Title: Time After Time

Pairing: Numerous A.J. Cook and Katheryn Winnick characters (central) with other pairings along the way

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the several dozen franchises and characters that I'll be using throughout this story.

Summary: A love story spanning two decades and told through multiple parallel universes, and seen through the eyes of Rachel McAdams.

A/N: Well it looks like my love for Andrea Joy Cook and Katheryn Winnick has finally hit its peak, and this is the result.

A/N 2: Due to the fact this is a crossover, I'm going to have to alter some timelines and locations in order to make this work.

Story Arc Summary:

Title: 1998 – 2000: The People We Become

Fandom: Mean Girls/Student Bodies and Higher Ground

Pairing: Holly Benson/Shelby Merrick

Rating: G

Summary: Regina George moves out of Illinois and starts a new life in Canada. As she experiences her final high school years, Regina sees life both from the perspective of the quirkiness of Edison High to the troubled Mt. Horizon High School, located across the border in the Ontario wilderness.

A/N: For this story, let's assume the events of Mean Girls, Higher Ground and season 2 of Student Bodies all took place around 1998 despite being released later. Also since Higher Ground was obviously filmed in British Columbia, we're going to have to pretend Ontario has rocky mountains because Higher Ground without mountains wouldn't even be called Higher Ground. I'm also pretty certain Mean Girls took place in the 11th grade, but let's pretend it was the 10th.

A/N2: Both of these Canadian series carries a lot of sentimental value to me, and both ended unresolved. So now I feel like I have a lot of weight on my shoulders because I feel obliged to give both of these series a proper ending. Hope I do them justice. Just for anyone who's unfamiliar with these two shows, Katheryn Winnick is Holly Benson and A.J. Cook is Shelby Merrick. Anyone curious to check out the series, both are up on Youtube. Here are the channels for Higher Ground and Student Bodies. Katheryn is in episodes 2.49, 3.51, 3.53, 3.54 and 3.59 while A.J. is in the entire series of Higher Ground. If I had to recommend one, then by all means watch Higher Ground.

A/N3: Special thanks to Queen of Shadows over at for being an awesome beta.

Fun Trivia: Both Higher Ground and Student Bodies, despite being Canadian TV series, has Americans Joe Lando (Peter Scarbrow) and Jamie Elman (Cody Miller) as its lead stars while most of the both casts consist of Canadians.

Chapter 2


The students of Edison are at their lockers, grabbing their stuff. "What class do you have next?" Victor asks his locker neighbour, Regina.

"PE, you?" she replies.

"The student newspaper since Mrs. Morton made it into a class."

"You look pretty excited," Regina notices. "I thought the staff there were your rivals or something, and you're only with them because Mrs. Morton closed down your newspaper and made "Student Bodies" the only one in the school?"

"That is true. I wasn't too fond of Mrs. Morton taking away "Student Voice" because of that whole award thing," Victor confirms. "But didn't I tell you about my weekend with the guys over there?"

"No, you didn't."

"Well I went on a road trip with them over the weekend. It was just me and three other guys. They weren't very accepting of me at first, but after their original plans went wrong, it was up to me to show them a good time. By Monday I was considered one of the guys."

Regina could see how proud Victor is of himself, so she decides to amuse him. She pats him on the arm. "Have fun with them then."

The editor of the paper, Emily Roberts, walks into the newsletter room. "I hate Mrs. Morton," she emphasizes.

Victor gets off his desk and tries to sweet talk her. "Poor Emily. She removed you from running our little publication. Have no fear, I'm ready to retake the reigns."

"No, Victor, I'm still in charge," she tells him. Victor lets out his disappointment. Emily takes a seat on her desk and continues, "I'm mad because she's making us redo this week's entire issue by Friday."

"Friday?" Mags says, surprised. "We have to finish this in three days? No way."

"I don't want to do it either, Mags," Emily retorts. "But we're getting graded on Student Bodies remember? It's homework."

"Sorry, Em, you're going to have to count me out," Chris comments. "I'm, ah, I'm helping Cody move." Chris gets off his seat and approaches his colleague.

"You are?" Cody asks curiously.

Mags gets off her seat and stands next to Cody. "Yeah, me too."

"Me three," Grace adds.

"Ditto," Victor joins the others.

