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Voldemort sat in the Slytherin common room with an invisibility spell placed on him. It was late. Very late. And Voldemort really wanted to go to sleep. But he had to do something first. To do this he had to be patient and wait. Unfortunately, patience wasn't something Voldemort had a lot of. Especially since in just a few hours he would be torturing Harry Potter mercilessly all day. He smiled at the thought. The torture would be beautiful.

He was daydreaming of how wonderful tomorrow was going to be, when there was a crack and a house elf appeared in the common room with about ten hats teetering on top of its head and twenty pairs of socks padding the sounds of its footsteps. It was Dobby, the Malfoys' old house elf. Just the creature Voldemort wanted to see.

Dobby scanned the room and, spotting no one, began cleaning. He picked up the discarded candy wrappers and newspapers that covered the floor. Voldemort stood, still in his invisible state, and went over to the elf. Dobby didn't suspect a thing. The elf had bent down to retrieve a stray piece of homework and when he stood back up Voldemort removed the invisibility spell and wrapped his hand around Dobby's skinny arm, lifting him up and off the floor.

Dobby panicked. "Put Dobby down!" he squeaked. The elf swung wildly from side to side. Voldemort tightened his grip and muttered the Imperius curse. "Be still." He ordered. Dobby stopped moving, his eyes empty.

"Now," Voldemort said, bringing the elf up so he was staring Dobby in the face. "Tell me the truth. Did you tell Dumbledore about finding me in the kitchens on the first night?"

Dobby nodded slowly. "Dobby did."

"And what did Dumbledore say when you told him?" The Elf said nothing. The Imperius curse needed direct orders, not questions. "Tell me."

"Headmaster asked Dobby what Mr. Malfoy was doing in the Kitchens. Dobby said he did not know. Mr. Dumbledore told Dobby to watch Mr. Malfoy and tell Mr. Dumbledore what Dobby sees." Voldemort was furious. The old fool had gotten a house elf to watch him? It was very low for the Headmaster.

"Have you been following me?" Voldemort growled. Again, Dobby said nothing. "Answer me!" He gave the elf a shake, causing a few hats to fall off Dobby's head.

Again, the elf nodded. "Dobby has."

"Tell me what you have seen." If Dobby had seen half the things he'd done and told Dumbledore about them, he was done for.

"Dobby saw Mr. Malfoy go into the Gryffindor common room. Dobby saw Mr. Malfoy leave Harry Potter in the hallway when he fell." Voldemort looked away from the little elf. This was bad. If Dobby had told Dumbledore already his whole plan was over with.

"Tell me. Have you told Dumbledore what you have seen?" To Voldemort's relief, the elf shook his head. "Tell me why you haven't."

"Mr. Dumbledore has been busy. He has not had time for Dobby."

Voldemort dropped the elf who landed awkwardly on the floor. "Listen to me. You are to stop following me. You are not to tell Dumbledore or anyone about what you have seen. You are to do everything I tell you to." Dobby nodded dumbly and got to his feet. "Continue with what you were doing. And remember I was never here."

Dobby returned to picking up trash as if nothing had ever happened, a confused look on his face. Voldemort walked past him and to his dormitory. He was still mad at Dumbledore for trying to spy on him, but at least it had been taken care of. That little elf wouldn't say a word to the old fool.

He opened the door quietly so he wouldn't wake his roommates and slipped into bed. He needed to get to sleep. Tomorrow he had to visit his Death Eaters at headquarters. He knew this was probably going to drive him insane. And he also had to have a little chat with Lucius about his plan involving a certain Regulus Black. Lucius was the one who had informed him that Regulus Black was dead. But at least he had the torture session with Harry to look forward to. Surely that would make up for everything.

Voldemort chuckled. He could hardly wait…

The next morning Voldemort woke Crabbe and Goyle up early. He ordered them to tell anyone who asked where he was that he was sick and wanted to be left alone. Crabbe and Goyle didn't dare ask for a reason why nor were they right enough in the head in their sleep filled states to do so. They just nodded obediently and went back to sleep after he left. Voldemort made himself invisible and walked through the halls of Hogwarts, heading for the front doors. He had a long walk ahead of him. He couldn't risk being seen. Students weren't supposed to leave the grounds.

