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Tremble for yourself, my man,
You know that you have seen this all before
Tremble Little Lion Man,
You'll never settle any of your scores
Your grace is wasted in your face,
Your boldness stands alone among the wreck
Now learn from your mother or else spend your days Biting your own neck...

Mumford and Sons- Little Lion Man

Defiantly I stared into the cruel eyes of the White Witch.

"Time and time again, you have defied me, young fool." she spat.

"It was worth it. Besides, I would do anything to stop you from killing Narnia." I replied cooly. My heart was beating as a birds, fear clawing at me, trying to get out.

"I should have you killed and fed to the wolves." her cold eyes glittered at the words.

"Do what you will. Aslan will destroy you. It has already been done in the stones. You will die Jadis, mark my words."

"Insolent child!" she screamed, her voice like icicles shattering.

I merely lifted my head proudly and stared her in the eye as she lifted her wand. Silver light floated from the tip, circling me like her guard of wolves.

"I think I'd rather keep you as a treasure. A dragon would be interesting." her voice was magnifying as my body seemed to lose shape. Pain suddenly shot from my back, and then my jaw. My legs and arms came together in new shapes, a new form.

When it was finished, I could see my reflection in the ice floor.

I was a huge white dragon.

Growling, I launched my new body weakly at her, this stupid witch who had done this to me.

She just raised her wand again, and I was frozen in the position.

"I changed my mind. I'd rather you in jewelry and imprisoned." she smiled coldly. Silver light touched me again, and something wrapped around my muzzle and trailed back to my back, where something was wrapping around my-wings?

My giant paws were enclosed with silver shackles. A low, pure note of sound came from my throat, and somehow I knew it was a sound of sorrow and anger.

Then I was enclosed in something small, and round. But it was clear. I could see everything.

I was so tired though...so...tired...and my eyes let me drift to sleep.


"And another to my collection." I murmured to the now full egg. Heavens forbid she ever got out.

A small image of the white dragon sleeping in a sprawled heap appeared on the see through egg.

Smiling gently, I cooed at the egg as I took it to my throne and set it in the top knot of ice.

"And there you shall stay, witness to my rein as the new queen of Narnia, and the bringer of Death to Aslan."

"And the Empress of Winter."


The golden mane emerged first from the foilage, then the rest of the majestic beast.

Aslan truly was a magnificent sight. His dark coat covered the muscular body, muscles taut as he leapt lightly onto a boulder.

"Ahh, my young child. Already you have fallen into her trap. Do not fear. One day we will free you."

And the heart so brave and true

As an arrow's flight like the dawn so new.

Written in the stars

Will come so far

Victorious she will be

To fight to make Narnia free.

The Witch's rein will come to an end,

And terror shall make amends.

A low growl of sadness welled up in his throat.

She had fought since being discovered along as a young child. A loyal follower of the old ways.

And the hope for the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve.

If only the hundred years would pass quickly. He huffed softly and turned, leapt off, and disappeared into the foilage again.

Not to be seen for one hundred years.


My peaceful sleep was shattered when a flash of light snapped me out of the egg.

My thin body hit the icy floor with a loud crack; the silver chackles encasing me clinking tauntingly. My scales where pale and dirty, my feathers limp.

What need you have of me now, witch. I growled.

She waved her wand, thickening the spell already thick around me like fog. "I want you to tell me where He is."

Foolish one. Even if I did know, I would not tell you. I do not know. Let me be. You have already taken everything from me. I replied darkly. The cloud of dragon instincts lay behind a thick barrier in my mind, terrifying and powerful. No matter how hard I tried to release them, the rush of them was lost, not able to thanks to the damned spell on me.

"It has been one hundred years child. Surely you want all of this to end?"

Weedling and asking nicely will get you nowhere. Let. Me. Be. Another growl.

"Perhaps you'd like to meet a Son of Adam then, filthy beast." she spat at me, finally realizing I would never tell her anything. I felt the familiar rush of icy pain, and I was back in the egg, and rocking movements told me she was moving.

I looked out the clear shell. The dungeon? Unless she'd already gotten her claws in one of them...

Then I was sailing through the air.

The egg shattered, my body pierced on the stomach and wings as I was released, shackles still on my thin body. When I looked, the Witch was gone, probably to turn another poor creature into stone, a nasty habit that she'd began thirty years ago.

A stirring next to me alerted myself to another presence. My head turned suddenly, snakelike as I stared at the boy in the cell next to mine.

He was good looking for his age, dark hair and eyes. Looked a bit gaunt though.

"D-don't eat me. Good dragon."

I'm not going to eat you, foolish Son of Adam. Besides, I cannot. See you not the shackles that bind me? I spoke quietly, as to not scare him.

"You can talk too?"

Just because I am shackled does not mean I cannot speak. Dragons are the only creature who can speak like this when they need too. Otherwise we have to speak verbally. I sighed.


I lay down the best I could with the shackles, the metal biting into my paws and feathery wings. The shackles on my muzzle dug deeper, earning a low singing not of pain in return. When I was settled the most I could, I lay my head down on my paws.

How did she lure you in, Son of Adam? I asked. Was she kind, offered you food and drink?

"Yes." he said shamefully.

Be what your name?

"Edmund. My name is Edmund."

Where are the other Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve? Are they safe?

"I don't know. The Witch, she threw me down here when I told her they were with the beavers."

HOW DARE YOU TELL HER! I rumbled loudly, in pure rage.

"I'm sorry!" he yelled back.

I took a breath. I should be sorry. I should not have yelled at you. Can you please do something for me?

"What is it?" Edmund asked, hesitant.

It's more of a test. Touch the shackles binding my muzzle. I lowered my head so he could reach. I won't bite. Promise.

"Fine." he said with determination. Reaching out, he firmly touched the frigid silver chain on my muzzle.

It melted away at his touch, warmth seeping back into my limbs. I opened my jaws, the first time in one hundred years. My wings were free, and I shook them eagerly, folding them neatly.

"Thank you, Edmund, Son of Adam." I spoke, the first time out loud in a long time. My voice was low and musical, pure and untainted. The dragon instincts were touchable now, the roiling emotions bouncing inside my mind like birds.

I easily broke through the cage bars, freeing Edmund as well as myself.

"Come now. We have work to do if we are to head off the Witch." I flattened myself against the snow. "Climb on. I will run like the swiftest leopard, the fastest eagle."

I could feel his hesitation, his emotions as a book. I flinched when he first touched me though, as a reflex, before urging him on.

"Now hold on." I snorted as I launched myself up the ice staircase, the corridor empty. I exploded out into the clean air, breathing it in for the first time.

"I'm truly free now Edmund. Thank you." I said before launching into the air.

My wings knew what to do, though I didn't. They made me glide so easily.

"Now Edmund." I snarled.

"How would you feel if I dropped you at the river your siblings are at."


I flew low over the river, landing gracelessly at the bank in time to see his siblings walking towards us.

"Edmund!" a young girl cried out, running and jumping into his arms.

"Watch out! It's one of the Witches minions! The older boy yelled, drawing a sword clumsily.

I growled, backing up, my natural instincts kicking in.

"NO! It saved me Peter, it won't hurt you, honest."

But Peter advanced, bloodlust glittering in his eyes.

Which left me with one question.

Fight, or Flight.

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