Cody gives Emily an innocent look as the other members of the staff is gathered around him. "Hey, Em don't blame me. I've been planning this move for months."

"Yeah, boss. Cody just can't wait to be all alone with his... daddy," Flash says in a mocking voice.

Chris and Victor comments on the daddy factor in mocking voices too. "Okay, okay, tell you what, tell you what," Cody speaks up. "Tomorrow after you all move me in, we can work in my father's. I mean in my house."

Over across the border, the banners for the X-Challenge race are up. The beach of a lake is crowded with tents, each of a different colour, for the visiting schools and the respective participants.

The team of Horizon just been informed they start alongside the team of Lawrence Hastings. The school Peter made a bet with its director, Bob, in which the losing school will be serving the winning school dinner with the added bonus of either Peter or Bob having to sing in front of everyone.

"Go get 'em, captain," Peter says and pats Scott on the back.

"We got to get ready, don't we?" Ezra says anxiously.

"Don't get an aneurysm." Scott gets off the table and starts to walk with his team-mate. "Where is everybody?"

A few tents away, Shelby is flirting with the guys from another team in reddish-orange shirts. "So you guys came all the way from Toronto for a race? Should make sure you have a good time then, huh?"

Ezra clears his throat to get Shelby's attention. "We are next." He looks at the guys who are all around his team-mate. "Oh, did she tell you that she's in high school?"

Shelby gives Ezra a frown, then gets back on her feet to follow her two team-mates. In the next tent, where Gatorade refreshments are set up, are Auggie and Juliet. Scott looks down at Auggie who's lying on the table. "Come on." The Hispanic doesn't even turn his head so Scott raises his voice. "Now!"

"Take off," Auggie responds. "I'm dreaming about your mama."

"Auggie be nice," Juliet tells him.

Both the Horizon and Lawrence Hastings teams have strapped on their life jackets and are getting into their kayaks. They are ready to get their part of the X-Challenge started.

Scott looks next to him and sees Auggie isn't in any rush. "Come on, man, let's move it."

The time keeper fires the gun and it starts. Shortly off the shores, the Cliffhangers already have their first problem as Juliet and Auggie bump their kayaks together, causing the others to get caught in the clutter. Scott, who is a far distance ahead of his team, looks back to notice the tangle up. He stops, but once the others managed to straight themselves out again, he continues on again with the rest of his team trailing behind.

Lawrence Hastings, the team wearing black and white, has reached the shores. Scott shortly follows behind. He takes off his gear, ready for the next relay. He looks back and sees the rest of the Cliffhangers are still a few meters from the shoreline.

"Come on, hurry up, let's go, come on," Scott tells the others anxiously as he stands near the finish line for the kayak race. "Let's go, guys, come on." Scott already starts moving once the others touch the shores.

The Cliffhangers cross the next X-Challenge race banner, marking the start of the next challenge. "Horizon, I'm here," Scott tells the time keeper in the nearby tent.

"All right, the mountain bikes are out back," he says and fills in their time. "Hit the trail."

Scott's ready to get going again. "Hey wait, can we rest a minute?" Juliet asks achingly. Scott just shakes his head at her. The others, who have just started resting up, get back on their feet.

Regina and Victor are getting their things out of their locker and ready to go home. Flash approaches Victor. "Ready to do some moving, Victor?"

"You're doing some moving?" Regina asks.

"Not me, someone else in our newspaper team named Cody," he answers.

"We're using this as an excuse not to work on the re-edit of the newspaper that Mrs. Morton has us doing," Flash informs the blonde female.

"You seemed happy to be one of the guys earlier today Victor," assess Regina.

"Oh, I am," Victor says confidently. "But that doesn't mean I'm willing to do their work for them."

"You two have fun."

In the forest of greater Ontario, mountain bikes race through the deep woods along a dirt trail. The Cliffhangers are doing their best to keep up with Lawrence Hastings. Well everyone except Scott. The blonde leader can see the other team ahead. He looks back to see how far behind the rest of the team is, and decides to take it up a notch.

"Scott, wait," Juliet calls out.

"Jerk," comments Auggie.

"Maybe he'll run off the side of a cliff or something," Shelby adds. Ezra's too tired to say anything.

They come up to a point in the trail where tree logs are scattered across one area. The Lawrence Hastings team and Scott decide to jump their bikes over the logs, while the rest of the Cliffhangers decide to get off and carry their bikes over.

