Nami vs. Boa Hancock

I didn't really understand why she was on this boat; just that I wanted her off. She had leapt aboard not even a minute ago, and already Luffy's merry greeting was swallowed by her breasts. That made me angry. Who was she to think that she could waltz aboard and be all over our captain?

I stepped over Sanji, who was currently drowning in a pool of blood, spewed from his nose. Zoro had his hand on his swords, ready to draw and kill if the situation so called. Brooke was running up to her, but my fist ran into his jaw by habit as his five fatal words began to emerge from his lip: "May I see your pant–?" In the corner of my eye, I could see Chopper, failing at his attempt to hide. Usopp was no where to be seen. Franky was below, filling Sunny with cola, and Robin was standing off to the side simply watching as the situation unfolded.

"Hancock!" Luffy muffled cry was barely heard; his words eaten by the crevasse between her breasts. "Long time no see!"

"Let's get –"

"I'm not marrying you," Luffy said, he pushed her away gently. I could almost hear the 'pop' as his head came out of such a daring place.

"Hancock," I began.

"That's Empress to you," She turned on me.

"Eh? Hancock," Luffy frowned and crossed his arms at her harsh tone. "They're my nakama."

"My apologies, Luffy," She blushed incredibly just by hearing him say her name.

"What are you doing here?" His frown exploded into a smile, as if it had taken every effort on his part to keep that frown as long as he had. "What about your kingdom?"

"I wanted to see you," She murmured as she pressed herself against his arm. She looked at the floor, made shy by her own boldness.

"I'm not marrying you," He repeated, laughing. "Shishishi, so what are you doing here?"

"I really just wanted to see you," She said earnestly. She was really pretty when she blushed profusely. It made me hate her a little bit.

Her ship started pulling away from ours. Surprised, I cried out, "Hey– your ship!"

"It's fine," She said coldly.

"Oi! Hancock, your ship," Luffy said, pointing with his one hand while the other anchored his hat onto his head as a gust blew over us.

"It's fine, Luffy," She said. "They'll be coming back in a week, after we're –"

"I'm not marrying you," He repeated, his silly grin disappearing for the briefest of moments. His hands flew to his stomach. "Oi! Sanji! Food!"

"It doesn't look like he'll be getting up anytime soon," Robin looked down at him. I could only clench my fists watching Luffy and Hancock touching nonchalantly. What on earth had happened between them on her island, Amazon Lily? They were speaking of marriage, for goodness sake!

"Chopper!" I called, turning away.

"Sanji!" Chopper ran forward. "Usopp! We're going to need to train his resistance more!"

"Sanji, food~" Luffy knelt beside our cook and poked him in the side.

"Luffy!" Chopper swatted his hand away.

"I'll cook for you, Luffy," Hancock avoided his eyes.

"Really?" Luffy jumped up, and started pulling her towards the kitchen, "Food! Food! Food!"

"It's so nice to have a woman cook for us once in a while," Franky laughed.

"Yohoho! My stomach is filled with butterflies," Brooke said. "Of course, I don't have a stomach to contain them. Skeleton joke! Yohoho!" He started hurrying after Luffy and Hancock. "Miss Empress~ If I could please see your panties~!"

I hit him with one of the batons of my Clima-tact, catching it when it returned. Robin exchanged glances with me. She always had that look on her face that said she knew what we were thinking. The only one she ever really seemed to be surprised at was Luffy, though I found him completely predictable. I put my weapon away and went to occupy myself with adjusting our course to be aligned with the log pose, though we hadn't really drifted too far off.

Before entering the dining room, I paused. Briefly, but it was still a pause. Weakness? From what? I didn't feel hungry, but knew I should eat anyway. Her cooking couldn't match Sanji's. Was I becoming spoiled? These thoughts flew through my head in the second it took to open the heavy wooden door.

"Oi, you're in my space," Luffy was pushing Hancock away with one hand while grabbing food with the other.

"Hancock-san, this is delicious," Robin commented lightly.

Zoro, Chopper, Franky and Usopp were just trying to eat before it disappeared. Brooke was dancing around the table with his violin in hand. The scene scared me. More than I'd ever admit. To think they could have a good time when two of their nakama were elsewhere on the ship; one suffering from blood loss, the other from… what was I suffering from?

All I knew, was that if I had to share a room with her, I wouldn't be so happy in the morning tomorrow.