That was close

"Hanna? Hanna are you upstairs?" Hanna and Caleb shot each other a nervous look as they both recognized that voice. "Shoot what is she doing home?" thought Hanna out loud as she left Caleb in the basement as she storm upstairs.

"Hey mom" she answered as she walked through the basement door. "What are you doing in the basement?" ask Ashley a little confused. To her knowledge the only thing in the basement was an old couch that was very out of style. "It's super cold downstairs so I was just trying to cool down, uh, what you doing home?" she replied nervously.

Ashley's eyes shot to the kitchen island and saw her blackberry. "This, can't leave home without my blackberry" she joked as she quickly grabbed it and stuffed it in her purse. "Bye again" she said as she stepped past Hanna and out through the door once again. Hanna lets go a huge breath of relief as she heard the door close.

"That was close" said Caleb as he walked through the basement door. Hanna spun around now facing him. "You're telling me" she said. "So are we gonna finish our game or what?" asked Caleb with the same excitement in his eyes. "I don't know, I mean what if we get caught?"

"Get caught doing what?" answered Caleb quickly. Right then and there Hanna knew it was the perfect moment to show Caleb what she wanted to do since she met him. She has always been attracted to him, even though he can be an ass sometimes, and she was pretty sure he felt the same as well.

"This" she replied as she put her arms around his neck and dived for the kiss. This felt so right. The feeling of his soft full lips on hers was something she just couldn't describe. Caleb's reaction to the kiss was more excitement than surprised. He instantly kissed her back, placing his hands on her hips as he backed her up into the island. He then lifted her up to place her on the island as they continued to kiss.

Taking her sweet time Hanna slid her hands down Caleb's chest feeling his hard muscular body through his shirt. She always knew Caleb has a great body underneath all his clothes and was dying to see it. As her hands began to wonder, Caleb broke the kiss as he slid his shirt off his body and dumped it on the kitchen floor. He then grabbed Hanna's hand and placed them both on his chest as he slid them down towards his belt.

Looking at Hanna he said "I never thought you would feel this way about me." Hanna took her eyes off his chest as she lean her head against his. She took her hands off his chest and tangled her hands in his soft brown hair looking straight into his eyes. He was still breathing heavy, as so was she, which she didn't mind because she was inhaling his sweet scent. " I couldn't hold my feelings in for any longer" she replied as she went in for another kiss.

She broke the kiss this time as she hoped off the kitchen's island and in front of Caleb. Caleb, confused asked "Whats wrong?". Hanna with a smile on her face grabbed him by the hand and started to lead him to the stairs.

"Let's go upstairs"