Scott can see the other team right in front of him. He decides to push himself further. Now one by one, the leader of the Cliffhangers begin to pass by the members of Lawrence Hastings. He sees an opportunity for a shortcut and jumps his bike down a ledge. Breathing heavily, the athlete looks behind him and sees he's out of view of the other team.

Scott has reached the bike challenge finish line. He quickly climbs off his bike and hands it over to the race inspectors. He tosses his helmet down on the bike rack and approaches the tent with the time keepers. "Horizon, I'm here."

The female time keeper looks back. "Where's the rest of your team?'

"Back there somewhere," Scott answers frustratingly. "I'm here."

"Well good for you, but the time won't count until they all get here," she informs him.

The rival team just arrived. The leader bumps Scott out of the way, and Scott responds with a shove of his own. "Lawrence Hastings," he tells the time keeper. "We're all here." He stares back at Scott. "Loser."

While Lawrence Hastings are well on their way to the next challenge, the rest of the Cliffhangers finally arrive. The sound of tires scraping across dirt gets Scott's attention. He rushes back on his feet. "Come on, let's move it, come on."

The other Cliffhangers go for the cups of Gatorade stacked on the table of the time keeper's tent to help with their exhaustion. "Okay... can't move... can't speak," Ezra says as he gasp for air.

"We need a minute," Juliet tells their leader.

"You know what? Fine," Scott throws the map and compass on the ground in front of his colleagues. "You want to lose, stay here. You want to win, you come with me now."

Scott already starts moving again, but Auggie blocks his path. "Hey, you got a bad mouth, meat. You're gonna get hurt."

"Just step off, all right?" Scott replies back. "I got a race to run."

Auggie shakes his head, "Look around. You're here because everybody gave up on you - your parents, your teachers, all of them. They gave up on us, too."

"We only have each other," Juliet says from the crouch position she's in.

Shelby looks at Scott. "Pathetic, isn't it? You walk away from here, you're walking away from the only thing you got."

Scott looks at them, and with a sense of denial, he continues on his path.

In Montreal, over in the Miller residence, Mr. Miller excitingly joins his son in the living room. "Cody, I can't tell you how great this is."

"I know, I know, it's really great," Cody remarks as he holds up a box of items in his arms. "Dad, you're okay with my friends coming by to work, right?"

"Why, Cody, this is your home now," he responds. "Your friends are my friends, right?"

"Uh, right, I guess," Cody answers, not quite certain.

"Just me and you, the Miller boys," Mr. Miller says enthusiastically. "One great time." He gives his son a friendly punch in the arm before he walks off laughing with a smile on his face.

"Yeah, the Miller boys... great. That was weird," Cody realizes.

Mags and Grace are enjoying relaxing on the couch, sipping up some drinks with their feet up on the living room table. They see Mr. Miller walking into the room and the girls quickly take their feet off the antique table. "Sorry Mr. Miller," Grace apologizes.

"No, no, it's okay girls, leave them up," he insists. "I mean to me, antique is an overpriced way of saying really old." He bends down to gather the empty drink cans on the table. "Hey, wait till you try my guacamole. You'll flip."

"So, Mr. Miller, you must be pretty psyched about having Cody move in," Mags addresses.

"Are you kidding, Mags? It's fantastic. Just me and him, and all the time in the world to try not to... mess things up."

"Well if it helps, my parents mess things up all the time, and I'm still fine," she tries to assure him.

"It's great to see you, Mags," he raises up one of the drink cans.

"Anytime, Mr. M." Mags takes her own drink can and bumps them together.

"Thanks." Mr. Miller leaves for the kitchen. Mags puts her feet back on table and relaxes.

In the Ontario wilderness, Scott climbs down a small rocky cliff side with a harness that was set up for the contestants. He detaches himself and continues down the steep path. He pulls out his map and compass to see if he's on the right track.

Emily Roberts and Flash have just entered the Miller residence a short while ago. Emily is surprised to find that neither Mags or Grace have started on their assignment yet. "Wait a second, this is our assignment. Where are the guys?" Emily wonders.

"In Cody's room," Mags answers. "He's got all of his stuff up there now. You should see it."

"That's okay."

"Oooh, you're not ready yet, are you?" Grace remarks.

