A/N: So instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour, I decided to write a double drabble where Sherlock and John watch House; this is kind of a response to a drabble that I wrote a few months ago where House and Wilson watch Sherlock. Umm... so yeah.

Disclaimer: Don't own anything mentioned below, not even the tv.

So Predictable...

"Boring!" sighed Sherlock from where he slouched on the sofa next to John.

"Well," said John. "I happen to like this program, so you can either be quiet or go somewhere else."

Sherlock scowled, but remained seated.

A bit later, Sherlock again shouted at the television, "Oh come on! That deduction doesn't even make any sense. You're a doctor, John. How can you stand this drivel?"

"The same way I stand you. Actually, he kind of reminds me of you, in a way."

"Me?" said Sherlock.

"Yeah," said John. "You're both arrogant, childish, bloody-annoying geniuses who practically get away with murder just because you solve problems that no one else can."

"Well," Sherlock responded gruffly, sinking lower into his seat. "I'm not the one with the cane."

"Is that supposed to be a comeback?" said John. "You're really off your game tonight."

"Well, it's this program... I'm losing valuable storage space with this nonsense trying to creep its way inside my brain.

"And I'm sure I could predict the ending. It's obviously an auto-immune disease, probably Lupus."

"Care to make a wager?" said John, grinning.