Twilight VS FMA/FMAB

Me: Hey all, so here comes another talk show. I know there are a bunch, and I'm sorry, but it sounds fun:D

Ed: (Elric, not the sparkly "vampire") Hey, so you asked me to be here?What?

Me: Hello fellow shorty-


Me: * nods* and neither am I, anyways I feel that there just isn't enough Twilight bashing in the world don't you agree?

Ed: Twilight? With the sparkling fairy and the non-emotional teen?

Me: The very same! * Armstrong sparkle *

*cough* anyways any and all fans can send in questions, dares, comments, etc! Fun right? Right?

Ed: Any and ALL fans?

Me: Grr, yes, Twilight fans can send in stuff too...

Ed: Fine, but...they aren't gonna send in any EdxEdward stuff are they?

Me: * absolutely horrified fangirl look* I..don't...know

Ed: I might have to slice someones...

Me: OKAY! Well than send in stuff you want, and make it count people. By they way, not limited to just Ed and...Cullen. You can send in others, like Riza, Roy, Armstrong, Jacob, Jasper, and the list goes on. Limit the Yaoi people! Don't kill me.

Ed: And please, think about me for the Twilight fans, any with me and Yaoi will get Edwards, or Jacobs, heads sliced off * signature evil grin *

Me: Al! Your brothers going evil again!

Al: brother! Be nice to your fans!

Ed: * Mumbles*

Me: Anyways, see ya soon! I hope, oh, please at least 3 reviews kay? I'll give it a few days but I need something to work with!