Lucky for Voldemort not too many people were up this early. He was able to go through the doors no problem and outside onto the grounds. He continued straight, making sure to keep on the main path and not wander into the forbidden forest. It took while but he was finally greeted by the feeling of apparition wards. He pushed through them and cut at them with magic until he finally stumbled out the other side. It was much easier to get out of Hogwarts than it was to get in. No students at Hogwarts had the amount of magical power to do what he had done. Except, now that he thought about it, maybe Harry Potter from what he'd been told. Yes…he would have to watch what magic the boy did from now on.

With one more glance back at Hogwarts to make sure he hadn't been followed, Voldemort vanished in a swirl of black mist. After nearly suffocating to death in the choking black darkness, Voldemort appeared in a small grey cell inside of headquarters. The apparition wards around the Malfoy Manor didn't stop him. He was the one who had put them there, after all.

Voldemort closed his eyes and concentrated. When he next opened them he was back in his own body and Draco was on the floor in front of him, groaning in pain. Draco's storm grey eyes looked up at him and he let out a whimper. "My…my lord…w-why…?"

Voldemort was too busy looking at his own body to listen to the boy. It felt so good to be back in his own body again, even if it was only going to be for a little while. "My lord…a-are you…going t-to…?"

The Dark Lord turned his gaze on the boy on the floor. "Yes, Draco?"

"Are y-you going to…s-stop?" Voldemort heard the plea in Draco's voice.

"Stop possessing you?" Draco nodded shakily. "No, Draco. Not until I get what I want. Not until Harry Potter is mine." Voldemort saw tears form in Draco's eyes.

"P-please, my lord…please…" Draco begged.

Voldemort held no mercy for the boy. Draco was merely a pawn to be used till Voldemort got what he wanted. "Did you not hear me, Draco? When Harry Potter is trapped down in these dungeons, that is when you will be free. The Malfoy family will be rewarded greatly. Until then you will help me get what I want. Nobody will stand in my way, Draco. Nobody will keep me from Harry Potter."

With that he walked out and closed the door. He heard Draco pounding on the door and begging to be let free. He ignored Draco and left the dungeons to head to the throne room. As he walked, Death Eaters bowed respectfully and said that they were glad he was back. He ordered one of them to find Lucius and send him to the throne room in about thirty minutes and then that he wanted his top Death Eaters there in an hour. The Death Eater nodded that they would pass on the demands.

When Voldemort arrived at the throne room, he threw open the doors and walked briskly to his wonderful throne that he hadn't sat in for a week now. When he sat down he remembered how much he liked sitting here. It was a perfect place to torture Harry.

Making sure the doors were shut, Voldemort closed his eyes and slipped into the boy's mind.

The boy was in a small room that contained a bed, a dresser, and a bedside table on which sat the blood replenishing potion they had made. Voldemort supposed that Harry didn't want to be in the Gryffindor common room when he was tortured. He didn't want his friends to know. How very noble.

Harry was sitting on the bed, shaking. He knew the pain that would come. Voldemort prided the boy on not going back on their deal. Although it was probably just that stupid Gryffindor bravery that prevented him from running away. Or maybe Harry was smart enough to know he couldn't run from his own mind. Either way, it left Voldemort free to torture the boy.

"It's time, Harry." he hissed. Harry nodded solemnly and reached into his pocket. He pulled out the vial that Dumbledore had given him that contained the dreamless sleep potion. "Don't, Harry." Voldemort warned. Harry defiantly tipped his head back and poured the whole potion down his throat. He wiped his mouth and threw the glass vial on the floor before lying on the bed, a yawn escaping him. Voldemort shook his head. Dreamless sleep potion wasn't going to help Harry. The boy would be punished for disobeying him.

Harry's eyelids fluttered and finally closed. Smirking, Voldemort dove deeper into the boy's mind to start the torture session.

They were in a small room not unlike the one Voldemort had left Draco in. Harry, who had been lying on the floor, got shakily to his feet and looked around, his eyes wide with fear. Voldemort came up behind the boy and wrapped his arms around him, pinning Harry to his chest. Harry yelped and tried to escape but Voldemort only held him closer. "Let me go!" Harry demanded, fighting with all his might.