"For what?"

"For the ex boyfriend bedroom," Grace says and tries to make it sound creepy.

Flash overhears and decides to join in. "That den of forbidden passion. Ripe with all the sensual memories of a time that once was, and shall never be again."

Mags walks over to the other girls. "He's got his own bathroom," she says abruptly.

"Look, I don't need to see Cody's new bedroom, okay?" Emily tries to defend herself. "If you guys can just go up there and get them so maybe we can get something accomplished today."

"I'm on it, boss," Flash lets her know. She puts her face next to Grace's ear and whispers, "She's not ready."

The other four Cliffhangers, sweaty, dirty and tired, trek through the forest to an area where an open road meets a possible trail. "I don't see him anymore," Auggie comments on Scott. "Which way, E.Z.?"

Ezra has the compass lying on top of the map, trying to see both of them at the same time to make sense of it all. He lets out a sigh. "I don't know."

Juliet grabs the equipment. "Let me see that."

Shelby looks at how her team-mates are trying to navigate the area. "Just decide so we can get out of this nightmare."

Ezra leans in and tries to understand it all again. He points to the side. "Southeast, pass the gully, around the ridge... I think."

"I think?" Auggie remarks. "Come on."

"You're more than welcome to try," Juliet adds.

Auggie takes the map and compass. He quickly gives up and drops the equipment on the ground. "Stupid map." He looks around the area and points towards a direction. "Come on, it's this way. Move your humps."

Juliet picks the equipment from the ground as Auggie dashes. Shelby gets off the tree stump she's sitting on and follows the rest of them.

Auggie dashes across the terrain. He stops to scan the area, but, foolishly, isn't paying attention to the ground underneath him. With one wrong step, he accidentally stumbles off a small ledge, and starts rolling down towards the open road.

"Auggie," the other Cliffhangers call out, concerned.

They move around to a smaller point on the ledge and jump down to where Auggie landed. Juliet goes to check on him. "You okay?"

"Get off me, get off me, get off me," Auggie insists.

"Is it broken?" asks Shelby. "Did you hear like a wet snap?"

"Yuck," Juliet comments on the thought of that image.

"It's not broken, I just twisted it," the injured team-mate answers.

"Do you think you can get up?" wonders Juliet.

"Come on." Shelby places one of Auggie's arms on her shoulders and tries to help her fallen comrade get back on his feet. "Ready?"

Just as they're about to help Auggie back on his feet, Auggie realizes his ankle isn't going to be able to handle the weight. "Argh, no, no, no, no."

"Juliet, do you have that rescue radio?" Shelby asks.

"Yeah," the brunette unzips the small emergency bag. She hands Shelby, who's attending to Auggie's injury, a roll of bandages. "Here." Juliet speaks into the radio, "Hello, this is team Horizon. Can anybody hear me?" She repeats herself again, "Hello, this is team Horizon. Can anybody hear me?"

Scott reaches the area in the forest where the second checkpoint is. The Toronto team Shelby was flirting with earlier in the day is there.

One of the members notices Scott and calls out to him, "Yo, dude, Horizon, heard a radio call. You got somebody hurt back there. You better turn around." Scott looks back at the path he just went through. "Bad luck Kemo Sabe," he finishes. The team finishes their drinks and continues on. Scott grabs a drink from the table and decides to follow the other team.

Cody walks down to his living room where all his colleagues are waiting. "Okay, now that we're all here." Emily hands Flash a stash of papers. "Why don't we get started with these agendas that Flash is handing out?"

"Agendas?" asks Mags.

"Ah, man." Romeo frowns as he receives the papers.

Mr. Miller confronts Emily. "Emily, can I make a small suggestion?"

"Sure, Mr. Miller," Emily answers uncomfortably.

"Oh, come on, call me Frank. Oh look everybody, okay?" Mr. Miller insists.

The others agree to his request. Cody on the other hand is not too thrilled and feels like letting "Frank" know he's crazy.

"Okay, sure... Frank," Emily agrees.

"Well you're up against a pretty big monster," Frank continues. "Awaken that big creative giant."

"You go, Frank," Chris compliments from the couch.

"I say you only need a little mindset adjustment I like to call..." Franks walks over to his stereo set and pushes a button on the CD player. "Salsa." The music gets the students off the couch and they start dancing. "See, isn't this great?" Frank calls out to his son.

