Star Trek the Next Generation

Eugenic One

Chapter One

The Fragment

The sphere shaped ship closed on to the helpless transport ship, not accepting the pleas they were receiving from the ship. They didn't care about the ship. It was of a little importance to them. They had one command and one only; conquest. This ship was in their way and would be destroyed. It didn't matter who was on that ship. It didn't even pose a threat; it just was in the way.

The sphere came within weapons range and began firing on the transport ship. A small shield covered it as weapons were targeted. The transport ship swung around, but it was large and much slower than the sphere. The sphere continued firing on the transport ship, bombarding it with its deadly torpedoes. The torpedoes sliced right through the shields and soon the transport ship lost shields. The sphere targeted the shields and it didn't take long before the ships shields were gone too.

Unable to fight back, the transport ship began to flee. The engines were targeted and another barrage of torpedoes knocked them out. Now the ship was completely helpless. The sphere had the chance to leave the ship be and continue on its way, but it didn't. In the past, it would have done so, but a new order came in telling them to destroy anything in its path. There could be no resistance of any kind.

The sphere loomed closer and targeted the ships warp drive. It fired one torpedo and it took only one. It hit the ship and it began to crumble from the inside out. The ship exploded and as it did so a bubble of energy shot toward the sphere. The bubble swallowed up the sphere, as raw red power rippled throughout the outer layer of the sphere. Unable to move on its own, the sphere was being dragged into some energy void that was opening up where the transport ships debris should be. Within seconds the sphere entered the void. The void disappeared into nothingness and then exploded like fireworks as red and blue energy shot out in many directions, before disappearing completely.

The sphere shook violently as it passed through the void. It was similar to a wormhole or aperture of some kind. Fragments of the outer layer began to peel off, exploding as it left the ship. The sphere was loosing shields quickly and the crew could do nothing to stop it. They didn't know what they were caught in exactly or where it was taking them. All they could do is wait and hope their ship would keep together until they were out. But it didn't look like that would happen. The sphere lost too much of its outer hull and it exploded.


"Put it on main viewer," He ordered as he stood up from his chair. He approached his science officer and asked, "What are you reading out there Radler?"

"I am not completely sure sir," Radler shook his head as his fingers quickly ran over his computer council. "It seems to be some energy readings of some sort, but something is causing our sensors to be deflected back to us."

He turned away from his science officer with a smile on his face. It had happened again and he finally here to receive it. This would be the fourth one this month. An unknown aperture would open and they would find fragments from a destroyed Borg ship. Each of the fragments so far was beyond use, but they were studying them and were currently unable to find anything. The pieces so far was just from what used to be a Borg ship and nothing more. It is as if the Borg had an idea that they were going to be destroyed and before doing so, terminated their technology so no one could use it.

The first fragment was found in the Badlands and by the time they got there, they had to buy it from a Ferengi trade vessel in order to obtain it. But as they studied it, they got no answers to where it came from. The second fragment was found deep in Klingon space and the Klingons gladly gave it to him in exchange for him sharing two bottles of bloodwine with Chancellor Gowron. The third was found by Mars and still no one knew where it came from, but as they studied it further, they got some clues.

The clues pointed to this part of space and when they got there they found an aperture opening in front of them. Another fragment floated out and soon the aperture was gone, leaving the Borg fragment behind. It was part of the hull, no bigger than a shuttle craft.

His smile grew larger as their ship put a tractor beam to it and towed it into their cargo bay with the other fragments. Once the fragment was inside the ship, he approached his helmsman and ordered, "Raise the cloak and set a course back to Earth."

"Aye sir," The helmsman said.

He turned and looked at his bridge officers. A selected few that he had chosen from various ships throughout Starfleet that he felt were better than the best. They were loyal to him and never questioned his orders. "Sir I think you should check this out," Radler said catching his superior's attention.

"What is it?" He asked approaching him.

"Before the aperture closed, sensors were able to get one thing," He paused and looked at him in disbelief, "Everything in this universe has a specific quantum code, yes it is totally different, but it at least has a code." He paused and scratched at his hair. He did this when he was confused, "This one is different."

"What are you saying?" He asked standing next to Radler.

"I am not a hundred percent sure, but I don't think this is from our universe," Radler said looking up at him.

He thought for a moment as he looked at his bridge officers and then turned to Radler. "Go to engineering and study these quantum signatures further," He walked off the bridge, "I will be in my ready room."

He stepped into his ready room and approached his desk. "Computer seal room, authorization beta 33246," He stopped when the computer acknowledged his command. He turned to the screen on the wall next to the replicater and turned it on. "This is log entrée 38. We found another fragment and are studying it for further evidence. If all facts point toward my hypothesis, then all the fragments have come from the same place that Lieutenant Radler had hinted at. We are heading back to Earth and I am at this moment unsure what step to take until we find out more about these fragments. But since they are indeed Borg I will do my up most to keep it a secret so that no will find out that they have come into this universe." He paused and turned away from the screen. "This is Sloan. End entree 3."

Sloan walked to the window and stared into the darkness of space as the stars flew by. They were at high warp and would reach Earth in four days. Until then, he would let his staff do what they did best while he did what he did best. Keep the security of the Federation where it should be, whatever the cost.