"W-We don't really have to do this…" Matthew whispered, a little disgusted with the idea, even though it was his own.

"Kesese, are you kidding me! I can't believe I did hear you earlier…must have been you that woke me up, something about Russia being a fag?" Gilbert smirked, carrying his latest prank carefully back to the meeting room after they had gotten dressed again.

Matthew sputtered. "Y-You heard that?" The Canadian couldn't believe it, this was all just so much at once.

"Oh yes, you should tell me later the other shit you were yelling." Gilbert kesesed as they headed inside, with the blond protesting, trying to back out of the plan. All of that was useless of course as the albino went straight up to the American's still unused chair and he smeared with one hand, creamy stick white substance all over the seat of it.

"Kesese, that'll teach him to be such a jackass." He said to Matthew, who was blushing up a storm and pleading with him to cut it out. "Nein, don't worry, Mattie." Gilbert reassured him, but he didn't feel assured at all when the Prussian went up to his brother who was just talking civilly with Arthur now. "Yo."


Alfred blinked, whole body tensing up at the white substance that had gotten thrown into his face. "WHAT THE FUCK~!" He screamed, wiping it away as if it were the plague. "What the shit is this?"

Gilbert smirked darkly. "Just some jizz." He said smartly, greatly enjoying as the American lost it, screaming and flailing around in a circle, still trying to get it all off his face.

"WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU JACK OFF TO THROW IT IN MY FACE?" Alfred screamed in Prussia's direction, getting help from Arthur, who had a hankie, cleaning it off him.

"Oh, it's not my jizz." He said, watching more horror grow on his face. "It's Mattie's."

At this Matthew turned the color of his flag, hiding his embarrassed blushing face, apologizing over and over again, he didn't want to be noticed like this~! Stupid Prussian!

Gilbert could see as Alfred shierked and ran to the bathrooms with a concerned Brit after him that his work here was done. "Well, I think the meeting is over now…" He said to no one in particular, he went over to the blushing Canadian and picked him up, threw him over his shoulder and started walking off. "Come on, Mattie, it's time for round two. Kesese…" He left with his sexy little Matthew happily, even if the boy was screaming and beating at his back, yelling at how stupid he was.

Best day ever.