Title: Almost like a child
Author: damigella
Spoilers: for the end of S4, also in the summary
Warning: Mentions sex (in a not-too-graphic way) and mental handicap. Brain damage, dark psychological themes. For adults.
Rating: NC-17 (M)
Word count: 400 approx.
Disclaimer: don't own anything, except my warped imagination.
Summary: Four drabbles, dialog only. H/W friendship, slash. AU: Deep Brain Stimulation in Wilson's Heart permanently and severely damages House's brain.
Author's note: unbeta'ed, because I don't want to upset any beta reader :-). Any feedback in the comments will be appreciated, especially about correct warnings/rating. See also note at the end.
Thank you note: many thanks to petitecuriosity whose comments on lj helped me with the warnings.
Remark: Reviews are better than pancakes!

"Way out at the end of a tiny little town was an old overgrown garden..."
"This is unacceptable! What are they doing here?"
"Complaints should be addressed at booth number five, Madam."
"I want to make a formal complaint! There are two grownup men in the children's corner of the library, and one of them looks physically and mentally handicapped."
"They have special permission from the Board of the Library, granted under the Americans with Disabilities Act. A person with a brain injury making him the functional equivalent of a child has a right to be in the children's area, and so of course does his accompanying guardian."

"Blythe, I've made plans but I need your formal approval. I want to become House's, that is, Greg's legal guardian."
"Are you sure? Shouldn't he come home with me?"
"He will have a normal lifespan, Blythe. I'll care for him, hopefully, into his old age."
"I can contribute to the nursing expenses."
"No need to, they will be low as I will be taking care of him full time. I'm leaving medicine."
"This is nonsense, James. You could hire a nurse and keep your job."
"I could, but I don't want to. House gave up his life for me. I'll give him mine."

"I have a difficult question. He is sometimes sexually aroused. What should I do?"
"This is a very delicate issue, and there's no general rule. I think he would be able to express his preferences, and although his mind is like a child's, his body has adult needs. Sexual activity would be pleasurable and healthy for him, but it might be hard to find an appropriate... professional."
"I don't hire others to take care of his needs, if I can."
"Sharing such an intimate activity with a loved one is the best for him, like for anyone else. I can give you some reference literature."

"Jimmy? I want sex this evening."
"Didn't you already have it yesterday?"
"Yes, I did. But I was so good today! I ate all the salad and got a gold star from Louise."
"You're right, you did well at the gym. But afterward we switch off the light and you sleep, agreed? It's late already."
"Ok. Can you lick my penis? I like it so much."

"So good. Better than pancakes."
"That's a very sweet thing to say. And now it's time for you to sleep."
"Then don't be too long in the shower. You know I want to fall asleep in your arms."

Author's note #2: This fic, in particular the last drabble, is inspired by the novel Tim, by Colleen Mccullough. I read it (in translation) during my early teens. I don't think my parents realized I was reading every book they owned, and I'm not sure they ever read this particular one to the end.
And I have no idea whether the library situation I described would be covered by ADA. It just seemed right.