Voldemort chuckled darkly. "Now, Harry, why would I do that? I still have all day to torture you." He brushed his fingers against Harry's scar. "And you have to be punished. I told you not to drink that potion. You tried to keep me out of your mind. I've been looking forward to this for days, Harry. No mere potion is going to keep me from causing you pain. I want to break you."

"You'll never break me." Harry growled, though Voldemort could hear the terror in his voice.

"But I will." Voldemort released his grip, causing Harry to fall to the floor. Harry scooted away from him, never taking his eyes off Voldemort. Voldemort pulled out his wand and pointed it at Harry. "I'm going to make you scream, Harry. I'll make you cry, plead, beg me for mercy." He flicked his wand and Harry was thrown against the wall where he was held, his back against the stone. Then he was dropped. Harry got to his feet quickly and glared at Voldemort, who walked towards the boy. "Your blood will coat these walls and you will lie at my feet, broken so beautifully."

In a flash Voldemort was in front of Harry, pinning the boy to the wall. Harry's green eyes shook as Voldemort whispered in his ear. "You will scream for me. And I will enjoy your pain immensely."

Voldemort forced Harry to face the wall and placed a sticking charm on Harry's hands before placing them on the wall. Harry tried to remove his hands but it was no use. "What are you doing?" Harry attempted to look behind him. Voldemort took a knife from his pocket and used it to cut the boy's shirt off so the scars on Harry's back were visible. Voldemort traced these with his fingertips, making Harry shiver. He smiled at his artwork.

"I think you need some new scars, Harry, don't you agree?" He backed away, smiling as Harry struggled to move away. He moved his wand in a slashing movement and it was turned into a fiery whip. The heat was intense and Harry shook in fear as Voldemort lifted it and brought it down on Harry's pale and scared back. The whip wrapped around his chest and burned him horribly. Voldemort regaled as Harry screamed out his agony. His back arched and he fell to his knees, shrieking. Voldemort pulled the whip back and slammed it against Harry's back again. Harry's pain was beautiful and Voldemort wanted more.

He continued to whip the boy until Harry's back was coated in blood and the sticking charm wore off. Harry crumpled to the floor and curled upon himself, tears falling down his face. Burns covered his small body. Voldemort lifted his hand and Harry flew into his arms. Voldemort pushed down on Harry's burns, and smirked as Harry whimpered. "Did that hurt, Harry? Do you want me to stop?"

"You bastard…" Harry rasped. Voldemort's eyes narrowed in anger.

"You will not talk to me like that, Harry. You will learn to respect me." Voldemort dropped Harry and pointed his wand at the boy. He saw that spark of defiance in Harry's eyes and wanted to destroy it. Harry tried to crawl away from him, but Voldemort simply smiled and cast the Cruciatus Curse. Harry convulsed violently on the floor, biting his bottom lip tightly so he wouldn't make a sound. Voldemort increased the curse, wanting to hear the boy scream. Still, Harry was stubborn and even though tears were falling freely down his face, his mouth stayed shut. His body twitched violently and his arms spazed out. The terrible pain was visible on Harry's face. But it wasn't enough for Voldemort. He wanted Harry to scream. Needed Harry to scream.

He stepped closer to the boy and increased the curse even more. Harry finally relented, threw his head back, and screamed his throat raw. Voldemort held Harry under the curse until Harry could no longer make a sound. When he removed the curse, Harry lay there, breathing hard and shaking with the after effects of the torture. Voldemort crouched down to the boy's level, grinning. He was enjoying this greatly. "This is wonderful, Harry. And to think that we have all day to continue."

Voldemort reached out and pulled the boy into his lap. Harry gasped in pain from the contact. Harry again put up a weak struggle. Voldemort chuckled at his weak attempts and pulled out the knife. He pinned Harry's arms down and slowly slid the blade into the boy's stomach. Harry moaned and the most beautiful look of agony appeared on his face. Blood seeped out from where the blade was and trickled down his stomach. Voldemort twisted the blade which got him a small scream from Harry. He stroked Harry's hair lightly as he continued to stab the boy mercilessly. Harry's stunningly red blood stained Voldemort's hands and robes. Harry screamed and sobbed, which was music to Voldemort's ears.