Emily gives Cody a disappointed look. Cody simply holds up his hands and starts to back away slowly. Cody heads back up to his room. He picks up his phone and takes a seat on his bed. A number is dialled. He gets an answering machine he made himself. "Hi, this is the Millers, we're not here. So do what you have to do."

Cody begins after hearing the beep, "Yeah, hi mom, it's me. Ah... I think I might have made a mistake. Call me back, okay?" He places the phone away.

On the shores of the X-Challenge Race, one of the time keepers approaches Peter, Hannah and Katherine, "You're Horizon?"

"Yes?" Peter confirms.

"Somebody's hurt. It's not serious. We're going to send a jeep around the mountain."

"Stay here, stay with the radio," Hannah instructs Peter as she goes to help find the lost Horizon team.

Over at the start/finish line, the sky begins to take a purple tint in the horizon as the sun can be seen starting to set and its orange light shines on the lake and behind the mountains. People cheer as another team are about to cross the finish line. It's the Toronto team with Scott running along the pack.

Katherine runs up to Scott. "Where is everyone? Who got hurt?" Scott doesn't say anything. "He just left them," Katherine tells Peter as he approaches.

"You did what?" Peter asks, shocked by the news.

"I finished," Scott says in a tired voice. "I did it."

"Yeah, you did it, you did it all by yourself," Peter says and begins to give Scott some attitude. "You're a big football player, huh?"

"Had 17 touchdowns my junior year," he responds.

"Yeah, but you didn't learn anything, did you? You just give up."

"Open your eyes," Scott fires back. "I'm here. I finished. I didn't just give up."

"You are team captain!" Peter raises his voice at the athlete.

"This is your school. You run the place, not me. Those losers back there aren't my fault. You want to blame someone? Blame yourself."

Peter points his finger at Scott. "Hey, didn't you ever lose a game, Scott? Didn't you ever drop a pass, huh? Most of them, they've never won anything in their lives. Their whole life is drop-pass, and you just threw them another one. I was in lots of teams, and just like you, I messed up and I got thrown off. But you know, I still remember how good it feels to be part of something. I still remember that, Scott. It's a good feeling, even when you lose, and you got a chance to share that with them today, you had a chance to help them feel that, but no! Just once in your life, Scott. And where's your team now?" Peter points his arm towards the other teams, all together as one. He decides to give up and walk away from the troubled athlete.

The memory of Scott's football career begins to flash in his head. It's night and rainy. The game's over and Scott's in the locker room. He tosses his helmet away and wallows in defeat. His team-mates are walking by him, patting Scott on the back and telling him not to worry about not winning. Scott ends the memory and looks at the teams around him. He thinks about being in the locker room again. This time it's the four team-mates he abandoned that are the ones to give him a comforting pat on the back, and they stand there beside him. Peter's words hits Scott hard.

"Most of them, they've never won anything in their lives. Their whole life is a drop-pass, and you just threw them another one."

Elsewhere in the suburbs of Montreal, the "Miller boys" cruise in their car as the sun sets. Frank went to grab various supplies for Cody's friends. Grace and Emily were having a tug-of-war on Cody. Grace suggests for Cody to go with his father, while Emily opts for him to stay with the gang. Cody chose to go with his dad, not because he agreed with Grace, but so he can get away from the two bickering girls.

"I was thinking, maybe we should rent some videos tonight, and I could grill up some burgers, okay?" Frank suggests to his son.

Cody turns off the radio. "Look, dad, you don't have to be everybody's pal."

"Come on, I'm one of the gang," Franks replies back.

"No, dad, you're my father. And," Cody stops and looks in front of him. "You're going through a stop sign."

The two of them hear cars honking their horns. The two of them let out a scream as the car comes to a sudden stop. They stop just pass the stop sign. "Sorry," Frank apologizes. He turns off the engine. "Okay, I admit, I'm a little nervous. I just don't want to blow it with you."

Cody looks at his dad, trying to find the right words to say. "Do you know how long it took me to decide to leave mom and live with you? About two years."


"Yeah," Cody pauses for a moment. "All that time I was thinking about how cool it'd be to finally move in with you, and you know, get closer to you. Find out who you really are. And, then, and then today happened, and ah..." Cody gets speechless. "I don't know."

