Dirty Secrets


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I held her hips against the bed as I pumped in and out of her. Light moans came from her lips as I felt her hands run up and down my arms. I drove deeper into her, working us both to a release we craved. She pulled one of her legs higher around my waist making her feel tighter and clench once around me, I kissed her hard enough to bruise her lips while I slid in and out of her fast. "Jasper...ugh close...Jazz." It drove me crazy when she called me Jazz and she knew it. I let my body take over more, pounding into her so hard the bed hit the wall and it scraped against the hard wooden floors of her bedroom.

I pulled her other leg up on my waist pushing in deeper and heard her grunt. Perhaps in pleasure, perhaps in pain. Pain got me off sometimes, I knew it would get her off but I needed her to trust me more. I started remembering how we got to this moment, how it all started. With a wicked grin it only made me fuck her harder. I was a sick sadistic freak, but it got me her out of it.

Five Months Before:

I stood next to Isabella as we watched our parents being lowered into the ground. Carlisle and Esme Cullen died at 8:32 a.m. by a car accident. The car had hit something on the side of the road and flipped. It continued flipping until it crashed into a tree. Mom had died on impact, a broken neck. Dad on the other hand was alive and rushed to the hospital. He was awake when me and Bella got there, he was internally bleeding as they rolled him to the emergency room. But he bled to death on the table.

Bella Marie Cullen was usually strong, but now she was so fragile. I glanced at her every few times and saw the blank stare she had. "...We're going to live with our uncle now." I whispered to her and pulled her closer by putting my arm around her waist. "Charlie Swan." She mumbled the name, it was almost a spat. She never liked how Charlie gave glances at her. It made her feel uncomfortable and I didn't like it either, it was strange how he sometimes stared at her. "Jasper can't we just live on our own?"

"Bella I told you we will...when I get us enough money I will move us into that apartment like I promised. But until then we will have to move in with Charlie."

"Why can't Rosalie let us stay with her? She shouldn't mind it was our home to." I could hear the venom of her words drip and I tightened my hold onto her. "Bella, I know. I asked but she wants it for her and Emmett. Besides she thinks its best if we're not there...she's moody from her pregnancy."

"Some sister she is." I heard Bella mumble and I sighed and kissed her head. "We'll be fine...I promise." She just gave a nod at me. The funeral was done after five more minutes. Bella and myself went into the church dining hall and I got us a plate of food to share and we sat down and ate. I glanced around and saw Rosalie standing by a table with a picture of our parents, her husband Emmett was next to her rubbing her arms. She glanced down at her big belly and frowned.

I knew how she felt, our parents would never see my children when I had them either. Rosalie always wanted this picture perfect life, kids a husband and a white picket fenced house. Well, she got more than that. Here she had a husband, pregnant with twins and had plenty of siblings.

Downside fate had to fuck up her dream and kill our parents. I saw Alice and Edward walk in just as I handed Bella a drink. She looked up at them and sighed. Edward Masen and Alice Brandon had been adopted into the family, they were a lot closer than most adoptive siblings were. When they told everyone they were dating it was a funny thing to hear considering everyone already knew. Though it would be hard to not know when you're hearing them screw each others brains out.

I looked at Bella and saw she was looking down. "Hey...chin up." I tapped her cheek and she looked at me. "I told you we'd be fine and I meant it." She just nodded and I saw Charlie walk over and sit at our table, without asking. Very rude, I thought. "Hello Jasper...Bella." He looked at her and gave a sad smile. She scooted closer to me trying to hide herself, yes Charlie made her that uncomfortable. "When will you both be moving in?"

"After a couple days, we need to pack." I put my arms around Bella, shielding her from Charlie. "Alright, I only have two bedrooms in the house so you and Bella will have to share for the time being."

"That's fine for me, is it you Bella?" She looked up at me and nodded. "See? Its fine."

"Okay, I'll be seeing you both." He stood up and left. I sighed and had Bella eat a little more. After a little while we left and went home. Our home was cold, like it new who was never coming back. Pictures hung on the walls and sat on some table. Dishes mom didn't wash were in the sink, dad's tie coat from the hospital on the couch where he threw it from coming in last night. Everything had been so normal, would still be if they hadn't of gotten in the damn car.

I guess it was normal for me to be angry, to feel like they should have been smarter. But I still felt guilty for it. I finally looked at Bella, she had gone and picked up dad's coat and hugged it to her chest. I walked over and sat down where he would in the rocking chair. Bella's eyes filled with tears as she sat down in my lap. "I miss them so much.."

"I know...me to." I held her as she started crying. Nothing would ever be the same for us. I rocked us slowly in the chair as she cried, I couldn't let my tears fall, I had to be strong for her. We both fell asleep in the rocking chair as our feelings took us over.

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