Lord Voldemort tapped the arm of him throne impatiently. Draco was late. Nobody kept Lord Voldemort waiting. And if Draco made him miss his chance Voldemort swore he would make the boy pay. He placed the tips of his fingers together as he waited impatiently, going over the plan.

It was perfect.

It would be difficult, yes, but worth it. And it would also take a lot of patience; something the Dark Lord was rather short of at the moment. He would have be clever. It would be difficult.

But then Voldemort reminded himself of the rewards that would come from this plan being successful. Harry Potter...Voldemort shivered in anticipation. He would have the boy...be free to torture him for as long as he liked. He smiled at the thought.

With just a little patience the boy would be his...

Voldemort was pulled from his thoughts by a knocking on the door. He quickly wiped the smile off his face and hissed, "Enter," The hissing wasn't necessary, but it sure did help in scaring his Death Eaters.

The huge doors opened slowly and Draco Malfoy walked in. He walked forward and kissed the hem of Voldemort's robes, bowing as he backed away.

Voldemort could see the fear radiating from the boy. 'He should be scared' Voldemort thought. He actually felt a tiny bit of pity for the boy who had no idea what was coming. But then the image of Harry Potter screaming and writhing on the floor in pain entered his mind, and all thoughts of pity were gone from his mind.

It wouldn't do to mess up the whole plan feeling sorry for some stupid boy.

Draco was swaying nervously from foot to foot. He opened his mouth to speak, but quickly shut it, not wanting to get on the Dark Lord's bad side by saying the wrong thing.

This did not go unnoticed by Voldemort. "Yes, Draco?"

Draco was shaking and managed to mumble, "Nothing..."

Voldemort sat forward on his throne, and Draco took a few steps back. "What was that, Draco?" He whispered, but the words echoed around the whole room.

Draco struggled to stop him self from shivering and stood up tall. "It's just that...I'm going to be late...to the train." He shut his eyes tightly as if he thought he was going to be punished.

Voldemort laughed. "I am aware of this Draco. You will not miss the train. Now, come here."

Draco slowly opened his eyes, and looked up at the Dark Lord, worry etched all over his face. "My L-lord?"

"I believe I gave you an order, Draco. Here, Now." Voldemort smiled as Draco clumsily stumbled towards the throne where his master was sitting. He kneeled down in front of Voldemort, making sure to show proper respect.

"Voldemort stood and walked over to the kneeling boy. He pulled a vial full of blue potion from a pocket in his robes. "Look at me." Draco lifted his head and saw the vial being held out to him. He stared at it intently, trying to identify the liquid and wondering what he was expected to do with it.

"Drink," Voldemort hissed. He saw Draco's eyes widen and he laughed inwardly. The boy's eyes shot from the vial to his master as if hoping the whole thing was a joke. Even though he knew the Dark Lord didn't joke around.

Voldemort sighed. He didn't have time for this. "Drink it now or I will force you to."

Draco gulped. "What is i-it, My Lord?"

"Are you questioning me, Draco?"

"No, of course not, My Lord, I would never..." He was cut off by a glare from Voldemort. Draco took the vial with a shaking hand and uncorked it. It smelled odd...like blankets and softness. Draco downed the whole thing in one gulp, not wanting to annoy the Dark Lord anymore. It tasted like air. Suddenly, he fell. His brain became clouded. He felt so tired and confused. His limbs had stopped working.

Voldemort grinned as Draco's eyes began to droop and finally closed. He wouldn't be waking up for a very long time. Step one of the plan was complete.

Voldemort vanished. Then Draco stood up. Only it wasn't Draco. Red eyes shined from where Draco's cool gray ones normally were. And when he laughed Draco's voice didn't come out. It was Voldemort's.

He looked down at himself, stretching his fingers. He had possessed Draco without any trouble. That had also been part of the plan. Draco was in what could be called a coma while the Dark Lord inhabited his body. This was essential so Draco couldn't fight back and ruin everything.

Posing as Draco was also important. It was the only way he would be able to get close to Harry.

Of course possessing a Gryffindor would have made the plan simpler. But there was no way he, Lord Voldemort, was going to be a Gryffindor. Just as there was no way he was going to be spending his time with other Gryffindors except one in particular.

What he would have to accomplish is getting Harry Potter to trust Draco Malfoy. A near impossible feat, he knew. The Malfoy boy was constantly ranting about 'Potter this, and Potter that'. And from the trips to Harry's mind he also knew that Potter felt the same.

There was a knock and the door opened. Narcissa Malfoy poked her head in and frowned at Voldemort. "What are you doing here, Draco? You're going to miss the train! Come on!" She held the door open, tapping her foot impatiently.

Voldemort had to stop himself from hexing her right then and there. Narcissa and Lucius were not in on the plan. They would mess up everything if they knew. Only a select few Death Eaters were aware of the plan. Only those he could fully trust.

Voldemort forced his eyes to change to Draco's and his voice to change also. Then he walked towards Narcissa and out the door, heading towards Draco's room. He called over his shoulder, "I just have to get my things." It was rather odd to hear Draco's voice when he was talking. As was being shorter than normal. But he realized he would have to get used to it if the plan was going to be successful. If he was finally going to get his hands on Harry Potter...

Yes, he smirked, having Harry Potter would make the all the trouble worthwhile...