Change of Heart

Elijah Goldsworthy, the new boy at Degrassi, came looking for one thing: sex. It doesn't matter who, where, or when. Eli just doesn't stop. That is, of course, until he meets Saint Clare Edwards. But what will overprotective big brother Fitz think of Clare hanging out with this "bad boy"?

I don't own Degrassi, only a mom that cooks burnt waffles.

Chapter 1- Mystery

Burnt waffles are disgusting. Who wants to eat in the morning anyway? My mom can't cook for her life. Now that she was making me actually go to school I was forced to get up early. Joy.

Not that I didn't mind school. Wait, that might have been one of the biggest lies I have ever said, err, thought. School is… how can I even start that sentence and end with something positive? It has girls; that's always a good thing, right?

Anyway, I slung my backpack over my shoulder and began to walk out the door when suddenly a hand was on my arm. My protective side started up and I turned around with a death glare to find my fragile mom holding a plate of her "waffles."

"Did you eat enough, Elijah?" she asked.

"Mom, it's Eli. And yes, I'm full." I mentally rolled my eyes.

"Are you sure? They're still warm. I have pancakes too-"

"It's fine, Mom. Thanks," I said, almost smiling as I walked out of the door. My mom could be so cute sometimes. I walked down the street until I saw a blue and gold sign that read: Welcome to Degrassi! This week was going to be hell.

I run up the steps and into the main office where I was greeted by my principal. He went to grab my hand and I took it, gladly.

"It's great to have you here, Elijah. New students are-"

"Please, Mr. Simpson, it's Eli," I interrupted, feeling a little rude.

He put a hand up in defense. "My apologies, Eli. As I was saying, new students are always welcome to Degrassi Community School."

I smirked. "Glad to be here." I could tell he saw right through that lie. Oh well.

"Mr. S, the copy machine is jammed again. What should I do?" A tall guy ran out from a room, looking stressed. Jees, it's only 9 in the morning and this poor kid looked half worked to death. His skin was dark, as were his eyes and hair. He has long arms and a skinny body that was slightly in shape. His eyebrows were bushy and black, just like his short hair. The boy looked up and smiled at me.

"You must be the new kid," he spoke slowly, almost unsure. Yup, the new kid. I was so used to be called that.

I simply nodded in respond. His smiled never faded. "D-do you want me to give you a tour? Help you with your schedule? Anything?"

Mr. Simpson looked from me to the boy. "Eli, this is Sav, Degrassi's school president."

"Are you forgetting to introduce me, Mr. Simpson?" I looked over at a short ginger-haired girl that walked out from what looked the same room that Sav came from. She was cute. Scratch that, she was hot. Her freckles and green eyes stood out the most to me. I mentally shook myself and smirked.

Mr. Simpson smiled at her jokingly. "Never, Ms. Sinclair. Eli, this is Holly J the-"

"The HBIC," she stated simply, then swung her hair over and her shoulder and walked away with confidence.

"Or that too," Mr. Simpson said under his breath. He straightened himself and clasped his hands together, making the room shake. "Okay! Here is your schedule, Eli, and Sav will show you to you're first class."

Sav was smiling and motioned me over to him. Hesitantly, I started walking with him to my first period class. We didn't really talk much. He just asked where I lived before, if I had any pets, why I wore all black…

"This is your English class with Mrs. Dawes. Good luck, she can be a little weird," Sav looked down and laughed a little.

My eyes moved away from him as I thanked him and entered the classroom quietly. It seemed like they were already in the middle of a lesson. I searched for a chair and, with my luck, there was one right up in the front of the room. Sigh. I started to walk to the lonely desk. I heard a few girls whisper to each other and a couple whistles. I smirked. Maybe this school wouldn't be so bad.

I slid casually into the chair and slumped down a little. I put the small amount of books I had underneath the desk and folded my hands on my desk. The teacher, Mrs. Dawes, finished explaining something to the class before making her way over to me.

"Are you Elijah?" she asked, smiling a little.

I sighed. There was really no point in telling her I preferred Eli, so I just nodded.

Her smile turned warm as she crouched down in front of my desk. She started explaining to me how her class worked and what not. Me being the ass I usually am tried to ignore her. Every once in a while I'd nod, letting her know I was subconsciously listening. As she finished, she stood up, straightened her skirt, and walked over to her oversized desk. From inside, she pulled out a book which she handed it to me. I smiled and said thank you as I added it to my stack of three notebooks.

The bell rung and my heart almost skipped a beat. That went by a little too fast. As I got up, I walked into a girl and knocked all of her books over. Oh no, I felt so bad! I immediately reached down and picked them all up for her. I handed them to her without looking at her face.

She seemed to notice this because a few seconds later someone was tapping my shoulder. I looked behind me and saw something so beautiful. I had never seen a girl like this in my life. I blinked a few times before a "hi" escaped from my lips.

The girl smiled as if she could tell I was nervous. "You can't just run away without let me thank you!:" she teased.

I smirked. "Welcome."

"I believe the 'welcome' goes to you, sir. Eli, right?"

"That's been my name for sixteen years."

When she smiled, her blues thinned and her teeth shone through her light pink lips. "I guess you must be wondering who I am?"

I nodded. "Tell me, gorgeous, what is your name?"

She just walked away. I followed her, of course. Now I was really confused because one, I had no idea where we were going or where my next class was and two, because this girl just took off. I finally caught up to her and gently grabbed her arm.

"I guess now that you've caught me I should tell you what my name is," she stated.

I nodded encouragingly. "That would my point."

She took out a Post-It notepad, wrote something quickly, then handed me one of the yellow sheets as she giggled and walked away. I made sure she was gone before I looked down the read the note. It said: "Nice try, Eli." And that was that.

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