"You know what I did today before I got here?" Frank asks his son. "Bought five boxes of Choco-frosted Bits."

"What?" Cody's surprised. "You never let me eat that stuff for breakfast."

Frank smiles. "But your mom does."

"Dad, could we go back to being ourselves?"

"Right," Frank answers in his previous enthusiastic tone. His son gives him a look and he answers again, "Okay."

Frank starts back up the engine and they're moving again. There's an awkward moment of silence before Frank speaks up again and says, "Your friends are driving me crazy."

There's a loud splash as Scott dashes through a shallow muddy creek. He backtracks through the forest with map and compass in hand, searching for his lost team.

Back in the Miller home, Emily is laying on the couch with her head on Flash's lap, mimicking a patient/psychiatrist relationship. "And then I told her that Mr. Kitty doesn't eat from a can. And you know what Granny said?"

"Sh. It's going to be okay, Emily," Flash is very uncomfortable in this position.

Behind the couch are Victor, Mags and Romeo gazing at a monster movie on the TV screen. "Hey," Romeo taps Victor on the leg. "Go into the kitchen and get us something to eat."

"What? Why me?" Victor asks.

"Because." Romeo tries to think of a reason. "You're one of us now, right?"

"Right, one of us," Victor responds. "I'm on it, dude." Victor gets up and makes his way to the kitchen.

"How long are you going to milk that 'one of us' act?" wonders Mags.

"As long as I can."

"Where are they already?" Ezra says in a disgruntle tone.

"This has been just so much fun," Juliet comments sarcastically.

"I said I was sorry already," Auggie apologizes.

"It's not your fault," Juliet lets him know. "Ugh, I've never been so filthy in my entire life."

Shelby tries to make light of the whole situation and attempts to contain her laughter. "Shel, what?" wonders Juliet.

"I just keep thinking of Ezra and his kayak," she answers. "Nanook of the nerds." Auggie and Juliet giggle with her.

"At least I was trying," Ezra defends himself.

"You almost drowned," Auggie adds.

"Oh, well, look who's talking - the homeboy mountain goat."

They continue to laugh at how badly this whole race turned out to be. "Yeah, we lost," says Auggie. "But Peter has to sing."

In the suburbs of Montreal, the Millers can hear the siren of fire trucks nearby. One of them pass by their car as they stop at an intersection. "Someone's in a hurry," remarks Cody.

Frank looks at his son. "Look, I want you to know that the first thing I'm going to do when I get back to the house is put my foot down."

"Good." Cody shakes his head. "And?"

"And make sure Chris is making local calls."

Cody looks ahead of them and realizes something. "Dad, that might not be the first thing you want to do."

"Why's that?"

"Cause those fire trucks are stopped in front of our house."

"What?" Frank looks forward in the distance.

Back in the Ontario wilderness, Scott follows the laughter of his team-mates. He moves around the terrain onto the open road where the four of them sit.

"I'm sorry, but I'm so glad you fell," Juliet says to Auggie. "Now I can go home and take a shower."

Scott walks up to them. "No one's going home."

Ezra looks up at Scott. "Hey, the jerk-man cometh."

"Do you guys want to finish," Scott asks them.

"A little late to be team captain honestly," responds Juliet.

"I know. I messed that up, like everything else. I..." he tries to think of the right words. "I'm sorry, okay? That's it." The others quietly stare at him. "Now, I know you guys are beat, but the finish line is just over that ridge. So I don't care if we have to carry Auggie, but we're going to make it, okay?"

"Why do you care?" Auggie says in an aggressive tone.

"Because everybody in this race, everybody back at the school, they all knew we couldn't do it," Scott explains. "We sit here, and we just prove them right."

"What's the big deal, they already know what we are?" asks Juliet.

"Yeah, we're losers, man," Auggie reminds them. Ezra nods to the statement.

"We're not even losers until we cross the finish line," Scott explains to them. "We sit here, and we're nothing. We move, and we're a team. At least we're that."

They hear a vehicle pulling up. Hannah gets out and asks, "What happened? Auggie?"

"Ah nothing, nothing. I was just stupid," he explains.

Hannah kneels down to look at his ankle. "It's not too bad. I'll get you back. Come on."

"No, no, give me a second," Auggie insists. Hannah stands back up. Auggie looks around at his team-mates. "Yo, you guys want to help me up here or what? Come on."