"Your pain is marvelous, Harry." Voldemort smiled as he cut deeply into Harry's shoulder. Harry grit his teeth and tossed his head back, groaning. Voldemort was having so much fun causing Harry pain that when he heard a knock coming from the real world he was caught off guard. Next thing he knew the knife was taken out of his hand and plunged into his arm. Voldemort hissed it pain and threw the boy from him. "You stupid boy!" He yanked the blade from his arm and dropped it back in his pocket. Then he placed Harry under the Cruciatus Curse again.

The screams came forth and Voldemort soaked them in while Harry shrieked in pain. Then again there was an interruption from the outside world. "My lord? Should I come in?" He heard Lucius Malfoy ask.

Voldemort growled in annoyance and ended the curse. He picked Harry up by his throat and held the boy in front of him. Harry spat defiantly in his face. Voldemort raised his hand and landed a firm smack across Harry's face. Tears appeared in the boy's eyes along with a red hand mark on his skin. "You will pay horribly for that, Harry." He took out his wand and waved it. Shackles appeared on chains hanging down from the ceiling. Voldemort clamped down the shackles around Harry's wrist so his arms were forced above his head. "I'll be back soon, Harry." He promised, and dragged his nails down the boy's bleeding chest, making Harry shriek.

He went back to the real world and left Harry hanging from the ceiling in the imaginary room, while still keeping an eye on the boy. He gripped the armrest tightly in his hands to avoid going off on Lucius. He had ordered that Lucius come. He had stabbed Harry for a long time. It could have easily been more than thirty minutes. "Come in," Voldemort said, a bit annoyed, and the doors opened to let in Lucius Malfoy, who seemed a bit worried.

"You wanted to see me, my lord?" Lucius asked hesitantly while bowing.

Voldemort sighed. He wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible but he needed to concentrate he had all day to torture Harry. He could spare a few minutes of his time to deal with the current situation. He locked eyes with Lucius. "Do you remember Regulus Black?"

Lucius seemed confused. "Of course, my lord. He was a traitor. Why do you ask?"

Voldemort placed his fingertips together and surveyed the Death Eater before him. It didn't seem as through Lucius had gotten any tenser or more worried as would be expected of someone guilty. Maybe Lucius truly believed that Regulus was dead. Or maybe he was just a really good liar. "Are you aware of the fact that Regulus Black is alive?"

Lucius's eyes widened. "Regulus is alive? But that can't be. He died. I know he did."

"He didn't die, Lucius. I was just informed that he is indeed alive and well." Voldemort leaned forward a bit. "Care to tell me how this could be?"

The Death Eater before him just opened and closed his mouth, unable to say a word. Lucius quickly regained himself. "Regulus told me that he planned to betray you, my lord. He said that what he was going to do was going to be used to destroy you. He also said that if he did not return to inform me about what happened, then he was dead. Since he did not return I just assumed…"

"You assumed?" Voldemort hissed, his eyes lighting up with anger. "You assumed and let an unloyal Death Eater live unpunished for all these years!"

Lucius shrunk back. "I never saw him again, my lord, and he did not appear at any of the meanings so I just thought…Sirius Black, his brother, was also under the impression that he was dead. There were no facts to prove otherwise, my lord…"

Voldemort pulled out his wand and pointed it at Lucius. Lucius had lied to him. He would be punished. Lucius shook his head quickly. "Please, my lord," he begged. "I was not aware he was still alive…I did not know…" Before Lucius could finish Voldemort placed him under the Cruciatus Cruse. The blond man screamed and convulsed on the floor but Voldemort felt no satisfaction from Lucius's pain. He checked in on Harry again and saw tears running down the boy's face as he shook, the chains rattling. Harry looked so weak and vulnerable. Voldemort wanted to torture the boy at this one beautiful moment. Harry looked so perfect with blood dripping off him and tears streaming from his eyes. So very tortureable.

He pulled back into the real world and ended the cruse he had placed on Lucius. Lucius got shakily into a bow. "I will punish you later for lying to me, Lucius. You will not do so again, will you?"

"No, my lord." Lucius mumbled, bowing even lower. He looked up at his master. "What do you wish to do about Regulus Black?"

