Jaw. Apparently there isn't a big enough runway for anything but fighter jets and private air planes where we're going," Roy stated. He was trying to repack his carryon bag. Somehow the stuff he'd put into it this morning no longer fit.

"Oh, okay," Johnny responded as he looked out the window. Since he was in the aisle seat, this resulted in him leaning across Roy. Giving up on putting things away neatly, the older paramedic sat back long enough to let his partner look and then began shoving things in his bag indiscriminately.

"Damn but this place is flat," Johnny stated. He'd moved out of Roy's way but was still looking at the landscape beyond the small pane of glass. They had descended beyond the level of the cloud cover. Turning in his seat, Roy gazed outside too. Johnny was right. Spread out before him was a patchwork of fields that looked suspiciously like a quilt for as far as the eye could see.

"You're not kidding. It would make fighting brush fires easier," Roy said. The quilt disappeared as the plane continued to descend. Now all Roy could see was what he assumed was Regina off the right wing of the plane.

"What brush?" Johnny scoffed. He'd turned away from the window, content that he'd seen all there was to see.

"Building fires wouldn't be much of a problem either," Roy breathed. Staring at the skyline of the city, Roy was immediately struck by the fact that except for some tall commercial/office buildings in what he assumed as the center of town, most other buildings were less than five stories tall. "Wow, is this place small."


The plane landed without incident and before they knew it, the two paramedics were walking down a set of stairs to the ground floor of the Regina International Airport. Neither man was impressed after the sprawl of LAX. The air port had two floors. The top floor was for passengers to get on planes and get off planes. Also there was a small restaurant and gift shop. The main floor was filled with the baggage carousels, air line desks and car rental agencies.

"Well, we don't have to worry about getting lost, do we?" Johnny quipped as they reached the main floor, their carryon bags slung over their shoulders.

"You go find a cart for the luggage and I'll go rent us a car. I'll meet you back at the carousel," Roy responded, choosing not to take the bait. Not waiting to make sure Johnny had heard him, the blond paramedic headed over to the nearest car rental counter. They were all the same after all.

"Sure, no problem," Johnny said. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked around. It took a minute to locate the carts. When he did, Johnny realized they were disappearing in a hurry. Rushing forward, he slipped through the other passengers, barely acknowledging their presence until he had a cart firmly clutched in one hand. Stepping back to pull the metal cart out of the last remaining one, Johnny accidently stepped on a man's foot.

"Excuse me," the man said before Johnny even had a chance to respond. Then the grey haired older man moved out of his way until he had his cart free from the other one. Satisfied the younger man wasn't going to step on him again, the man reached out to take the last cart.

"Sorry," Johnny said, glancing at the man. The accident had been his fault for not paying attention to his surroundings. It floored him that the other man had taken responsibility.

Trying to not get into any more trouble, Johnny took a position by the carousel and waited for the seven bags that he and Roy had brought were sent out. The biophone was the most obvious with its red hart shell covering as were the other pieces of equipment. It was the two bags of clothes that took the longest to come off the plane. By the time he had all of the bags perched precariously on the cart, Roy was at his shoulder.

"Is that everything?" Roy asked. He'd all ready counted the bags and knew it was but he wanted to make sure.

"Yep. Lead the way," Johnny said. "You do know how to get us to Moose Jaw, don't you?"

"The rental agent gave me directions and a map. We're good to go," Roy responded, showing the younger paramedic the map and keys he had clutched in one hand. "Let's get going."

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