Let me Hold You

Chapter 23

Sorry guys for this late update. Haven't really had time with school and work, but here I am with a new chapter. I got some plots and twists coming for you.

I could hear different voices and whispers. I had never been so scared in my life. My heart was trying to jump out of my mouth. I felt a hand grab my arm and pull me into the dark classroom.

I tried to let out a scream, but a hand was covering my mouth.


"Zim? Zim!" Well it came out more of a muffle since his hand was still over my mouth. He moved it and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Do you know what's going on here?"

"Unfortunately yes." He had a dark look on his face. It scared me bit. I was't use to such seriousness. "Come, let's go." There was a big bang and more screams.

"Zim, what is going on." He didn't say anything; just walked over to the window and peeped out. "Zim?"

"They're outside."

"Who is they," I asked a little impatient.

"The Tallest." I raised an eyebrow and held back a chuckle. In a time like this it would seem kind of messed up if I laughed.

"The Tallest?" Zim walked over to me and held my hand.

"Yes. Now we must go." He led me to the door and opened it slowly. It was quiet now. It made me miss the screams. The silence made chills go down my back. We walked into the hallway really slow. It felt like I was breathing too loud. I couldn't get myself together. Remember some of my classmates. Hearing them yell in terror. What could have happened for them? Zim squeezed my hand.

"It'll be okay." I nodded my head quickly trying not to think what could happen if it was just me by myself. As fate would have it, nothing would stay okay. As soon as I nodded, there was a green light that lighted up the hallway. I screamed and backed into a wall. There were...things at the end of the hallway and ceiling just staring at us. Zim retook my hand and ran us down the hallway.

There was screeching and rattling behind us.

"Zim," called out a voice behind us. It sent shivers down my back. It seemed Zim had stepped up his pace.

"Zim," called out another voice. We turned the corner, and as soon as we did, I felt a knock to the head.

Ow. My head. I had a throbbing headache. I opened my eyes slowly. It was dark, but the moon gave enough light to where I could see. I was in the music room.

"Bout time you woke up." I rolled my eyes and sat up from laying down on the floor.

"I think I'd put being in here with you as the worst thing that has happened to me today, Bianta." She snorted.

"The feeling is mutual," she laughed. "When that thing put you in here with me I almost begged him to kill me instead."

"Well, now I can only imagine what you did to me in my sleep." She looked away from me. She was sitting in the corner with her knees up to her chest. I could tell that she was scared. I would be too. Well, I was.

"How long have you been in here," I asked. She sighed .

"Too long." Feeling a little shaky, I stood up slowly. I walked to the door to see if it would open.

"Don't bother. Think I haven't tried that?"

"Right," I whispered. I went over to the window. It was a mess down there. The lights were out in the area, but I could see little figures running around, and random lights going on and off. It was starting to feel a little awkward being in here. I could feel it in the air. Bianta was just sitting there fiddling with her thumbs and staring down the wall. Whatever was going on, we sure was in it for the long haul.