"You are to gather your team and look for him again. You are to search everywhere, like you did when he first went missing. For your sake, Lucius, you better hope you find him. And if you do, I want him brought to me. No Death Eater betrays me and gets away with it."

Lucius got to his feet. "Of course, my lord. Right away. I will find him." He was turning to go, when he chanced a glance back at Voldemort. He paused. "My lord…are you bleeding?" Voldemort followed Lucius's gaze and saw that indeed he was. Harry had stabbed him and the cut was here even outside of the boy's mind. He waved his wand over it and it healed closed. Lucius was staring at him like he couldn't believe his eyes. None of his Death Eaters had ever seen him bleed before. "It is nothing, Lucius."

Voldemort waved his hand and Lucius knew he was supposed to leave. Immediately when the doors shut behind the blond Death Eater, Voldemort dove back into the boy's mind, eager to continue. He appeared in right in front of Harry with their faces inches apart. Harry let out a little yelp and struggled. Voldemort chuckled and grabbed Harry's face in his hand. He used his free hand to wipe away the tears off Harry's face. Harry's striking emerald eyes stared at him, filled with fear. "Are you scared, Harry?" He whispered, moving his hand to a cut on Harry's side and digging his nails in. Harry moaned and more tears fell. "Are you scared of this pain?"

"I'm not…scared of you…" Harry cried. Voldemort smiled, pulling the boy closer. "But you are, Harry. I can see it in your eyes. You are scared of the pain I can cause you…just say it, Harry. Just say you are scared of me…tell me I strike fear into your heart."

"Never!" Harry shouted, with that defiance that Voldemort so wanted to crush.

"Harry, Harry, Harry…" Voldemort tisked. "You have forced my hand. It's time to be a little more violent with you." Voldemort waved his hand and a long black pole appeared in his grasp. Harry's eyes went wide as saucers. "Muggles can be rather brutal when they torture people. I think it would be perfect for you, Harry. Since you aren't easy to break mentally, I think it would be much more enjoyable and much easier to break you physically. A few broken ribs, maybe. A snapped arm. A shattered leg…" He hefted the pole in his hands while Harry struggled madly. Laughing, Voldemort got into position and swung the pole and it connected with a loud crack to Harry's small chest. Harry let out a horrible scream that turned into a choked sob as Voldemort swung again, this time harder, and hit his stomach. Harry's body swung away from Voldemort, and then swung back, the chains pulling on Harry's arms and nearly causing them to be ripped out of their sockets. It was like hitting a piñata that Voldemort had seen once at the orphanage during a special party, only screams came out instead of candy. This was just too much fun.

Voldemort stopped for a second, an evil grin on his face, and allowed Harry to stop swinging back and forth. The boy coughed up blood and it stained his pale face, mixing with the tears that flowed down his cheeks. It was a beautiful sight. "Do you want me to stop, Harry? All you must do is ask."

Harry slowly shook his head. "N-no…" he managed to stutter. The grin on Voldemort's face grew. The boy's stubbornness wasn't always a bad thing. He lifted the pole again and slammed it against Harry's leg. Crack! Harry screamed as loud as he could as his leg was snapped in two. Voldemort continued doing this till Harry's arms finally did get ripped from their sockets, and he let out the loudest scream yet. His body was covered in blood, as a rib had poked through the skin. Voldemort vanished the pole and came very close to Harry, until they were barely an inch between them. He ran his hand over Harry's shaking chest and covered the hand in blood. He moved his fingers to Harry's face and ran them over Harry's face, leaving behind streaks of red. The boy shivered at his touch.

He looked on at Harry's beaten and broken body and prided himself on his work. Even though he knew Harry wasn't fully broken just yet. Harry was much too strong to break so easily. He waved his hand and the shackles holding Harry to the ceiling disappeared and he crashed to the floor, unmoving.

Voldemort pulled out his wand again and pointed it at Harry. Harry lifted his head and looked Voldemort right in the eyes. The boy's eyes were filled with pain, but mixed in with the pain was anger. Voldemort laughed again. "Are you angry, Harry? You mustn't forget that this wonderful torture session is all thanks to you. I could have tortured you for only two nights, but instead you gave me a whole day." He reached down and picked Harry up by his throat and lifted the boy clear off the floor till they were face to face. "A whole beautiful day to torture you."

