I Always Wanted

Pairing: Rei x Minako

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon Duh!

Rating: M for lotsa smut!

A/N Ok this started out as a one shot but just kept going and going so I'm posting it as a story instead of a one shot. Hope you like!

Chapter 1

Arranged Marriage

"What!" Rei exclaimed as she looked up at the silver haired queen before her.

"No way! There is no way in all mighty hell that I'm going to marry one of those slutty whores not a chance, I don't care if she is a princess!"

"Now Princess Rei your being unreasonable." Queen Serenity said in a stern, motherly like voice. Rei looked down in shame at having raised her voice at the women she practically considered her mother. The queen sighed.

"Rei this isn't just my doing, you've been engaged to the heir of Venus since before she was born, it was your mothers wish and I promised her I would take care of you and raise you as my own, and I have I want to give you your way on this but I'm afraid your wishes and your prejudice against Venusians will not come into play when it comes to this decision, you will marry the Princess of Venus weather you like it or not! Besides Minako wasn't raised like a normal Venusian she was kept in practical isolation, she is actually a very quiet and slightly insecure girl" Rei looked up at the queen with angry eyes.

"I really hate Venusians, Serenity they are a worthless leaching people cant I marry one of the other heirs? Like Ami I like her!" Rei said. The queen glared at the dark haired Martian until she noticed an uncomfortable blond standing in the doorway. The queen sighed, she knew Minako was a very insecure person a little timid having been so sheltered on Venus, and at the moment the blond looked a little sad, like Rei's word may have hurt her.

"Princess Minako would you join us." The queen said in a loud voice so the blond would be sure to hear her from across the room. The blond nodded and came rushing over tripping about half way across the room, but catching herself she came to stand a little ways to the side of Rei and made a curtsy.

"I'm sorry I was late, your majesty I got lost this castle is a lot bigger to me I wasn't allowed access to so many places on Venus." The blond said quietly. Rei looked over at the timid girl and scoffed. Minako looked down at her feet in sadness. It was apparent her fiancée didn't like her at all.

Minako fought back tears as her worst fears seemed to come true. Growing up with the idea of marrying the Martian Princess, Minako had little much to do in her isolation on Venus but to daydream about some great all consuming love, always starring the beautiful dark haired girl in a picture she had been given. Minako fought back the tears and forced herself into a straight face, it was blatantly obvious that her knight in shining armor wasn't going to come and rescue her, come on a brilliant black steed much like her gorgeous hair and take her away, take her to see the galaxy like she always dreamed. It seemed more likely that the dark princess scowling at her would marry her and drop her off somewhere on Mars or the Moon and never even come to see her.

The blond was pulled from her sad thoughts by the queen.

"Its ok Minako I know you will have to get used to being here, since you and Rei are going to be living here for the first year of your marriage before you move to Mars. Oh and I'm sure you realized this is your fiancée Rei Hino, Princess of Mars. I don't think you two have ever officially met." Minako turned and curtsied to the dark haired Princess next to her.

"Its nice to meet you." Rei just scoffed and turned to leave the room. Minako sighed. Rei had just exited the door when she heard Serenity begin to speak.

"That girl, I don't know what I'm going to do with her." Rei stopped, feeling a little guilty about eavesdropping but she couldn't seem to care enough not to.

"She doesn't like me." Rei heard Minako's small voice.

"She likes you just fine, she just needs to get to know you. That's all." Minako sighed and continued.

"She's unhappy I can feel it, I don't want to make her unhappy your majesty. We don't have to marry. I can be alone, I guess, she can marry someone she loves." Minako said.

"And what about you do you have someone else you love?" Minako nodded her head in the negative. Just as the Venusian began to talk a guard came walking down the hall Rei quickly began to walk as if she had just come from the room hoping is didn't look like she had been eavesdropping.

"No, I've never thought of marrying any body else, it would feel wrong like I was betraying her. I couldn't do that, even if she doesn't like me, but I want her to be happy." Minako said truthfully. The queen frowned in confusion.

"But its not normally in a Venusians culture or nature to be so devoted to one person this is an odd view." Minako nodded.

"I know but I was raised with the idea of marrying a Martian. I studied Martian marital behavior and know what that would entail and I know Martians are very possessive and don't look outside their marriages once the vows are said, and since I knew she would be committed to me I always vowed to be equally as committed." The queen smiled, it was very apparent to her that Minako had completely devoted herself to her stubborn fiancée so much that she was willing to let Rei have her way and in turn be alone.

"I think you two will be fine. Your wedding will continue as planned. Don't worry Minako, Rei is a hard and stubborn person but she has a sweet heart you just have to be patient to see it." The blond sighed and nodded.

