Chapter 11

In Love?

Minako and Ami made it to the blonds room in no time at all.

"Well you must be getting better because your moving pretty good." Ami said with a smile. Minako smiled back and said.

"Yeah I feel way better then I did last night." Minako laid on the bed as Ami began to examine her.

"I think your senshi powers came back full force last night your almost completely healed you can go when ever you want I think your looking really good." Minako frowned at Ami's comment.

"No I don't I look horrible. My scars are hideous." tears came to her eyes as she continued. "I think Rei's gonna leave me. I'm going to miss her so much." Ami's eyes widened in shock. 'Why would she think that?' Ami thought then realization dawned on her. Were Minako grew up it was almost unheard of to stay with a partner who had scars on their face. Only in matches of extreme love were those customs overlooked and those couples were usually shunned from society.

"Minako. Rei isn't a Venusian she wont leave you because of your scars." Ami said. Minako shook her head in the negative as she sniffled.

"Yes she will she never wanted to marry me anyway. I heard her tell Queen Serenity that. She has always told me that I'm not good enough to be her wife, now she has a legal excuse to divorce me. It would be possible for me to fight a Martian law saying I'm not Martian so it shouldn't apply but for a Venusian law…I cant fight it. She's going to leave me and I'm going to have to let her." Minako finished on a sob. Ami sighed and took the saddened blond into a tight hug.

"Everything's going to be fine Minako you'll see." Ami said. The bluenette turned towards the door as she heard a knock. Walking over Ami opened the door and saw a smiling Rei. Quickly Ami stepped out to talk to the Martian and give Minako time to stop crying.

"Ami what are you doing I want to see Minako." Rei said as she tried to walk past the Mercurian to get through the once again closed door.

"Rei. Minako is very upset right now." Rei frowned.

"What? Why is she upset? Is she…Is she mad at me because I didn't protect her?" Rei asked sheepishly. Ami sighed she didn't know how to deal with an insecure Rei anymore than an insecure Minako. 'Gosh cant these two just realize how much they love each other and stop getting so worked up about everything' Ami thought.

"No Rei she's not mad at you she's afraid."

"What is she afraid of?" Rei asked.

"Rei do you know anything about Venusian laws?" The dark haired princess shook her head in the negative. "On Venus it is customary to divorce your partner if they become badly scarred especially if the scars are located on a part of the body that is always visible. Like the face." Rei's eyes widened.

"She thinks I'm going to leave her because of her scars?" Rei ask. Ami nodded.

"Yes she does."

"I would never do that. Scars are a sign of bravery. They show the world how much courage my wife has." Ami sighed of course she should have remembered Martians love scars especially battle scars. The Mercurian smiled and said.

"I know that Rei but Minako doesn't why don't you go in their and tell your wife how you feel." Rei looked at Ami confused.

"What do you mean how I feel."

"Rei tell her you love her." Rei panicked at Ami's words.

"I don't love her!" Ami smiled and said as she began to walk away.

"Right. Keep telling yourself that Rei." Ami's words had made Rei slightly Closter phobic and now her desire to see Minako was being warred with a desire to run outside and take huge gulps of fresh air. The Martians first desire won out and Rei slowly opened the door.

"Mina" Rei said as she stepped into the room. Minako's head turned towards Rei for a moment then jerked to the side again in an attempt to hide the scars on her face.

"Rei what are you doing here?" Minako asked as her hand came up in an attempt to hide her face more. Rei smiled and said.

"I'm here to see my wife silly." Minako frowned.

"You might be happier if you didn't have to see me." Quickly Rei walked to the bed and sat on the side, Minako turned her body away from Rei even more. Rei reached to the side and placed her hand over Minako's hand on the blonds face.

"Mina look at me." Minako's eyes began to tear up.

"No…I don't want you to see." the blond whispered. Rei sighed.

"Mina. Baby look at me…please." Blue eyes slowly turned to lock lightly with violet, and in that moment when she could see straight into Minako's heart through her fears and insecurities that Rei realized something. Ami was always right. 'I do love her' Rei thought as she softly slipped her hand underneath Minako's and caressed her cheek. Gently following the scars along her face. Tears slowly slipped down until they collided with Rei's kind hand.

"Please." Minako whispered. "Please don't leave me." The blond begged as she wrapped her arms around Rei's waist hiding her face in the crook of Rei's neck.

"Shhh honey don't cry. I'm not going to leave you. I…I." Rei couldn't finish. The words she wanted to say, words she had ever only said to one person. Her mother. She felt weak unable to tell her love how she felt because it may make her seem vulnerable. 'I'm a coward' Rei thought. The blond leaned back looking into Rei's eyes again.

"You wont leave me?" Rei was overwhelmed by her emotions. She had never felt anything like this.

"No I wont ever leave you." Rei whispered as she leaned in softly kissing Minako's lips. Minako reciprocated kissing back with a fierceness that startled Rei. Before the Martian even knew what was happening they were completely naked. Lips locked together in a sensual kiss as their bodies moved together. Heat and passion filled their souls as they both made love to the other until simultaneously they came, an intense release neither would ever forget. Rei laid above her blond wife breathing heavily from their exertion. The Martian smiled at Minako's condition, the blond had her eyes closed tightly breathing greatly labored and was currently gripping her wife tightly. Rei leaned down and softly kissed Minako's cheek then slowly ran her tongue up the blonds jaw following the light line the youma had left there. Minako jerked away and covered the side of her face.

"don't" she whispered as she pulled away from Rei. Rei grabbed her back and said.

"Why not? Your mine Mina." Rei leaned down and kissed the scar on Minako's neck. "Your scars are beautiful, your beautiful." Minako blushed at Rei's praise and hugged her tightly.

"I love you." the blond whispered. Rei pulled away from Minako wide eyed not having expected Minako to say that. Minako saw Rei's expression and looked down.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that. I know you don't love me back. I should have just kept my mouth shut." Minako said. Minako was still talking when Rei leaned down and kissed her effectively shutting her up when the Martian pulled away she whispered.

"I do." Minako frowned in confusion.

"You do?" Rei nodded and decided to get over her insecurities if Minako could say it to her then Rei should be able to do the same.

"Minako you are everything I never knew I always wanted….I love you." Minako was now the wide eyed one.

"You…you love me?" Rei smiled and nodded.

"More then I ever thought possible. I love you Minako" Minako lunged at Rei pulling her into a deep kiss. Then pulling away and continuously kissing her face.

"I love you, I love you, I love you." Minako said continuously as Rei giggled. Minako yelped and Rei screamed as everyone of their friends. Their fellow senshi, the Shitennou as well as the Prince of Earth and Princess of the Moon stood wide eyed at the door. Rei immediately pulled the blankets up to cover them both. All of their friend were blushing a lot trying not to laugh.

"Well its about time." Makoto said as she laughed. Rei blushed profusely and screamed.

"Excuse me do you mind?" Usagi giggled and said.

"you know Rei, Minako just woke up you couldn't even wait a whole day before pulling her into bed." Rei frowned and blushed even more as all her friends laughed even harder. Minako just smiled and wrapped her arms around her profusely blushing wife. Eventually Rei smiled back and pulled Minako into another kiss.

"Hey guys were still standing right here" The two just ignored their slightly disturbed friends, holding each other tight for the rest of their lives.

The End