He placed the tip of his wand against the boy's bare chest. He was about to say the torture curse but again there was a disturbance from the outside world. Had it been thirty minutes already? Voldemort growled in annoyance. He dropped Harry reluctantly as there was knocking on the door of his throne room. Harry looked up at him from the floor, his red blood covering his face. "Are you leaving?" he whispered, a little bit of hope in his eyes.

Voldemort looked down on the boy who looked so very weak and broken. He itched to place the boy under the Cruciatus Curse to hear his beautiful screams again. But he had his Death Eaters to attend to. Harry could wait. "Just for a few minutes, Harry. Then we can continue."

With one last longing look at the bleeding boy on the floor, Voldemort slipped back in the real world. "Enter," He ordered. Bellatrix, Lucius, Snape, Greyback, and Rodolphus Lestrange came through the doors. They bowed respectfully and walked up to him, pausing at a polite distance from his throne.

Voldemort scanned their faces to see if he could figure out what they were about to tell him. "How many raids have you preformed in my absence?" he questioned.

Bellatrix took a step forward, her eyes aglow with absolute loyalty to her master, and spoke. "Three, my lord. More than we normally accomplish in a week even with you here. Just as you ordered us, my lord." She looked up at him for confirmation that she had pleased him with this news. Rodolphus looked a little put out as he saw the desire his wife had to be with the Dark Lord. It angered him slightly. Bellatrix was his wife, after all. And even if she was crazy he still loved her, even though she never loved him in return.

Voldemort was impressed. Three raids was no easy feat. "And how many casualties?"

Bellatrix's face fell a bit. She seemed nervous, as did the rest of the Death Eaters. "Three, my lord." She hurriedly bowed low. "I am so sorry, my lord. But the Order was there to intercept us…they prevented us from causing more damage and taking more lives…I do not know how they found out…we failed to preform, my lord..." Voldemort silenced her with a Cruciatus Curse. She shrieked and shook in pain at his feet.

He spoke above the screams. "Three deaths? Three? How are the people of the Wizarding World supposed to fear us when after three raids my Death Eaters have only successfully killed three people?" His Death Eaters shrunk back slightly. "I leave you alone for a week and you fail to do what I tell you. Can I not trust my Death Eaters to follow my orders?" He ended the curse and Bellatrix got quickly into a bow on the floor, lifting her head slightly.

"My lord, you can trust us. We are forever loyal to you. We promise we will do better next time." She paused. "Are you going to go away again, my lord?"

The other Death Eaters looked up at him at this question. They were curious to know as well. "Yes, Bellatrix. I am leaving again."

"But why, my lord! Surely you want to be here, with your loyal followers!" Bellatrix clamped a hand tight over her mouth, her eyes wide with terror. She had spoken out of turn.

Voldemort decided not to punish her again. It wasn't worth his time. "My business is my own, Bellatrix. I expect you all to perform at least two more raids in my next stretch of absence. I want a minimum of ten people killed. If you fail to do this, you will all be punished." He leaned back in his chair. Nagini, who he hadn't realized was on his throne, slithered into his lap, her tongue flickering in and out. He ran his hand over the Snake's scales and realized that Nagini was a bit skinner than usual. He glared at his Death Eaters. "Have any of you been feeding Nagini?"

The Death Eaters faces fell. "Well, you see, my lord, we were going to but…circumstances prevented us from doing so…we didn't mean to…" Greyback cut him off. "Shut it, Malfoy." The werewolf looked at Voldemort. "That bloody snake almost ate my hand. These cowards didn't want to go near it after that, and neither did I."

Voldemort stroked his snake slowly. "Very well then, Greyback. Since Nagini seems to like you so much, you have the responsibility of feeding her."

Greyback growled lowly in his throat. "What?" he barked.

"If you don't, then Nagini will feed on you." Greyback glared. "It is your choice."

Greyback crossed his arms, but said nothing more. "Go to him, Nagini. If he does not feed you, you may eat him." Voldemort hissed his Parseltongue.

