"I'm here," Phaid announced to the empty air, sounding annoyed. "What do you want?" He was addressing, of course, the blonde-haired vampire hunter Reo who was not anywhere to be seen. Reo had always had a flair for the dramatic, and Phaid had not expected Reo to just simply "wait for him" in the park like a normal person.

"Atrocious creature of the darkness!" a voice called from behind the vampire. "I have been waiting for this moment for a long time!" Phaid turned to see the hunter standing atop a small stone wall. "Our meeting under this moon was fated from–"

"Oh give it up!" Phaid said, exasperated. "You can't event see the moon tonight!"

Reo wore the irritating smirk that Phaid recognized all too well as he jumped down from the wall, surprisingly not annoyed that Phaid had interrupted him.

"So, why am I here?" the vampire repeated.

"I have a wonderful idea, is why," the hunter replied.

Phaid was silent, so Reo continued. "I," he paused for drama. "am going to author a dating sim," he declared.

Phaid was silent again, though perhaps speechless was a better word.

"A...what?" the vampire managed to ask.

"The premise is simple," Reo continued, completely ignoring Phaid's question and gesturing dramatically. "Seijo High. Me. Your laughable antics. A perfect setting!"

"...My laughable antics?" Phaid echoed, his voice suggesting disbelief.

"Of course," the blonde-haired student replied. "You–" He was cut off by Phaid.

"Seira?" he asked simply.

"Well, that's only one girl that you–" Reo began, but was cut off.

"Erika? Anna?" the vampire continued.

"That's enough, you–"

"Lilicca? Karen?"

"Shut up!" Reo was clearly flustered. Phaid, on the other hand, was smiling now, his point made. "I don't need to listen to you!"

"Fine by me," Phaid replied. "This was a waste of time, anyway." With that, the vampire made to leave.

"Stop! You...stupid creature of evil!"

Phaid actually stopped, but did not turn around. "What? You seemed in such a hurry to leave, and now you want to keep talking?" The vampire shook his head. "Whatever." And then he continued on his way.

"You'll see!" Reo insisted to the empty stone path Phaid had used to leave. "Legendary Bride: Imadoki no Vampire Hunter will be a resounding success!"

Some time later...

"Argh! You bastard...!" Reo threw the letter he was holding against the wall, then stormed out of the room. The drama failed, however, when the letter did not even reach the wall, instead drifting slowly to the floor.

It seemed to come from Atlus, which contained an apology of some sort, stating that his idea was very intriguing, but was too similar to a previous idea they were working on. A game called "Bloody Bride: Imadoki no Vampire."

To be honest, I don't really know why I wrote this. There is a distinct lack of a plot and purpose...but oh well. It is for a section nobody reads, after all. ;P