Rei was furiously throwing a mental tantrum in her room, going on in her head about how mad she was at this stupid arranged marriage, when the door to her own private room opened and in walked a blond with her head down looking at the floor. The blond made it halfway across the room before she realized she wasn't alone.

"What are you doing here!" Rei said meanly to the now slightly frightened blond.

"Ummmmm….." The blue eyed princess said nervously.

"Well cant you speak, or are you to blond to be able to form sentences." Rei insulted. Minako immediately looked back towards the ground. 'wow she must really hate me, she's being really mean.' the blond thought. Rei looked at the frightened girl and got annoyed.

"Well… speak!" Rei said loudly. Minako was now so intimidated she didn't think she could speak. The blond just shook her head to the side, wrapping her arms around herself and backing up a few steps. Rei gritted her teeth.

"Sweet Ares are you really that dumb! Or are you just trying to piss me off." Minako forced herself to say something.

"I didn't mean to bo..bother you, I was just t…tired. They said I was supposed to sleep in he..here." Rei looked at the girl in disgust.

"You are really weak aren't you, pretty little princess has to be looked after right? For your information Martians don't prize looks when it comes to their partners, they prize strength and you my dear are greatly lacking in that area." Minako nodded in understanding. She realized she wasn't at all what Rei wanted in a mate and it hurt her deeply that she was lacking pretty much everything worth while in her fiancées eyes. Rei took a deep breath to calm down.

"They said your supposed to sleep here?" Minako nodded.

"Yes something about getting to know each other since we are going to be married in a few days." Rei groaned looking at the blond, how did she ever get stuck with this weak, frightened little mouse for a partner. The blond looked up into her fiancées eyes getting lost in their violet beauty and blushing when she realized she was staring.

"I don't want to marry you." Rei said plainly. Minako nodded.

"I know, I can feel your anger and frustration." Rei's eyes went wide.

"Don't do that! don't use your powers on me you witch." Rei screamed. Minako backed away a few steps. How could she forget some races saw the venusian senses as dark powers. Minako began to cry softly. Remembering a time when those senses had gotten her hurt as a child. A group of Jovian children who didn't understand her senses had cornered her and beat her down badly, it was then that her mother had told her it wasn't safe for her to wander around and she was placed in almost complete isolation in the country.

"I'm sorry, I cant turn it off. Please don't hurt me I don't mean to do it." Rei's eyes widened at the fear she had accidentally put Minako in. Rei softened her voice.

"I'm wont hurt you, I promise." Minako didn't stop crying.

"I don't want to be here." the blond sniffled. "this place is so big, there's so many people they all look at me funny. Mama said I'd be happy here with my mate on the moon, but you don't like me at all and think I'm a witch." the rest of the blonds sentence being cut off by sobbing. Rei growled.

"Hey stop crying ok its not so bad. I don't want to marry you and you don't want to marry me so its equal we can just get married and then ignore each other for the rest of our lives ok?" Rei said to the blond with a smile as if that were the greatest idea in the world. Minako nodded at the smiling princess hoping to make her happy, but the idea of marrying Rei and then being ignored by her scared her more then anything.

Having been raised in near isolation. Being alone was something Minako, as a venusian, who were naturally social people, really didn't think she could handle anymore. Especially with the dark haired princess of her dreams being so near in her grasp yet so very far away.

After Rei finally got Minako to stop crying and settle down they talked for a while Minako blushed a lot and found herself falling even deeper in love with her fiancée then she had been before. Rei sighed and looked out the window.

"Its pretty late we should be getting to bed." Minako nodded and looked at the couch she was sitting on.

"I can sleep here, I don't think queen serenity will let us have our own rooms." Rei nodded but said.

"Nonsense we can share the bed, its huge! Besides were gonna have to share it on our wedding night anyway." Rei joked. Minako frowned.

"I don't think we should…ya know..do that!." Rei grinned.

"Why little Venusian are you blushing." Minako looked away.

"Lets go to bed." Minako mumbled as she got under the covers. She knew Rei didn't understand the way venuians were and if she planned to ignore her for the rest of their lives then it would be much better for Minako if they never even got intimate, not even on their wedding night.

"Fine but you better not hog the covers."

Minako knew that Rei thought she was just embarrassed but it was more then that. Rei had no idea about the venusian body. She didn't know that once a venusian becomes sexually active they have to continue to be. Minako had been told about it when she was younger about how once she starts having sex her body would begin to create a form of toxin that could only be expelled through having more sex. It was the reason Venusians had a bad name for being slutty. If they let the toxin build up in their bodies it would become extremely painful, and it was definitely something Minako didn't want to experience.