A/n: Hello everyone! This story is based off Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me? I do hope you enjoy it. Also, I know that there might be complaints about who's who, but whatever. I hope you still enjoy anyway.

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I've had bad nights in my life. But tonight ranked in the top 10 of the worst nights of my life.

It's been raining for ages now, and my thin cardigan is not a quality umbrella. Santana and Brittany and singing a few feet away from me, seemingly oblivious to the rain splattering down on us. Rachel's with some guy in the doorway of the club, and although she has to get on her tiptoes to kiss him, she seems content, as do San and Britt.

Well, good for them.

I searched eagerly for a taxi, but every time I even get close to getting one, someone in front of me snags it before I can.

"Quinnie!" Rachel said brightly, coming up from behind me "How's it going?"

"Shit" I reply, running a finger through my soaking blonde hair.

Rachel stood beside me "Fuck Sam" she said.

I sighed. Sam, who I had been seeing the past few months, had stood me up. I spent an hour staring at the door, and I would've continued if Santana hadn't shoved a cocktail into my hand.

"Thanks Rach. But it still pisses me off. Not just that, but this whole night. Sam stood me up, I've been standing in the rain for the past half hour, oh, and tomorrow is my dad's funeral."

"Oh, that's tomorrow, isn't it? Well, show up dateless. He'll be pleased" Rachel shrugged.

With a small smile, I nodded "You're right. He wasn't even around, but he still thought he had a right to boss my relationship life around."

When I was younger, my dad wasn't around much. He would go to all these places for work, and although mom never seemed to care, it was hard for me to grow up without my daddy. When I was around 13, I had a theory he was cheating on mom, but she didn't believe me until he left her for some tattooed woman when I was 16. I saw him about twice afterwards.

It was a shook, receiving a letter to his funeral, and although he wasn't the best dad, it was terribly heartbreaking.

"Well, you can treat yourself to a nice trip afterwards, what with the bonuses and-oh shit, I forgot. Sorry Quinn" Rachel wrapped her arm around me.

Right. The bonuses. Everyone-everyone in the whole fucking department got one-but me. Just because I've only been working at the company for 51 weeks, and not a year. To get the bonus, you had to be working there for a year. And I missed it by one fucking week.

I had listened to the others decide what they were going to do-Rachel was going to see a Broadway show; preferably one she could audition for later. Santana was going to spend it on jewellery, or as she liked to call it 'bling', and Brittany was going to buy things for her cat, Charity, and maybe buy some more dancing gear if she had any left over.

And me? I was probably going to buy very minimal pieces of clothes from the usual stores, with my no bonus pay.

"Its fine" I shrug "There's always next year."

Rachel shoots me a questioning look, before she looks back "I should probably go say goodbye to Jesse St James and give him my number before we leave. I'll be back soon."

I nod.

"And Quinn" she pauses "Sorry about your dad. And the bonuses. And Sam. Things will get better for you."

She shoots me a small smile, before walking off.

Santana and Brittany are still singing, and although they are quite good singers when they're sober, they're not at all whilst drunk.

I turn back to the road, and spot a taxi coming towards me.

I flag it down, yelling "Taxi!"

"Sorry miss" says the driver, pulling up "No singing" he nods his head at Santana and Brittany, before driving off, splashing rain water at me.

But, before I can evil be mad, I spot another one heading towards me.

"Taxi!" I call "Taxi!"

But it turns up the corner.

Well, no. I have to get this one. I have to.

I run as fast as I can in these stupid heels, my hair flying out behind me.

It's not one of those amazing head of blonde hair, all golden and shiny and straight. It's more plain, with bits of brown in the tips, and wavy. I like it, but it can get annoying at times, even though I don't know why.

"TAXI!" I'm practically screaming now, but it works, because the taxi comes to a halt.

I'm running over to it, but just as I nearly reach it, some guy gets in.

"Hey! That's-"

I don't get to finish, because soon I'm slipping towards the ground.