'In it to win it'

Ok, I've got the perfect solution to get that 'thing' Patrick.

'Hey what is your problem?' Cait asked.

'You're my problem, you've always had a witty insecurity and you better believe I won't forgive you!' I said.

'You know what?, you always have been a witty smart off delinquent and I'm tired of it so fine don't forgive me it was just a thought about Patrick, and if you can't forgive me for an opinion than forget me!' Cait screamed.

'Oh yes your highness way ahead of you, and you're the witty smart off delinquent who's a snotty version of a messed up BIANCA!' I screamed.

'I always thought u would say I was witty but to tell me I act like Bianca….that went OVER my head!' Cait said surprisingly'.

'Hey girls I heard screaming so I ran as fast as I could.' Patrick said.

'This isn't a good time Patrick so back off, unless you want a face full of fist and a butt full of foot!' I said.

'Hey don't talk to my S.T Patty like that! He is a human just like me and you except your way to insulting!' Cait said madly.

'Wait st. patty? You guys are already dating?' I questioned.

'Um, of course! We've been dating for two years now. that's why I came to town to come see my funky monkey!' Cait said happily.

'Didn't ya'll see how mad I was? You know I'll punch your stupid FUNKY MONKEY! Why did ya'll wait til now to tell me? And Patrick you said you were in love with my sister?' I said.

'Well I needed something to cover this situation before Cait came back to town….DUH!' Patrick said anxiously.

'To make this situation so much better and not so awkward, Patrick you could have broken up with me, you stupid!' I said angrily.

I think you guys know what I'm going to do now right? Oh yes I'm going to find a boy to make Patrick jealous! So watch your back!' I said deviously.