Shelby and Juliet take the arms of their injured colleague and help him get back on his feet. Auggie looks at Hannah. "Nah, I don't think I'm going to need your ride."

Hannah looks concerned. "Auggie... that ankle..."

"We'll get him through," Scott tells her.

"Come on, Hannah, we've been through too much. We have to finish," Shelby insists.

"Yeah, we may be losers, but we're not quitters," adds Auggie. "Come on, guys." They start moving again. "You got me?" Auggie asks of the two girls.

"Yeah, let's go," Juliet answers.

Scott looks back at Hannah before he moves with the rest of them. "Good luck," she tells Scott.

The girls take a break from holding up Auggie, and it's Scott who's now trying to single handily hold up the injured student. The Cliffhangers trek through the shallow muddy creek. Auggie takes a bad step and falls off Scott. He lands right into the muddy waters.

"Auggie, Auggie are you okay?" Juliet gets worried. The others attend to Auggie and help him back up. Shelby takes Auggie's other arm and both she and Scott get Auggie moving again.

In the Montreal suburbs, Cody's friends are gathered in the living room as firefighters are working in the kitchen. They step out of the smoky kitchen, one of them holding an aluminium pan of quick popcorn maker.

"Okay, who's the Einstein who put the quickie pop in the microwave?" the firefighter asks.

All the teens point to Victor and says his name simultaneously, "Victor."

The firefighter walks over to Victor and whacks him on the head with the quickie pop. "Never... do... that... again."

"Yes, sir," the blonde teen responds.

Frank and Cody enter the place. "My house, what happened?" Frank asks.

"Well, everything's fine sir," the firefighter tells him. He points to Victor. "This chump put one of these in your microwave." He holds up the quick popcorn foil pan.

"Thanks, I'll take it from here." Frank takes the pan. He then walks up to Victor and Romeo and whacks them both on the head with the foil pan. He turns around to Chris and hits him too.

Chris is on the phone. "Ow, hold on, Sherry." He looks up at Frank. "What was that for?"

Frank takes the phone from Chris. "Sorry, Sherry, Chris has to go now. Yeah, Chris Sheppard, he goes to Edison, bye." Frank hangs up the phone and leans into his son. "How am I doing?"

"Looking good Frank." Cody pats his dad on the back.

Frank whistles then raises his voice. "Okay, listen up."

"See, now that's how you do it," Flash tells Emily.

"First, keep your dirty feet off my antique table." Frank removes Chris's feet off the furniture. Frank then picks up a plate of garbage. "Second, if you make a mess, you clean it up." He passes the plate to Victor then points to Romeo. "Third, nothing down the sink if it even smells like animal fat." Frank turns around and looks at everyone. "And fourth, you're all welcome here anytime you want."

"Thanks a lot, Frank," the students tell him.

Frank cuts them off. "Oh, please, call me Mr. Miller."

"You changed my Frank," Chris says to Cody in a sad voice.

"And now, I believe Emily would like your attention," Mr. Miller finishes.

It's night time on the shores of the X-Challenge race. The only thing left from the sunset is a sliver of light peeking from over the mountains. Peter, Katherine and Hannah are all clapping and cheering on the Cliffhangers as they approach the finish line. They're all relieved once they finally reached the line.

"Did we beat those jerks? The Lawrence Hastings guys," Ezra asks.

"You beat them before the race even started," Peter tells him.

"Alright, Auggie, let's get that ankle checked out." Hannah walks up to Auggie. The injured student gets off Scott and Shelby and moves onto Hannah. Ezra offers to help and takes Auggie's other arm.

"You did great, getting them back here," Katherine compliments Scott.

"Nah, they're your team, you trained them," Scott replies. "I just took them the last mile."

"You brought them home in style, filthy, dead last, and smiling. Good work," Peter offers Scott his hand. The two athletes shake hands.

In the Miller home, Emily lectures her staff. "Okay, today bombed." She sighs. "I can't stand that you all think of me as the bad guy, and I hate doing this project as much as you do, but it's my job. I'm sorry. And I do know I can loosen up a little."

"Yeah, a lot," the rest of the staff all say unanimously.

"Okay, a lot," Emily admits. "What do you say we just put the first part of today behind us and..." Emily walks towards the side.