"Yes, Master." Nagini slid from his lap and onto the floor, where she slunk over to Greyback and started to slowly wrap around his body. He struggled, but with a look from Voldemort he stopped and reluctantly allowed Nagini to get very close to his neck and flicker out her tongue to taste his skin. He flinched.

Voldemort looked at the others. "Severus, you stay here. The rest of you leave."

Snape remained while the others left out the doors and they closed shut. Severus looked up at him. Voldemort looked into the Potions master's eyes. "Has Dumbledore talk to you recently?"

Snape nodded. "He has. Just the regular conversations."

"Has he asked you anything about Harry Potter?" Voldemort asked.

Snape raised an eyebrow. "Well, yes. Since you have been sending Potter an excessive amount of dreams recently, he has become concerned and asked what would be the best course of action. I made Dumbledore some Dreamless Sleep potion to give to Potter if he needed it. I know it won't keep you out of his mind, however, Dumbledore believes it will."

"Anything else?" He could tell Snape was holding back information.

"The Malfoy boy has been acting odd lately. He has advanced dramatically in all his classes and he is spending an excessive amount of time around the Potter. Dumbledore believes that you ordered Draco to get close to Potter so Draco could kidnap him and bring him to you." Snape seemed curious as to how Voldemort would respond to this. Voldemort merely crossed his fingers and surveyed the man before him, whose loyalties he could not place.

"That is all, Severus." Snape, knowing that Voldemort wasn't going to say anything else, bowed respectfully and left through the door. Yet again, Voldemort returned to Harry's mind to find that Harry was still on the floor, breathing hard and shaking. He smirked, raised his wand, and placed Harry under the torture curse. He drank in Harry's screams and picked up the boy again by his throat to see the pain in Harry's face. He increased the cruse and Harry's eyes rolled back in his head and he began shaking madly, a small dribble of blood trickling out of the side of his mouth.

He ended it, and Harry went limp in his grip. He was bleeding heavily and his eyes were red from crying. The sight was incredible. He could hardly imagine how wonderful torturing Harry would be in the real world. He pointed his wand at Harry's heart were he knew it would hurt and opened his mouth to say one word that would make Harry scream. Except there was another interruption. Only it wasn't from Voldemort's side this time. It was from Harry's.

"What's happening?" Voldemort growled.

Harry looked scared. "Ron…Hermione…no…they're trying to wake me up."

Voldemort tightened his grip around Harry's neck. "Don't let them wake you up. You will be punished horribly if you leave this torture session now. I'm not done with you yet."

"Harry!" A voice shouted. "Harry, wake up! What's happening, Hermione? Why is he bleeding?"

"Harry…" Voldemort warned. He still had hours to torture the boy. It couldn't be over yet.

But Harry was going in and out of focus, like a ghost. He was waking up. "Why did he even come here? He said he was going to the library to finish Snape's essay. We have to tell Dumbledore. This is worse than Tuesday." Said the voice.

Voldemort pulled the boy close to him and glared into the boy's fading emerald eyes. "If you think this will get you out of the torture you are mistaken, Harry. The minute you fall asleep again I will be there and I will continue torturing you until I decide when it is over." Voldemort saw the fear in Harry's eyes and then his disappeared completely. Voldemort knew the boy had waken up.

He pulled back and looked out of the boy's eyes, which we cloudy due to the tears. The red head and the mudblood were standing over the boy, worried looks on their faces. Then Harry moved and they immediately converged on him. "Harry, are you awake? Can you hear me?" Harry only moaned in response. "We need to get him to the hospital wing. Now." Said the mudblood. Her and the other grabbed Harry and helped him to his feet. The second that Harry put pressure on his broken leg he threw up violently and his vision went black for a second. Harry's two friends lead him over to the door, with Harry trying to protest all the way, but thanks to the blood in his throat he could only make incoherent sounds and spit blood on to the floor. Then the mudblood made the mistake of placing her hand on Harry's chest to steady him. Her hand pushed down on the rib that protruded from his skin and Harry collapsed on to the floor, the pain overwhelming. His friends fell by his side, asking him what was wrong. Voldemort attacked the boy's mind with more pain, and ultimately it was too much. Harry's vision went dark and so did Voldemort's as Harry's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he went limp on the floor…


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