There is a chapter for this story or it's sequel up on my site.

Thank you for all the notes, it means a lot that you support my move.

To reiterate, there is at least 5 sites that scraped off of Fanfiction and they got everything. Reviews, profiles, stories, and even PM's. Then they have mirrored Fanfiction so anything we do, add chapters, receive reviews and so on, show up on their sites.

In addition, the other sites do have malware and other nasty surprises, as well as if you sign onto them, they now own your password.

This is just too much for me. I work really hard on providing a safe and fun environment for my readers on my site. It is hard work, especially for the talented 4padfoot. But they can do all the changes we have to our site as we have.

Their disinterest in doing so with all the other issues here have made this not a fun place to post anymore, with worrying if your work is going to plagiarized, or receive nasty comments for pouring hours into something.

For anyone wanting help on making a WordPress site, I will be more than willing to lend my talents. I am also on Facebook, and there is a help group for authors making the move to Fanfiction where we answer questions anyone has as well as we had put together some tutorials.

Though I will say for the SVM/TB fandoms, we have a central location that has dedicated people to help also. They managed with the help of the authors, to make a directory for the purpose of being able to find us on WordPress or any other sites we have moved to.

I hope to see you on my site or the other sites I post on. There is an original story I am posting for feedback also, in case any are interested.

Thanks again!