"We know," Mags interrupts. "Get the issue done."

"No," Emily hits the play button on the CD player. "Salsa." The other students cheer and get on their feet to dance to the music again.

Mr. Miller makes his way towards the kitchen with two large bags of groceries. Cody gets off his seat and follows his dad. "Dad."


"What are you doing?"

"I'll be in the kitchen, putting the food away."

"What do you mean? We're the Miller boys right?" Cody gives his dad a playful punch on the arm. "Let me help you." Frank smiles and gives his son the other bag. They enter the kitchen as everyone else continues to dance.

The full moon shines over the Ontario woods. Underneath, another light source shines, this of a campfire set on the gathering area of Horizon.

Scott walks into the cafeteria with an apron in hand. Shelby walks past Scott with supplies in hand. "I hate serving those jerks."

Scott stops and comment, "Yeah and we got to listen to Peter sing."

"Yeah, that was really cool, what you did," Shelby adds. "Coming back for us. I mean, everyone else still hates you, but... you came through." She looks at Scott. "You're one of us now."

"I guess it's not so bad being one of you. Listen I all that stuff that I said, about you and the other guys."

"Uh, used car," Shelby reminds him of one of the comments.

"Yeah, I'm sorry," Scott tells her.

Shelby looks at Scott in a shy manner. "Maybe we can hang out. See if there's something... about me, something that you might like... maybe?"

Scott's amused by Shelby's attempts to flirt with him. "Yeah, maybe." He walks off. Shelby watches him walk off with a grin on her face. She's a bit excited that the new student that she has had a crush on since his arrival is finally talking to her. Shelby heads outside and gives the supplies to the people outside.

She heads back inside and as she walks into the kitchen, she sees the sight of Scott and Juliet making out. The blonde is then reminded that Juliet managed to get a hold of Scott first. Saddened, she walks out of the room and takes a seat on the armrest of a sofa.

Juliet is leaving the place when she spots Shelby on the sofa. "Hey, come on. We got to go start cooking."

Shelby doesn't face the other girl. "What?" Juliet wonders.

Shelby takes in a deep breath. "Let's go." She finally faces Juliet and gives her a smile. "Have some fun." Shelby gets off the couch and heads back outside. Juliet follows behind.

Outside Scott is helping man the grill. He's handing the meat on the plates of his former rivals. He looks at them and tries not to be too upset.

Peter is sitting next to Hannah with a large bowl of chips in his hand when he hears his name. "Okay Peter," Bob calls out. "Alright, everybody, let's hear it."

They all begin to chant, "Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter..."

Peter gets off his seat and begins to pace around. Both schools are now chanting for him. He knows he has to live up to his end of the deal. He takes a bite of one last chip before moving towards the stage where the campfire is set up. He hands Hannah the bowl of chips. Bob puts one arm around Peter while the other arm has a piece of paper in hand, and he walks him up to the stage. The two of them stand in front of everyone.

"You could enjoy this less, you know," Peter says to Bob.

Bob unfolds the paper, "I believe it's time for dessert. Your just desserts, Peter." He hands the paper to the other camp director. "Here's your lyrics."

Peter looks at what song it is. "Oh, no."

Bob turns on the music from a stereo set up. "Oh, yeah." He trots off the stage.

The song begins and it's YMCA. Peter looks at everyone in front of him. "Young man," he begins in an uneager voice. "There's no need to feel down. I said young man, pick yourself off the ground. I said young man, cause you're in a new town. There's no need to be unhappy," Peter's trying to keep his voice as low as possible.

Scott decides to do something. He approaches Juliet. "Come on."

"What? I'm not going up there."

"We win together, we lose together." Scott takes Juliet by the hand and brings her towards the stage. The others soon follow.

In no time Peter, Scott, Juliet, Shelby, Auggie, Ezra, Katherine, Hannah and Jeff are all now in front of everyone as a group. They continue on the song with Peter and even perform the letter moves. "It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A. It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A."

The mood is getting everyone else there to participate in the sing along. Some of them are even moving along. Juliet decides to move down the stage and dance with Shelby. Peter looks over at Scott, and Peter can't help but be proud at what Scott just did for him. They shake hands again. They continue, almost laughing at themselves. At the very end of all of this, both schools find themselves enjoying everything. The one thing Peter couldn't have asked more for.