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Everyone falls down

After my little love struck moment with Patrick Verona he told me a little secret I wish I didn't know!…before I tell everything again I'm Kat Stratford, to most people I'm a trouble maker delinquent in high school. You know my sister Bianca, she had her own problems which I cared absolutely nothing about. She had nothing to do with my relationships and I with any of hers. So now Patrick sits me down and tells me that ever since he's met me he has had a big crush with my big brat of a sister Bianca! So what do you think I should say to that! I mean what would you say to that? As soon as he said that my heart like literally fell out of my chest! Patrick how could you? He quickly stood up and said well not anymore I love you a little more. A little more? HOW COME YOUR WITH ME YOU ROTTON PIG! After that I stormed off and left him standing there looking all sorry but I don't care he still loves my sister! We drove very far and my house was 15 blocks away! Even though I didn't have a ride I was glad to not have to sit next to him for 15 blocks! When I got home all I did was march up stairs ,slam the door ,turn on music, and lay on my bed and just think. Nobody could ever understand what I was feeling that day I was practically mad, hurt, and broken inside! All I wanted to do is go in my sister's room and confront her! But as mad as I was it wasn't her fault she had no idea. But the sad thing was is just to keep me with me did he really still love like he said? When we kissed did he feel the flair that I did? I was so mad that I didn't even break up with that stupid jerk! Now what should I do? Please help and tell me I can really use some good sympathy and not from my dad! That's when I use my favorite quotation except now it was real! "everyone falls down"! All the sudden I heard a knock at my door, really I felt like saying GO AWAY but being sad mad me feel a little different. The door opened and it was my sister and she sat down and told me all about her wonderful date with Cameron but really I didn't care at all I just wanted to fall over and die. I wanted to tell her what Patrick told me but I was afraid with the reaction would I like it or hate it? "Would she say ew gross or oh, you know I kinda like him to". I didn't want her to break Cameron's heart like Patrick broke mine. It seemed pretty obvious that Cameron liked my sister a lot. Finally and happily she left, but I was still dying to tell her or at least my dad or someone but what if I told my dad he would tell me to do the right thing move on and move on with Patrick, but I didn't want to I was so mad even saying the name Patrick would make me sick! All I need to do now is go to sleep and I know I'll think of something good in the morning I always do that!

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